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Isolation exercises
  • BilldoBilldo
    Posts: 25
    I noticed something critical yesterday: I had been working on isolating and identify all of the different contractions that I could make with the Aneros inserted, and identified that one in particular led to the buildup of orgasmic feelings, while others would cause it to subside.

    Specifically, I spent some time in the last few weeks isolating the contraction that is purely in the sphincter muscles, then the muscles that feel like they run just under the perineum, then the muscles that cause the penis to move, and would shut off the flow when urinating.

    The last contractions are the strongest, and cause an erect penis to become temporarily harder. But I found that those contractions also cause the feelings of orgasm to subside.

    For me, the contractions that are ONLY in the sphincter region are the ones that cause the buildup for me, but when I'm about a hair's width away from having an orgasm, the intensity causes me to contract the other muscles and it subsides.

    I'm so close now that I can taste it, and it ALMOST feels like an orgasm already, but it certainly isn't over the edge. I think for me the key will come from training myself to not pull the other muscles into play.

    Also, to isolate the muscles I'm talking about, try to imagine pulling the Aneros back towards your tailbone. If you do that, the muscles used will just be the ones that contract around the Aneros, using what I'm guess are the sphincter muscles. If you can tell you're contracting anywhere in the perineum, relax and start over. If your contraction caused your penis to move, relax and start over.

    Just try to isolate the muscles directly around the Aneros, and imagining (if you're on your back) pulling it straight down and towards your tailbone.

    Good luck!

  • darwindarwin
    Posts: 1,357
    excellent post.

    i'm going to give it a try.

    i agree that the urge to contract can dampen the forward motion (i once had a post called something like "try not to orgasm" which gets at the idea of trying to supress --via relaxation-- tension releasing reflexes such as jerking, moaning and contracting that gather as our arousal increases, so as to keep positive momentum towards orgasm)

    from what i've gathered over the years, there are two PC muscle contractions:
    - posterior (concentrated in the front, such as moving penis, throbbing erection, clamping down urine)
    - anterior (concentrated in the back, such as squeezing the rectum)

    as you suggest, it seems that the outer anal sphincter is independent of those. (the inner sphincter is not under voluntary control, except through biofeedback techniques.)

    interestingly, for me, for many years anterior PC contractions caused me to have pelvic pain flare-ups while posterior contractions were totally fine. (luckily, these days i'm pretty much fine even with posterior.)

  • I can also say that recently I've been making time to work with the aneros after taking a 6month break.. due to work.
    The other night, in my quest to have an S.O. I noticed that if ever so slightly you push as if to urinate, but not enough to actually push some out, I feel a small pressure build up in front of my prostate, while doing this, see if you notice that a humming / buzzing starts to eminate from the aneros, focus in on it, and it seems to build into a quiver, This resulted in a hard on I could hang a coat on. The next morning, I did something new that night because, I woke up with the same erection, which was accompanied by such wonderful pleasureful feelings centered in the prostate, and the glands were super sensitive... I think I found a separation but what I was working I'm not sure.