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Darwin - Clarification Please
  • Hey Mate

    Read all the Milestones and I clearly get quite a few of those but in a very different order.
    The one I would like clarifying is INVOLUNTARY CLAMPING

    Could you explain this please


  • darwindarwin
    Posts: 1,335

    can you dig into your recollections and send along the order you had them in? maybe i got some wrong, or, anyway, i'd just be curious. maybe i'd make some adjustments.

    by involuntary clamping (hmmm, this should be in the glossary), i mean that, as a response to climbing pleasure, some muscles down there reach a sort of almost-climax where they clamp down, or contract kind of hard as an end point. not necessarily real hard. when we have an orgasm it is muscles contracting in climactic pleasure. the clamping i had in mind is kind of a precursor to that. its like they're getting the hang of responding orgasmically but aren't yet really doing orgasm.

    anybody else have perspectives to share on this?

    did others experience this precursor?

    maybe this is too subtle and will lead to confusion?


    p.s., VS, you probably know by now not to invest too much mental effort on any particular milestone.
  • robobirobobi
    Posts: 10
    I get this as well. More so with the progasm. I would explain it as the canal getting an errection. I never get an errection when the aneros is in me unless I touch myself. So when I am doing everything hands free it feels like the blood that would go to a penile errection stays down in the canal and the area around the aneros hardens. That was my thought.

  • Darwin

    Isn't it strange how everyone is so different.
    I can say that I have had clamping. My first try with The Progasm it felt like it was clamped in deep without me doing anything. I also get it with the MGX and I end up with a huge hard on. If anything this is a hinderence getting a hard on as it distracts me from the other feelings I get.
    With this clamping/feelings and no time do I feel I have achieved a Super O or even a small O. I believe I am on the right lines though.

    As for milestones. I will have to read it again and try to put in some sort of order what I feel or have experienced. Perhaps by doing that it might help experienced members know exactly were I am at present


  • BlueStoneBlueStone
    Posts: 20
    I've had several sessions over the past few years that have started with involuntary clamping. When it happens, my arousal goes to overdrive, and without trying, my muscles take over and contract. I can voluntarily relax and wait a few seconds, and they'll just clamp down again, and contract progressively harder. This is always accompanied by a rock hard erection.

    The end game on this is simply hard clamping, not fluttering, and not orgasmic. It draws the device in as far as it can go, and as long as I want to ride the wave, the contractions stay. It's also not dependent on how long it's been since my last ejac.

    To me, it's very similar to a pre-ejac muscle clamping prior to the rythmic contractions of an orgasm.

    Feels really good, but it's not a super-o, and doesn't feel like it's leading to one (I've never had one). Makes for a very interesting session though.