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after 10 tries with nothing -- full body spasm
  • This is my first post. I've been lurking ever since I picked up a Helix and MGX package.

    I finally had some success today. Below is my story:

    I started with the Helix for the first 6 sessions and while the initial insertion felt good, it faded fast and I could never get anywhere past that. My body got used to the device and there was no pain, but no pleasure even with many different positions.I'm sure like many, I started wondering if this just wasn't for me.

    Then I decided to try the MGX. There was an immediate difference when first inserted. I'm 6'4" and I think the Helix wasn't getting to the right places. Also the Helix tab sometimes wasn't in contact with my skin. The MGX tab always stays in contact. The immediate difference was a better initial feeling, but that too faded fast.

    So, my first 4 sessions with the MGX were much like the Helix. I spent time lurking on the forums and reading advice and really tried to stop expecting anything. On the 11th try, I had only 30 minutes and figured I'll just have a quick session. After a shower, I lubed up, inserted and started contracting.

    After the first 2 sessions and reading up, I learned that long, hard contractions and not the way to go. So sessions 3-11 started with deep breathing and soft contractions that were not full. This time, after contracting about half way, I felt an involuntary twich of the PC muscle (the one you use to stop urinating and for Kegel exerciss). I played around with small contractions and about halfway I was able to get some more twitching. Not at all what I expected. My penis started to swell and the twitching started to swing my penis all over the place -- kinda funny but very distracting. (I was on all fours.)

    I was going to write to the forums and ask, "What does an involuntary feel like?" because I really didn't think that was it. I expected to feel it in my anus.

    Anyway, I tried one more time and I am glad I did. I was able to reproduce the twitching, and when it started, I kinda just voluntary continued it myself. Very quickly something started happening. Again I was on all fours and I started to bounce with the twitching. I think I was even humping air. Then my body started to convulse and I think I got close to an orgasm but wouldn't you belive the MGX popped out!

    I wasn't about to give up. So I started again but flipped on my back and pulled my knees up a little. When I got the twitching started I continued it myself and started breaving heavy. Then my body started convulsing and I was flopping around like a fish on the bed. I reached up to hold onto the headboard and was definately startled and couldn't let myself fully go. Also, I couldn't get enough air (was breathing so heavy and lightheaded) and was afraid I would fall off the bed.

    Every time I started the twitching and continued it myself, my muscles would start to spasm. It would start in my hips and then sometimes would legs would just shake and spasm.

    After 20 minutes of this, I had to stop. My whole body was sore from the muscle spasms and I was light-headed from all the heavy breathing.

    I really don't think I ever got to an orgasm. I would know, right? :)

    I guess I do have a question in all of this. Does anyone else experience this muscle spasms and convulsions? Is there a way to control them a little?

    Sore and tired

  • charliecharlie
    Posts: 124
    Hey Skyline,
    Don't try to control the spasms, try to enjoy them! Your body has just experienced something new and exciting. As your muscles strenghten, the spasms will decrease and you will be able to focus your energy toward full body orgasm.

    I went through a somewhat uncomfortable stage as my body adjusted, or "rewired." Rest assured that a little discomfort is a small price to pay for the pleasures that await you. Take care,
  • nood1963nood1963
    Posts: 113
    Hi Skyline,

    Your session sounded a lot like my first times. All that you described is true and normal for most. I enjoyed when my body would fly around, and convulse. But now I am having the whole body orgasms without so much movement. Enjoy whatever your body gives you for pleasures. Nood
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    Hi, Yes, I've just added a new thread "Convulsions" and yes, it's quite unbelievable. I started on this site by replying to the "Best experience" thread and queried these convulsions. I've now managed to get these going even without the Aneros and my whole body shakes intensely - only this week this has happened and my girlfriend knows nothing about this !! So, how to approach this with her without her completely freaking out will be no mean feat I'm sure. I've learnt not to control these convulsions and go with the flow and enjoy them !! Wasn't easy to start with as it's a brand new experience and a bit overwhelming at first ! I wondered whether they were normal or what, but having so much info on this great site, I know that yes, it's normal and a precursor to getting to a Super-O ! Have had a couple of Super-Os while using the Aneros, but not without it.. but hey, am enjoying the practice !!
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    get another girlfriend who's cool. sex with these things is fucking awesome
  • AndyyAndyy
    Posts: 2

    Originally Posted By: 9 MONTHS
    get another girlfriend who's cool. sex with these things is fucking awesome

    Hi 9 Months... fairly drastic, but problem solved this weekend thanks.. She was unbelievably cool about it... and she has now seen the results for herself and was more gobsmacked than freaked out !!
    Am more than pleased I mentioned it (some dutch courage required though !!) and it turned out to be a spectacular weekend !!!!!!!
    Unbelievable !!
  • Edit
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    Hmmm... I've been getting earth-shaking, ridiculous, exorcist-like body convulsions for 9 months now with the Aneros inserted. Sometimes I can get my legs to start shaking if I just relax and start thinking about it w/o the Aneros inserted! But, alas, it seems like once the shaking starts my anus lets go of the aneros and all the built up tension/energy dissapates. It seems like everything short circuits at this point, so I try not to emphasize the shaking. It doesn't seem like a "key" to me.