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moises report
  • moisesmoises
    Posts: 6
    I am keeping a journal of my aneros experiences.

    I received my aneros in May 2003. I am presuming I have the old model with the abutment tab too far from the head.

    I remember there being instructions enclosed, which I no longer have. I also glanced at the website here but didn't read the forum.

    Long story short, I never imagined that the head was the part of the aneros to insert. I was trying to insert the finger hook. I tried a few times and gave up.

    This week I saw another reference to the aneros and visited this forum again. This time I saw a picture of the head inserted and the abutment tab providing external stimulation. Oh! That's how it's supposed to work!

    OK, my plan was to get up at 5 am Saturday (today) and try it out. But I got lucky. Firday evening I had a rare couple of hours of privacy at home. I am married with a son so there are not a lot of opportunities to do this. My wife is not sympathetic to this.

    Session #1: Friday June 18 I came home from work. I had a BM. This is unusual for me since I usually have BMs in the AM. I thought that this was a good sign since it meant my rectum was clear.

    I used petroleum jelly as lube and the aneros inserted OK. A few months ago I tried weekly water-bottle enemas so the feeling was reminiscent of those enemas.

    Unfortunately I also felt, just like when I did the enemas, the urge to have another BM. I kept the aneros in for just a few minutes and then removed it to take a BM.

    After I inserted it I tried to lie down on a towel on the floor. I figured I would listen to my meditation CD for at least 10 minutes. But with the Aneros in me nothing was simple. I ended up smashing and ruining my portable CD player as I maneuvered to get myself on the floor.

    Once I was on the floor I did get some anal contractions. But mostly the feeling was mild discomfort similar to that which I would experience while trying to retain an enema.

    Session #2: June 19, 2004. This morning I woke up before 5 am and played with my penis but did not ejaculate. Then I got out of bed and inserted the aneros with petroleum jelly in the bathroom. I put one leg up on the edge of the bathtub. It went in just fine.

    Then I went to lie on my back. Again I had to stop after 4 minutes to have a BM.


    I am in this for the long haul. I know that I need to learn a lot of new stuff to get to my goal which is multiple nonejaculatory orgasms.

    I tried to take a shortcut and avoid enemas. When I was doing these water bottle enemas earlier this year, it took forever for me to finish expelling all the water up there.

    So my question is how do you all do preparation. I figure I need to really clean out my rectum properly before I insert the aneros. So how precisely do you do an enema? I saw one post where someone bought a Fleet's enema at the drug store. Is that recommended.

    Like I said, I have a watter bag enema. Should I use this? How much water do I use? How long do I retain it? How many times do I do it?

    Great forum! Thanks.
  • moisesmoises
    Posts: 6
    Session #3. Sunday morning 6/20/04

    Yesterday I bought a generic Fleets Enema at the drugstore along with an infant medicine dropper.

    I arose this morning and took the enema. I only retained it for about 2 minutes. I then sat on the toilet probably 15 or 20 minutes until I felt confident that everything that was going to be evacuated from my bowels was evacuated.

    For this morning's session I used Astroglide instead of petroleum jelly. I used the medicine dropper as a syringe and injected some Astroglide. I also coated the Aneros with some Astroglide. I inserted the unit and lay on my right side on a towel on the floor. I used a rolled up foam pad as a pillow for my head. My hips were flexed at approximately 90 degrees.

    It was not a pleasant feeling. But I am a long-term hedonist so I consciously vowed to endure some short-term discomfort for the sake of long-term, life-altering, ecstatic bliss.

    I tried closing my eyes and being meditative. But that wasn't working. I felt as if I needed a distraction so I skimmed the Brauer ESO book.

    As in my previous two sessions there were some occasional involuntary contractions.

    The first ten minutes or so I did get distracted by the reading and was not very conscious of time passing. The next 8 minutes I began to feel increasingly uncomfortable. After about 18 minutes I was very ready to stop. At around 19 minutes I got up and went to the bathroom. I retained the unit for a full 20 mutes and then removed it.

    It was rather filthy and I had to have another small bowel movement.

    So, my conclusion is that my bowels were still not sufficiently prepared.

    Possible next actions:

    1. Attempt to retain the enema for a longer period. Better to struggle to retain the enema than struggle to retain the Aneros. Perhaps longer enema retention will result in cleaning higher up the bowel.

    2. Wait longer after the enema before inserting Aneros.

    Obviously I would have liked to have seen myself reach earth-shattering orgasms the very first time. That's why I bought this thing in the first place. I know from reading this forum that it is helpful to have no expectations. Well, I bought this thing because I had expectations. If those expectations are not met I will be slightly disappointed.

    However, I think it is much too early to draw any conclusions about the effectiveness of the Aneros for me. First, I need to develop new habits and adapt to the new sensation of having a relatively large object jammed up my butt. Second, it appears that for me the Aneros is stimulating my enteric system and provoking instestinal contractions and peristalsis. I have to find a way to clear my lower gut of fecal matter if I am going to get any pleasure out of this area.
  • Maybe you just need to give yourself permission to get a little poop on your fingers.

    I haven't experienced the life shattering Super O experience either but I have had some pleasant sensations. I am new to anal experiences at all and only had one hiccup the first time I tried to use the aneros.

    I don't clean myself out with an enema at all. One must remember this is the realm of poop, and its somewhat self defeating to try to make it totally devoide of said poop. If I was so lucky as to find a lady that wanted to lick my butthole with her tongue we'd definitely be in a different ball game as far as the need for cleanliness, but with inserting an inanimate object up an organ that regularly (we can always hope) has feces flowing through and out it, I think your cleaning efforts are misplaced.

    I might suggest that you make sure and push it in even further if you still REALLY feel like having a bowel movement. Make sure your past the bumped region on the bottom of the aneros and the anerous cannot go any further. This (for me) is the best starting position. I feel a desire to pee that over comes the bowel movement once I get "fully engaged".

    To some extent your just going to have to overcome the discomfort if you want to get to where you can fully enjoy the Aneros. You need to however be able to distinguish between discomfort and pain. If its painful you probably shouldn't keep it in. If its merely uncomfortable....well how comfortable is in when the thickest part of a turd is going out your anus?
  • moisesmoises
    Posts: 6
    You're right. Part of this learning process will be my learning to adjust to some discomfort. I am more than willing to do that.

    I will try next time to make sure that the ribs at the base of the head are all the way in. I assumed that once the unit gets \"sucked\" in by my rectum, I didn't need to push it in any more. The only positioning I did was to ensure the abutment tab was centered.

    I did notice a very small kind of anal awakening last night as I lay in bed falling asleep. There was a very minor soreness that I felt in my anus. I was not touching any part of my body but as I focused on that soreness I recognized a pleasant aspect to the feeling. It's something I've never been aware of before.

    I am coming to the belief that morning might be a bad time for me to do Aneros experimenting because my bowels are almost always most active at that time of the day. That kind of puts me in a jam, however, because we have a small apartment. I have an unsympathetic wife and a blissfully ignorant grade-school son. I tend to go to bed very early and wake up very early. When I wake up no one else is awake so that was why I was trying to experiment early in the morning.
  • moisesmoises
    Posts: 6
    Sessions 4 & 5 Tuesday 6/29/04

    Against my better judgement I tried in the morning again.

    Before eating or drinking anything I inserted the unit. After 8 minutes I had to stop and move my bowels.

    I then tried again, thinking now my bowels are clear. This time I only last about 2 minutes and then had to move my bowels again.

    I have no squeamishness about "dirt" on my aneros. I just get uncomfortable when I feel the urge to dump.

    I am not discouraged yet. I will just have to start doing night-time sessions. It's a lot less convenient but it's doable. I am hoping that my bowels will be much less active in the evening and I can focus more on pleasure and less on defecating.
  • Does anything come out when you feel have these bowel movements? If nothing comes out then its just an urge you will need to overcome.

    If there is no feces in there then...there is no feces in there. Now its just a matter of turning that mind knowledge into body knowledge.

    Can you seriously tell me you've never held in a big'ol crap for an hour? Did you ever goto school? I was petrified of crapping and the two times I actually gave in that fear was realized by stupid people messing with me while I did my business. I've held it all day back when I was in school. Probably for 48 hours at a camp one time when I was really young. You've probably had similar experiences.

    All that just to keep from being embarassed. But with the aneros you have the promise of a whole new kind of non-penile orgasm.

    If we can hold a terd in for such a small reason as to avoid a little embarassment...surely we can hold a close approximation of one in to experience something amazing.

    This all said with the reservation that possibly you may (unlikely as it is) be in a small minority whose dimensions and what not in the anal region just don't make it workable. I doubt this is the case, but I just want to put that stipulation on my comments on the record :)
  • moisesmoises
    Posts: 6
    You have me cracking up. I agree that it is pretty funny that my struggles for ecstasy keep ending up with me taking a crap on the toilet.

    But, to answer your questions: yes, both times yesterday morning after I stuck the Aneros in I had to pull it out and evacuate feces.

    So far, I have found one very good use for the Aneros, it works great for getting me to take a dump.

    Your point is well taken. Maybe I can train myself to just hold it in. I must say that both times yesterday morning I was very uncomfortable. I really felt like I had to take a dump, NOW!

    I think my bowels are more active in the morning so my next move is to try to do this stuff at night.

    But I agree completely that one should be willing to endure some discomfort, if necessary for the attainment of life-transforming joy.

    P.S. Are you a lawyer by any chance?
  • Hiya,

    Was wondering if your constant needs to go to the toilet is something to do with the size and frequency of meals? Perhaps try eating lightly at nights, or earlier, and keep most of the food raw if possible. Sounds like there's a lot of action down there! Sure, sticking something in your anus will initially give that feeling of needing to defecate, but if there's not much there, or nothing, then it will pass. It's just getting used to it. I've found avoiding white flour and dairy products (the usual things) the best thing for keeping the bowel clear.

    The enema: quite often, less is more. Don't go squirting gallons of liquid inside you as this will start the cleaning process for the whole bowel. You only want to clean out the very last part of your tract, and half a cup to a cupful of water should do the trick. If you feel you're still dirty, or still are after an inspection, use half a cup again. If you put the water in and then sit on the toilet, the anus will eventually empty itself. Also keeping relaxed during all this is crucial, because if you are tense, it's likely you'll be holding on to the water you just enema'd in! So put some music on or something (if the CD player is still working!).

    I wonder as well whether the urgency of the session might not be helping? By that I mean early morning (and all that's on your mind in the morning about what's got to be done etc) and the fact there are other people in the house. I find last thing at night is the best, but of course, if you're married and have a kid, there are other things to attend to!

    Best of luck, and I hope you find the pathway to true bliss!