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Erectile dysfunction
  • ssw1ssw1
    Posts: 76
    Does anybody have any herbal remedies or any other thing for ED?
  • You should check out Ginseng and/or Yohimbe.
  • PommiePommie
    Posts: 1,008
    Neither of those ever did anything for me and I persisted with them over some years! Money down the drain!
  • isvaraisvara
    Posts: 1,036
    @ssw1, your age I think is pertinent to the question. Do you also have BPH, and your testosterone levels need to be good. Worth noting "normal" testosterone level today are half what they were 50 years ago decimated by plastics and paint. The herb Viagra et al :) is about 80% successful, the good news is that its cost has dropped by at least 60%. What cost me $190 now costs $45. So it is cheaper than herbal remedies that may not work as @Pommie says and safer.
    I have not found any herbal remedies worked for me often just made me feel sick.
    The upside is that one can focus on the prostate as the penis does not become a distraction!
    Not quite what you asked.
  • techpumptechpump
    Posts: 248
    try mucuna pruriens it makes me get hard almost for no reason!  I don't have problems but this stuff is like a feeling extra horny-catalyst. I took it and yohimbe together a month or so ago and it was a major rager after that!  Catuaba bark and muira puama might help too
  • Maca is another
  • watermellon is great before sex, wife swears I start out thicker even before hard. Take Maca daily cockrings help so does a butt plug
  • ssw1ssw1
    Posts: 76
    I've tried all of those herbs so far with no results:(
    muscleman65 how does the butt plug help?
    I've tried cockrings and they help but it also hurts after a while.

  • might also try exercising, if nothing else, should help with circulation and stamina
  • isvaraisvara
    Posts: 1,036
    @ssw1, it would seem a simple erection is a very complex biochemical process. It is possible a herb may hit the spot, but for many this is unlikely. I add an unsolicited information below. If it is serious ED then it may need big guns. You do not indicate age, or the degree of ED. ED can be devastating so the earlier some compromise can be worked out the better.

    Quoting : Viagra (or sildenafil) was designed to inhibit (block) an enzyme called phosphodiesterase (PDE for short). There are several strains of this enzyme, each located in different areas of the body, and this drug was designed to inhibit the PDE enzyme in the walls of blood vessels resulting in their vasodilation (dilation of vessels), lowering blood pressure, and reducing strain on the heart.

    Instead, the drug targeted the PDE enzyme located in the smooth muscle of the penis (PDE-5). To get to grips with how the drug works, you first need to know what an erection is (chemically speaking). Erections arise due to the build up of the molecule called cGMP in the smooth muscle of the penis. PDE-5 catalyses the conversion of cGMP to GMP to terminate the erection. Men with erectile dysfunction have over active PDE-5 enzymes and Viagra competitively inhibits PDE-5 so that the erection can be maintained.

  • EhmEhm
    Posts: 245
    I've seen many people on this forum complain about porn as a cause for ED, this to me is completely counterintuitive and contrary to my own experience. It's a pity testosterone home testers are so expensive coz I'd really like to know the truth. Like some say masturbating to porn leads to a decrease in testosterone levels while others say that a simple erection increases testosterone and even just watching porn increases testosterone levels, and jerking off to porn is as good as having sex with someone.
    And then there's the Coolidge effect. I don't know what it would be like to have sex with the same person for years or even decades, but if the Coolidge effect applies then this would be like a reverse Coolidge effect. I think you need sexual novelty to remain sexually interested. Marriage in that respect is unnatural and I wonder how much ED is due to a 'reverse Coolidge'
    Anyway I've seen natural ways to increase testosterone some (like Mantak Chia) claim a scrotum massage also increases spermcount and testosterone
  • ssw1ssw1
    Posts: 76
    Looks like I need to ask my doctor again!!!
    So far he has told me to find another way like something natural. But so far it's not working.
    I have been an aneros user for 4 years now with sesions every other day but the last 2 years I have Fewer erections. I don't think the the aneros is to blame its just age. Lol
  • ssw1ssw1
    Posts: 76
    Thanks for all the help guys I'm sure I'm not the only one struggling with this.
  • I found this website helpful for a number of subjects...

  • ssw1ssw1
    Posts: 76
    Thanks mostinteresting that helps.

  • sallysally
    Posts: 1
    Does a nice BJ leave you limp?  A friend can get an erection, but he'll lose it on any distraction at all.
  • Have him wear a cock ring when getting the blow job, he'll keep it until ejaculation or should

  • ssw1ssw1
    Posts: 76
    I loose it when I'm having intercorse half way through not sure why and the cock ring makes the erection painful too. No mater how tight it is I loose it this sucks:(
  • Have you tried a cock pump first then slip the cock ring on? Also use a doc johnson non skid medium butt plug for prostate stimulation
  • rookrook
    Posts: 1,834
    Rook, (just turned age 80) claims a Green-belt in E.D. although when it first hit at around age 63 he swore he'd arrived at a Black-belt status.  I've not been the entire route (which I think is probably an implant or an electro probe) but did spend close to 5 years as a researcher/junior-moderator in an E.D. support group.

    The thread so far has excellent suggestions.  @Ehm 's thoughts on 'variety' are really important and remind me of a clinical case study where a guy got locked into a very repetitive masturbation practice and his "wham-bam" approach led him psychologically into erections which would last just a minute or two and yield Premature Ejaculation (now aka "Early Ejaculation").  The nice part about an Aneros practice is that we promote edging and emphasize avoiding, or at least, delayng Ejaculation.  

    If one is fortunate enough to get regular oral stimulation then, reward your partner for variety in how your penis is coddled, teased and cajoled.  If you are solo with your masturbation, swap out sleeves and explore a variety of techniques to avoid falling into a 'routine.'
    After my second complaint of P.E. my doc put me on pills to decrease "Compulsive Behavior."  That was a wake-up call that I'd be better off taking Joy from my erotic activities rather than being 'goal oriented.'

    @Isvara 's bio-chemistry pitch is accurate and that write-up that should be memorized by any man with E.D.  The "natural / herbal" approaches that inhibit PDE-5 and boost Nitric Oxide are attractive because most of us are ego driven and very anxious about addressing E.D. with anyone, let alone a Board Urologist.  

    I found Yohimbe's erectile effects too fleeting for my style of foreplay. Then went the Saw Palmetto + Horny Goat Weed route for three years.  As @Pommie notes, the main result was an enrichment of a local Healthfood Store.

    My Urologist invites patients and other interested men and women to an annual 'chalk talk' on E.D.  where he addresses the entire range of E.D. causes and treatments.  His shortlist of E.D. causes is topped with smoking (no matter the substance) and snoring/apnea.  These even top Diabetes. The former directly infects the cavernosa of the penis (and the coronary artery) with Carbon Monoxide.  The later interrupts the sleep cycle thereby killing nocturnal erections (which periodically nourish the Cavernosa every sleep cycle.)  His first pitch to most new patients is, "stop smoking and here's a some paper tapes to check on your nocturnal erections." 

    If the paper tapes aren't broken during sleep, he gives the patient an inexpensive penis pump with the instruction that it be used two or three times a day.  These 'flushes' decrease the formation of plaques in the cavernosa.  In my case pumping helped return my morning wood and improved my response to E.D. meds.  I'm able to forego pumping on a regular basis but when I've failed to produce good wood at 3 a.m. a simple penis pump returns to my shower and I have two good cycles of forced erection while I shave.  (hint:  Shaving cream is a fairly good vacuum sealing medium).

    My urologist puts his patients into Boxer shorts.  No sitting about with a snug sports brief or jockstrap after a jog or bike ride.

    I use a double pronged attack. 

    --First, I pump. Usually my 3 a.m. wood (nocturnal erections) is restored by a couple of days of penis pumping.  Also I increase the frequency of Aneros sessions -- remember that those partial or cycling "chubbies" are circulating vital blood flow through one's penis.  A 3.a.m. session helps.

    --If I don't respond to the pumping, I go on a routine of a half-tab of Viagra every three days. Moderators in the old Impotence Support group <> began to feel that many men fall into a pattern of 'Occasional Viagra' (medicating with a PDE-5 inhibitor for Sexual Occasions) while ignoring the need for regular erection on a daily basis.  So we concluded that any PDE-5 inibitor should not be allowed to become a crutch (giving some credence to the idea of "Daily Cialis"). 

    So, once the "nocturals" are restored, I'm off the pills.

    This approach carries me through most solo play scenarios but doesn't, without near continuous penile stimulation, yield the erectile endurance that my mate and I really like.  For those occasions I inject a compounded medication directly into the Cavernosa.  (Rook is an avowed 'needle phobe' but the 100% erections make this an easier task than administering an allergy shot to a spouse or child.) 

    The injection (commonly called Bimix, Trimix or Quadmix) triggers cGMP production and inhibits PDE-5.  The ratio of two, three, or four substances is chosen by the Urologist and Compounding Pharmacist to balance the speed of erection onset (usually seconds), the duration of PDE-5 suppression (usually 90 to 180 minutes) and alter response to physical stimulation.  These compounds can be tailored to work in many situations where there is nerve damage due to disease or injury. Hence, the nerve-to-nitric oxide link in the erectile chain isn't needed to start cGMP production.

    As an aside on @Ehm 's note on Testosterone levels being affected by pelvic stimulation.  This last year I added some testicle caressing to my Male Deer Exercise routine and my Testosterone level (which had been hovering between 260 and 275) increased to over 380.  However, my wife, in lieu of pegging, is giving me some 'sawing/drilling' action with a dildo.  So, there may be some medical benefit from a regular pegging.   

    Accessories:  Consider 'packing' a small rectal toy as mentioned in @Muscleman65 's post.  For sex, I usually wear an Aneros SGX or Peridise and a fitted Gear Essentials cockring (these rings are not overly snug as are constriction rings or bands).  This ring heightens and maintains penis and anal or prostate stimulation.  Sometimes that and some oral from my mate does the whole job. 

    If you to choose a Prostate tool like the Aneros, pick one that doesn't apply excessive pressure to your prostate and puts it where you desire for sex.  Which may be different from what you prefer for Super-O session.

    Keep in mind that Prostate size/shape will vary as you age and with the intensity of your Aneros sessions.  (this year my Uro offered I am developing a groove, perhaps as a result in changes in how I do prostate massage therapy.)   Be sure to ask your Urologist for his annual observations on the size and shape of your prostate.

  • EhmEhm
    Posts: 245
    I take it getting hard isn't quite as easy as it used to be...?
    Reading similar accounts has prompted me to use my penis more and cannabis and the Aneros much less. You don't no what you've got till it's gone and I've experienced the Super O, I've had them for years now sometimes daily and all these years I've barely touched my penis. The Super O's great but rewiring hasn't just affected my ability to have anal orgasms it also allows me to have dry orgasms thru penile stimulation

    Variety is the spice of life, of course when you're married etc there's love involved etc, but still...that to me is independent from lust. I'm never as aroused jerking off to the same video even a second time, never mind having sex(yeah yeah making love, but since arousal is the issue) to the same person for years and years.
    And trust me, I jerk off every other day after my testicle massage for about an hour, sometimes hour and a half, two hours, so I doubt if just the porn conditions a premature ejaculation response, if anything probably the reverse is true. Anyway it put a smile on my face so I presume it was meant tongue in cheek.

    It's good to know the testicle massage really does help testosteron production.

    Zinc appears to have a major impact as well on testosteron as well as on libido, vitamin d is also good for testosteron, so perhaps adding those supplements might help, at least if the problem is physical...
    The Chinese would probably recommend an extramarital affair with a sexy young female(s). Apparently increases virility and helps rejuvenate. But there civilisation is only more than 5 thousand years old and they don't have a notion of romantic love, so what do they know? Men and women age differently(perhaps this is due to 'sperm energy') that's why they don't just have a (number one) wife, but countless others if they can afford it.

    Anyway, is all the bother of getting hard really worth it? If you want to prove youre still a man lift weigths like Schwarzenegger ;)With the Aneros you can have multiple Super Os with a limp dick. And that's when I'll be using my Aneros toys in earnest. When i can't get hard anymore, coz for now having my dick hard for more than an hour I'm sure is better for testosteron production than prostate massage. It's like what they said in that article hugging your wife etc produces oxytocin and that's detrimental to testosteron production and when Im having a Super O I get the same 'love' sensation as well so I wouldn't be surprised if stimulating the female part of the body with the Aneros stimulates female hormones and inhibits male hormones and vice versa.
    So despite others claiming they're getting boners again after using the Aneros ED to me seems the more logical outcome, coz the penis is in-the-process-of-becoming a chlitoris and oxytocin is  produced while testosteron is being inhibited

  • isvaraisvara
    Posts: 1,036
    @rook, an incredible summary. Many thanks. Seems as without the support groups I have muddled my way along the same track. Now its time to put my process in some sort of order. More comments later.
  • isvaraisvara
    Posts: 1,036
    I have emptied my post as I think @rook says it all. I am sure there are a number of us on the forum who have ED in some form or another. @rooks post above is a good point to start.
  • started struggling with ED 15 years ago, the aneros really helped me a lot reducing my prostate size. Now I have erections a lot easier and more pleasure. Get to enjoy my big cock instead of worrying will it get hard. I have my share of toys including 3 progasms. Also like cock rings, butt plug and dildos. Love my daily masturbation sessions as much as my rides with progasm

  • Armon-neatArmon-neat
    Posts: 257
    I tried Yohimbe well over 10 years ago, but didn't like the weird parasympathetic side effects and the orgasms were occasionally weird,too.  I tried another few herbal preps and found that my erections were eventually getting less in number and turgidity (a fifty cent word, but worth every penny).  My urologist had me try sildenafil and I use it occasionally, but psychological or not, I have found that "priming" with 30 to 45 minutes of the Helix Syn and then making love (and I mean making love, not rutting) with the device in, has done wonders for my and my wife's pleasure (we're both 64, married for 43 years and proud of it!).
  • EhmEhm
    Posts: 245
    Yeah that makes sense.I couldn't get hard using ecstasy once and sticking my finger up my ass definitely did the trick. It's good that the Helix has 'cured' your ED, I just wonder if the opposite can also apply that if you get used to masturbating/having sex with an Aneros in that you eventually can't get hard without it?
    Then using the Aneros will cure your ED, like cigarettes relieve tension and nervousness...