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Abutment Tab remedy if too "sharp"...
  • VirgVirg
    Posts: 154
    I have found that the abutment tab on the Classic, MGX, and Maximus to fine in the are clearly aware that there is contact. As the session gets longer, the tab begins to be a distraction due to it's almost starts to feel "sharp"..."cutting"... After that, it gets painful and the session is over. If I allow that to happen, I will notice an irritation or slight pain, on the skin surface, for a few days afterwards.

    I have not modified anything...too damn expensive to risk breakage or weakening of the plastic.

    I expect that if the manufacturer was to make the tab too big/wider, it would lessen the pressure applied, thus, no perineum stimulation.

    I do know that for me, and others, it is clearly too narrow/"sharp" a tab for longer sessions. The aggressive tab can start out nice and "in your face" but after a certain amount of time, I have too stop. The additional problem is that if I go too long, I can not use the models with the aggressive tabs again until the skin irriation "heals".

    I went looking for a modification that did not require heating the plastic, bonding anything to the tab (wich is problematic since it would have to be done to both sides to keep the pressue balanced and centered), easy to clean, and did not require much extra hassle to use. Cost was the last of my concerns...hey, we're talking about The Search for the Big "O" here!

    My solution...

    Local hardware store...

    Vinyl tips. These are used for the bottoms of metal furniture legs mainly. Walikng canes. Step stools. Four cost me $1.79.

    The 1/2" diameter size works very well on the aggressive tab as well as the second generation Aneros, if you want the pressure over a wider area. It does not stay stretches on the tab and is more oblong. Since these are vinyl they "form" around the tab so the size increase is small but enough to keep you out of the emergency room for "perineum impalement".

    Hope this helps...
  • charliecharlie
    Posts: 124
    Hey Virg,
    Great tip. I know that a lot of guys are hesitant to take a heat gun to their Aneros or otherwise make permanent modifications. Good luck on your journey,
  • Edit
    Posts: 0
    see my recent advices on using hot glue!