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"If this is foreplay.... I'm a dead man"
  • d_faultd_fault
    Posts: 21
    So, it's only taken me the better part of 4 years to achieve more than a strong traditional "wet" orgasm. I've tried all the methods, techniques, positions, modifications and was just not ever able to get the "Involuntaries" or the sweet spot nailed down long enough to let things build from.
    Well, this last Saturday night that all changed, and I now realize that the few "dry" orgasms I thought could be a S.O. were nothing but a drop of water in a 5 gallon bucket.
    After enjoying a little "sweet leaf" this was one of those particular strains that you feel a buzzing / humming from your prostate, and myself I could feel it becoming engorged, the person that was over ran out for a few minutes and I took the opportunity to put in the Classic. Immediately upon sitting down on my couch, I felt an amazing tingling sensation.. so I adjusted the abutment tab just to the right, and from there I was along for the ride.... I relaxed & let go, just concentrating on the feelings, at the same time I contracted about a 20 % squeeze, and the humming got 20X more intense, then I could feel a quivering begining, as if the classic was working on it's own, just like I've read a 100X.
    Amazed by this,( I had on a pair of loose fitting gym shorts) I reached down and felt the aneros to see if it was actually moving, and to my suprise.... It wasn't, although I could definitely feel it pumping rapidly... very strange. Unfortunately I rode this all the way until I was making sounds that I could not help but make, my lower abdomen becoming warm, the tingling encompassing my whole body, my heart rate rising... and a building feeling like I have never EVER experienced before... Knowing that my buddy would be back soon, I decided to throw in a couple of contractions to bring things to a halt, which it did, but I continued to let go a few more times until he came back, and I don't have the capacity to concieve just how powerful a super O can be. If this was the lead in... OMG... it must be a life - altering experience to behold.

    One thing that bugs me, I tried again the next day without the "influence" and I can't get the same sensations going... any ideas why?

    If you do feel this vibratory buzzing-humming, just relax and concentrate on it... this advice was Key, which can be difficult if you're not familiar with this occurance I'm talking about, but if you do get this, relax the pc muscles & spincter... and just concentrate on it... oh my...

    thanks again to all that constantly contribute on this board, what a resource!!

  • darwindarwin
    Posts: 1,357
    i hate to say it but for me too the "sweat leaf" seemed to have put me at a whole new level, as I reported in the My First Super-O thread.

    my wife was not happy about the resurrection of that pastime from my youth, so i'll probably be laying off. i'm curious to see if i get there again without the "influence."

  • d_faultd_fault
    Posts: 21
    Yeah, when I come across it for zip, I won't refuse it, I've purchased some here and there over the last year, but I'm not one that needs it to function daily. I just enjoy it recreationally when times of stress are tough...I did notice there's one or two I believe to be a botanist enhanced Sativa. This one batch, would make you so horny it was ridiculous... well the Stuff my buddy had this past weekend was this particular strain again.

    I'd love to know exactly what it is that is being triggered off, a rush of dopamine? Something in the endorphines family... I don't know but it feels like to me that it directly starts in the prostate for me. It starts buzzing & tingling right away, I found that if I just focus on the sensations it snowballs on it's own.
    If you could separate out the enzyme / neurotransmitter responsible for this awakening of activity, you'd be a wealthy person for sure!

  • TripperTripper
    Posts: 250
    (this post was edited 2007-04-02 10:38:10)

    Arthur d_fault,

    Loved your description and congratulations on your first flight! Flight AA349 from Columbus Ohio to Neverneverland!

    Interested in your humming/buzzing. I am now getting this nightly but in the hands, arms, and upper body...but I will be darned if I can describe or explain it. How would you describe your "humming/buzzing"?

    And, yes, whatever is in those Chesterfields would be worth more than Cialis or Viagra.

  • hlaser99hlaser99
    Posts: 785
    Hey Guys!

    I'll have some of that sweet stuff myself!

    Don't know how you could ever isolate the strand of M.J. and it would take a Botanist to isolate the substance itself!

    But I would take me some of that stuff for sure!

    Later, Hlaser
  • Edit
    Posts: 0
    Hmmmm, sounds interesting. However, I haven't smoked regularly for about 9 years and not at all for 3. I just don't like the effect it has on me anymore, makes me anxious. And with dizziness problems, it's not something I want to try or rely on.


    I'm wondering if anyone has found other things that put them into that zone of acceptance? Such as herbal ecstasy or some time of supplement? Maybe those pills you see sold online to increase men's and women's sexual responses?
  • d_faultd_fault
    Posts: 21
    @Tripper, The buzzing / humming.. the best way I can describe it... hmm, take a hand held massager or vibrator & hold it lightly against your perenium on a med-high speed. Add an Ac-like electric shock sensation(tolerably pleasant)centered on the prostate is where I was feeling it to start with, then it went into almost harmonic runaway feedback and just grew in intensity outwards up to my chin, down to my ankles.

    @Hlaser, sir.. If I knew a botanist.. I'd be after isolating this particular effect out of the Gange.. Has a distinct smell that differs from your regular "skunk" kind of smell. I've had it a couple times, thinking it was just the way I reacted to it, I mentioned something to my buddy that I got it from and he said "nice suprise huh?" .. So I'm not going Loco-inla-cabasa.
    I've scoured the web looking for someone talking about similar effects but have not found much.

    If this could be separated from the THC, you'd be an overnight wealthy person.

    From Saturday I'm still getting occasional tingles... I must have been on the right track...

    After this experience, I'm thinking I might need a sound-proof room to let loose and enjoy, without waking everyone up in the house!