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People who ordered by Money order/ Check
  • 4BiDDeN14BiDDeN1
    Posts: 2
    (this post was edited 2007-04-16 09:06:44)


    I sent in my order form a week ago and I haven't gotten my tracking # or any kind of confirmation that they received my order.

    I want to ask those people who ordered by Money Order/ Check. If they received any kind of confirmation # or tracking #, when you orered your Aneros? or the Aneros just came to your house without any notice?

    I know support has the tendency not to answer, so I came here.

  • supportsupport
    Posts: 231
    Hi 4BiDDeN1,

    Check/Money Order orders are very common and you will receive a confirmation email as soon as your order is processed. If you have spam blocker settings please make sure [email][/email] is on your friendly list. If you want to check specifically if we have received your order, please give us a call or email us.

    The Aneros Staff