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Aneros. it aint working. how 2 get it 2 work
  • dingdongdingdong
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    Ok.. I have a aneros.
    Bought it last year ( october time )

    Have used it quite a bit... it feels nice... i stick it in. play the playstation for 30 mins so im relaxed. after 30 mins turn on my side and start trying to contract my sphinter... sometimes i feels good.. I get a nice hard on. But it seems that it does not feel enough....

    i try contracting for a long time and its tiring !! LOL

    i get a lot of pre cum. but never the super O or anything near it.

    do you think maybe i need one of the bigger models with a larger head ?

    at the end of the session when i tired i just finish the job of with hand or fleshlight with it inserted and it is def more intense...
    But i want the super O .

    Please give me some advice !!
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    It doesn't work, that is why - see the forum on why it is a hoax- they exxagerate the claims to make money. Certainly it cold "feel good" - but this super "o" is too good to be true.

    Indeed, the general rule is that if something sounds to good to be true, than it is to good to be true.
    I have used the aneros (MGX) as well, i laid down money for it (but lost the receit, that is why i can' return it), but it doesn't do much. The design looks cool, but the perenium tab is too skinny - it just pokes you. The inside it a skinny ridge against your prostate, which certainly would do much to massage you.

    Whateva - I'm not just a troll, - I'm sick of scams. The internet makes scams so much easier. As much as we think of the internet as free -it is becoming more controlled. Companies with money at stake in the internet are beginning to control it's contents. Of course, their are still many normal, user controlled internet sites and such. I'm not saying everything is conpany controlled. But the tide may be beginning to turn in favor of a less free internet.

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    have you read through BF Mayfields stickys at the top of the forums? If not they should give you lots of insight.

    One last thing, take things slow, learn about your body, and the rest will follow.
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    Anyway, for all the gentleman out there who think prostate massage is a fast process, it isn't. Supposedly you have to leave the Aneros in at least a good 1/2 hour and remain relaxed. Deep breathing was suggested as was meditation and pulling your legs close to your chest and testing other positions. I touched my nipples and occasionally stroked my penis, which is not recommended since the Aneros is supposed to do the work and eliminate the need to touch your penis. I did try it that way and just left the Aneros in my anus, but after an hour of nothing happening I had no choice but to masturbate just a little bit to keep from passing out from the boredom. I also tried lying down in different positions, on my left side, right side, on my back, on my stomach, with my legs pulled up close to my chest, etc., nothing happened. It also won't work if you're in a hurry or stressed out, so find a block of time to yourself before you commit and relax. I did exactly that but guess what? Nothing happened, an after an hour and a 1/2 I quit, angry that I spent so much on a piece of plastic and the water-based lube. The lube was the only thing that did its job. Part of it was due to the discomfort of one of the handles that is supposed to massage the perineum. For those of you that don't know, the perineum is a dime sized area between the anus and testicles that when gently pushed in helps intensify orgasmic activity. The handle on the Aneros wasn't pushing or massaging the area as much as it was stabbing it. It was pushing too hard and I had to keep re-adjusting the device wondering if it would take away from the effectiveness. I tried using it with and without adjusting it and it still did no good. Another red mark against Aneros. When using the product men often feel the need to urinate, defecate in that order, vice versa or both at once. I heard it's normal and I experienced both, the need top defecate came first then much later the urge to urinate. It's normal and is caused by the device pushing against the bladder. A prostate massage by a health professional would cause the same sensation. Don't worry about it, it'll go away eventually, most times.

    Many men say that the Aneros doesn't always work the first time and that it takes time for the body to get used to it. I went along with it even though I didn't understand the concept. Why can't the Aneros do its job the first time? Does it need a tour of my rectum first in order for it to know what do? Does it get smarter over time or something? I went along with it and tried again, with the same results. No electric sensations, contractions or mind-blowing orgasms. I really wanted it to work and experience what many men are talking about. I gave it a fair try but I'm sorry to say the product is a dud. Maybe something is wrong with me, I won't rule it out. Maybe I was born with a prostate the size of a pea instead of a walnut sized one and the Aneros couldn't find the damn thing. I doubt that though since I'm still in my twenties and do not have any prostate difficulties. The bottom line guys: don't buy this product! It didn't work for me and who knows how many other men paid their hard earned for money for this overpriced piece of smooth, white plastic. I would stick to the traditional masturbation methods or better yet have a sex partner. You can go for it if you want and purchase the Aneros but don't say I didn't warn you.
  • BusterBuster
    Posts: 953
    It didn't work after two sessions? Can you imagine?

    Bummer, it must be a scam.


    (dripping with sarcasm)

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    The Aneros works, it never worked the way it is reccomended for me. So if you want it to work jack off with it in, but don't let yourself cum, then slowly stop touching your dick and focus more on the aneros, I have had orgasms up to 5 minutes, I do this on my back with the handle clipped off as it gets in the way. It takes practice but gets better & better.

  • Originally Posted By: machiavelli
    The Aneros works, it never worked the way it is reccomended for me. So if you want it to work jack off with it in, but don't let yourself cum, then slowly stop touching your dick and focus more on the aneros, I have had orgasms up to 5 minutes, I do this on my back with the handle clipped off as it gets in the way. It takes practice but gets better & better.

    Thankx for this advice. I haven't experienced any super O's yet, but after 50 years it takes time to work things out. Patience isn't something were taught to have now adays. I have much better control over my erections and urinations. I have been leaving it in at night for about 4 hours. Been doing alot of kegel exercises during the day without the Aneros and I'm getting alot stronger. Can hold over a minute now. The sensations are there but they're not under control, it's like riding a bucking bronco in reverse. Thanx again for the advice.
    Also I've been working on injaculation where you ejaculate into the body, giving your body the benefit of the semen in your blood stream to nourish your glands and bodily organs. I think you can taste it on your tongue's taste sensors. It's part of the Tao Sexual practices, look for the Deer Exercise also. DEER Exercise. Happy Bronco Riding.
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    I've been using the aneros for 1 year and a half, still nada. Nothing at all... i'm beyond disapointment, I hardly even use it anymore. maybe 1x every two weeks. Feels like a big waste of time to me. I'd rather go out and try and score girl's phone numbers! I think the Aneros "just works" for some people and for others, just expect a big fat hole in your wallet...
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    Hi Guys,
    Don't give up.
    I was skeptical too after 3 months of trying and nothing happened.
    But last Monday, April 23rd, 2 AM, I finally felt it.

    I am still a newbie, so far I can only guess why it got it:
    1) I inserted and left it in me and fell asleep. This helps me with total relaxation (I don't really know how to relax)

    2) I used edging method (found it somewhere in the forums here), I would stroke my penis until I was about to cum, then stop. This will trigger very good sensation in your belly.

    3) Try edging yourself like 4 times, that sensation will be very intense.

    4) When it gets very intense, pull your belly in, arching your lower back, and imagine like a cat arching its back when it's angry.

    5) By then I would feel some shaking coming out of my belly, then I would just imagine my prostrate being pressed on, and ride the wave.

    6) If you could get to step 5, you can always repeat step 5 until you are totally exhausted.

    I hope this will give you guys some idea to try on.

    Last night I had this new experience:
    Last night, I tried to bottle up the orgasm, and I ended up with single big explosions, not crazy shaking.
    This made me felt very very sexy and super horny. I thought I see my legs longer, my abs tighter, my butt rounder.
    Crazy shaking gives me headache.

    Well, I like this orgasm better than the shaky one, I will try again tonight.

    Don't give up.

  • EnemagraEnemagra
    Posts: 104
    i hope you guys havent overlooked the 'on' switch at bottom??
  • I've had mine for about 5 months or so and I just had my first. I still am considerd a newbie but dont give up. Yes I think relaxation is key, I myself have a hard time concentrating but relaxing is just the key that opens the door. Avoid all distractions, tv, radio etc. Just concentrate on the feelings and you'll be there in no time.
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    Hmm, I purchased the original model two weeks ago and have had moderate luck. It is kind of disappointing.
    After inserting it, I usually look at a Magic Eye book and it helps me relax quickly. Then fifteen minutes later or so, still on my side, slowly I begin the contractions.. I've reached some brinks, but never hit the super-o. I usually give up after 30 or 40 minutes, and finish off the traditional method - which isn't bad itself.
    So I'm in the same boat. I think the aneros will work but lately I'm getting sick of trying. Maybe those contracting muscles need time to repair themselves, so I'm going to try cutting down the sessions to twice a week. The Magic Eye book helps, though. Hmmm.