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Can the Progasm be improved?
  • After about 6 months with my SGX, I decided to try for a fuller feeling. I had just decided on a Maximus when lo! I learned that the Progasm was about to be launched. So I ordered one on launch day and 3 weeks later a nice brown packet fell on to my mat. I trembled when I saw how big and blunt it was but in it went with only a little more care needed than for the SGX, comfortable, filling and effective right from the start, ideal for wearing all night before starting on my wife in the morning.

    There are snags. First and least significant, arousal can persist long after the time has come when I would prefer to sleep - fine, whip it out and replace with gentle soothing SGX. Alternatively I do get to sleep and next morning my wife complains that she has been kept awake by jolting and groaning. Embarassing but immediate recompense is possible. No, the real problem is popping out just when I am enjoying it most as we fuck like two people 50 years younger.

    I am inclined to think that the problem lies with the Kundulini tab. Unlike the SGX which pivots on the perineum tab when squeezed by sphincter contraction, the Progasm is prevented from fully entering the rectum by the two tabs so that, not only is the sphincter not as fully contracted as it is when wearing an SGX but contractions cause the device to slide in and out rather than rock. And then it falls out again and again and all I can do is change to SGX or do without, which is such a shame!

    I think the solution may be to bend the Kundulini tab back so thay it barely makes contact with the floor of the cleft. But before I try, I would like to gets opinions on my analysis, especially from people who have tried to solve my problem. Also, since the Progasm is made from a different, less dense plastic than the SGX, are the bending techniques described elsewhere in this Forum still appropriate?

    Nevertheless, thanks HIH for a brilliant device. I can offer no higher praise than to say that despite being a happily married man for a third of a century and who has never strayed, I have started to hanker for a penis up my butt.


    Dynamic Dave
  • BlueStoneBlueStone
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    I think you're right on about the P-tab acting as a fulcrum point.

    I've continued to use my Classic due to the fulcrum being more pronounced on that model. I've also cut the handles off all my devices to maximize the the effect of the fulcrum and to allow more penetration.

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    The handles suck! They are only good for ejection, they could make them bend up behind the p-tab. I cut mine off my classic, if you use yours on your back then they get in the way, I fantasize about a woman so how can you do that on your side with your knees up.