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  • I guess it's well known that both men's and women's toes curl at the time of orgasm, especially intense orgasm (google "male orgasm curl toes" for lots of references).

    I've found that for me, intentionally curling my toes at the beginning of a session... or when things have died down...helps get things started (or started again). Usually after curling my toes, they start to twitch on their own and the twitching sometimes expands out to the lower legs. Shortly after that, some very happy sensations almost always start appearing in the prostate and anal areas.

    Does anyone else do this? Does it work for you?

    I'd be interested in hearing your opinions or experiences with intentional toe curling.


  • nood1963nood1963
    Posts: 113
    Hi Dell,

    I have the exact same experiences with toe curling. At the time my feet and or toes start to curl is when I start experiencing a super O, or waves, and especially right before and during ejaculation. Just the slightest movement does the trick. I have the same experiences with spreading my cheeks, as this will send my flying away. Hope this helps. Peace, Nood