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Male G Spot newbie saying hello...
  • StevieGStevieG
    Posts: 12
    Hi all I'm Steve, from Ontario Canada, and I've been lurking around this site plus a few other sexual health & information sites on and off for over a year searching for ways to spice up the sex life. Not that mine and the wife's sex life is totally ho hum but after being together for 15 years and having a small flock of children things were getting...shall we say...same ole same ole. I have to add that the internet is a wonderful thing and I wish I had it 25 years ago but at 42 I guess I'm still young enough to take advantage of what it has to offer...wink wink :) So I found this site while searching for info on the female G Spot and I was very surprised to find out that I had one too, who would have thought ? They didn't tell us about that in health classes in the 70's did ! Over the past year or more I've been getting the wife and myself opened up a little sexually and I can still remember the look on her face when I brought home and whipped out this 60 dollar high quality fake penis that was roughly the same 6 x 6 dimensions, texture etc as mine. I should add I didn't go for the 8 or 12 inch Kill Bill models because my sweetie is only about 4' 1" and barely hits 78lbs full of food and water ! We have much fun with our friend "Peter" every now and then when a playful mood strikes us but after a while even he has gotten a little long in the tooth and obviously does nothing for me sexually. My next trip to the adult toy store nets us a nifty little G Spot vibe powered by 2 AAA's and it's been a fun toy as well and is kind of where the story for myself gets interesting. See while I'm searching for info on how to correctly stimulate her G Spot I read something about how this little gadget could maybe have something to offer me. So one night while I was alone I did some Google'ing on the prostate massaging thing and had a go at it just to see if I'd like it and damn it felt pretty good ! I felt some sensations that I'd never really felt before and thought well ok this really does feel pretty good so I guess it's safe to chat my honey up about it and see if she'd like to have a go at it. Seeing as how she's not a real big fan of reading text on a screen I printed out a dozen or so pages on the topic and while we were watching the tube that night I offered them up for her read over. To my surprise she was very receptive to the idea, offered reassurances that I did not have homosexual tendencies, and it was decided that our next play session would be primarily focused on our sweet spots. After I massaged her spot to a couple good ones and as well had climbed on and gave her another toe curler it was finally my turn...hee hee, I was giddy like a little boy ! She first started out with a finger soaked in KY but since she's so petite her finger was simply not hitting the spot or applying enough pressure. Next she tried the G Spot vibe I got for her and well that's when the flood gates of pleasure opened up ! I think she spent about 30 minutes in total probing me with that thing and I tell you almost from the moment she entered me with it and hit the spot I shook from head to toe 3 or 4 times in succession as these incredibly massive waves of pleasure rolled through my body. Each time one would start it felt like the precursor of a massive ejaculation but nothing came out except a few dibbles of clear fluid ! I don't know if that's what you all call a super O but I was tensing up, shaking and quivering like never before and about all I can remember is her asking me if I was I'm fine dear, please push up on that thing just a little bit harder while your sliding over that spot ! So after the last wave I couldn't stand it any longer, we made love the traditional way and when I finally did go off it was HUGE and I felt really empty like never before. Matter of fact I recall saying to her that my balls ! Big surprise too was the fact that she was so proud of herself for pleasuring me that way and taking me to a level I'd never been at before with anyone. Thinking back on that experience I keep wondering if how I felt when the waves of ecstasy rolled through me one after another if that is how she feels when I bring her to those toe curling teeth gritting multiples she has when I'm the one doing the probing and stimulating. Anyway I'm writing a bit of a book here...sorry guys...and I just want to say that the experience of that night with my wife brought me back to this site to do some more research which prompted me to put in my order for a Helix the other day. Those orgasms or what ever the heck they were are like an illegal narcotic, I just got to have MORE no matter what it costs ! Oh and a side note to the comment about placing my order is that I stopped by the adult toy store last night on the way home and low an behold they had one lonely non Aneros brand prostate massager on the shelf that was looking for a good home and I just had to have, I truly am a G Spot addict now ! Will post my experiences with it when it finally gets to take me for a ride, I'll be eager to share my experiences with the real deal Aneros Helix when it finally arrives in my mailbox too.

    Cheers all and thank you all for the wonderful info that's posted here that prompted me to explore something new and truely amazing called the male G Spot !!
  • TripperTripper
    Posts: 250
    No more TV for you two!

  • charliecharlie
    Posts: 124
    Welcome Steve!
    Great to read about your experiences. Your enthusiasm and sense of adventure will take you far. Good luck with your Helix,
  • BusterBuster
    Posts: 953
    Wow StevieG, great post!

    I am sure that we all look forward to hearing about your future experiences. Cheers to this little taboo subject!