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I Just Have To Share
  • I'm 66 years old, divorced, retired and haven't had ANY sex for about 5 years.  On top of all that, I was diagnosed diabetic and all the drugs to "fix" that turn out to be the exact same drugs that prevent erections.  My whole life, I woke up every morning with a boner; never failed.  With the onset of all the diabetic drugs, those days came to a screeching halt.

    Not being remarried, I decided to take a walk on the wild side, which for me, meant purchasing an Anerose prostate stimulator.  I'm nearly 7 feet tall and large framed, so I chose the P-gasm.  I love it.  Aside from it being a bit large, requiring my back door to "adjust" a little it in order to accommodate it, I have no complaints.  Just to spice it up a bit, I purchased a much smaller "Eupho" from another company as well as a Helix SYN, which has not yet arrived.

    I have never been so totally elated and blissful in my entire life as I've been for the past week.  I know all the suggestions were to relax and take it slowly, but I just charged ahead.  I've logged in nearly 30 hours and just had a Super-O (one of many!) about half an hour ago.  I just can't resist this multiple-oragasm opportunity.  Hey, no sexual outlet for 5 years and my bet is anyonw would do the same; no guilt whatsoever.

    Now for a few nitty-gritty tips for other newbies:

    Three things have worked for me.  First off, there's a Redtube video, which I found on a Google Search using "Aneros Male G-Spot Stimulator" in the search box.  The one I found most educational was on the second page, near the bottom and it shows a guy on a white bed, on his knees with about a 4 or 5 inch penis just dangling.  Watching this video for what must now be 40 times, I've learned what the body's responce is to using these fantastic products. 

    Once the device is in place and you've relaxed for a while (like maybe 10 or 15 minutes) merely start out on your back or side and do "Deep-Breathing" exercises.  Try to breathe with your tummy rising and falling.  Sometimes a large breath can be held, then pursed out through your lips, so as you start back down, your belly midway between your belt line and your penis, quivers a bit.  This action alone will start a P-wave for me.

    ANY little tickle or flinch, wiggle or goofy little movement is something to be realized and savored.  Later on, these little wiggles will signal that your body is revving up to throw itself into a larger orgasm.  Try to be patient and wait until you feel a small twinge in either the inside or outside point of contact.

    Remember the game of Pong?  Think of a twinge on your perineum as a "Volley to Serve" and wait for the interior part of your Aneros to return it.  As this volley builds, the time between serves shortens until it reaches kind of a crescendo.  It will feel like a flutter and if you go with it, this will then turn into a buzz and it will build and build until all of a sudden, you're flopping around on the top of your bed like a fish on a dock.  It's both uncontrollable and wonderful at the same time.  My "big moments" usually last about 15 to 25 seconds and I've had a few that were more than a minute long -- to the point where I thought I was going to need to yank it out just to breathe!  You'll be drenched in sweat and your head will feel something like a "buzz" for a minute or so.  

    Just lie there and nurse the moment, because if you again think of that "volley" between the inside and outside points of contact on your prostate region, it all starts over again.  This can go on as long as you let it.  I did a 5 1/2-hour session and thought I'd died and gone to Heaven!

    Like I said earlier, I'm retired and time to me is now a tool to be used to my own devices.

    Another trick I've discovered is to warm up (relax and deep-breathe) then actively move the Aneros in and out of your bottom, so you get an idea of its boundaries.  Once you know, then squeeze it inside as tight as you can and HOLD IT!  Hold it until you think your bottom muscles are going to give out.  Just before they do, they  begin to quiver and shake involuntarily and you can guess what's next!

    The only caution I can offer is, if you're NOT retired, like I am, this little toy can start to rule and reign all your free time, so it may be a time-management problem for some.  Not me!   

    I recently discovered I can control my diabetes by upping my exercise (Super-O's come into play here!) and cut back on my diet.  I have been able to keep both my blood pressure and blood sugar levels at nearly "perfect" places and once again, my body is returning to at least one of its youthful habits:

    I woke up this morning with a raging boner and after no outlet for several years, I'll let your imagination figure out how I "handled" that.  I wouldn't have believed a body could produce that volume of semen at one time.  I shot it into a 4-ounce plastic cup and it was nearly half full after the last surge of ejactulation!

    Hang in there guys; it's like that old saying, "Practice makes perfect".  And remember, it's a "journey" so take your time.

  • Awesome story! Thanks for sharing!
  • Theme_GasmTheme_Gasm
    Posts: 804
    Fantastic man! I'm happy you've discovered what an awesome experience this can be, and for your ability to control your diabetes, and the return of your youthful morning rager! Another happy customer! I don't think my enthusiasm for this experience is likely to ever change either! Again...congrats!

  • BigGlansDCBigGlansDC
    Posts: 915
    Hi @aneros_user108905,

    Welcome to Aneros Forum! I have bookmarked your Aneros testimonial. It is filled with much wise advice on how to conduct one's Aneros sessions.

    Like you, I have been "retired" since early 2011, but will have to go back to work soon. I am glad that the Aneros has been one of the factors which have enabled you to control your diabetes, high blood pressure, and weight.

    While I am in generally good health, the Aneros has given me vibrant health in the two plus years of Aneros sessions. It has even revitalized my sexual libido.

  • euphemisticeuphemistic
    Posts: 961
    Congratulations, aneros_user108905, on your discovery. And for making up for lost time! I like your suggestions, I just discovered the volley thing yesterday with my new Ice. I was focussing on the p-tab volley sensation and not enough on the return though. I'm retired earlier this month, am 67 yo, haven't had sex in a long time, and am on diabetes meds. I came to aneros for a cure for ED and found that and so much more. In my case it was the antidepressants that are the problem preventing me from experiencing a full super orgasm I believe. But I'm satisfied with what I've got. I even experienced a different kind of full body orgasm yesterday just from circulating sexual energy and accumulating it. What kind of diabetes meds cause ED? I'm on metformin and also take nutritional supplements. I've never heard of any side effects from metformin.
  • @ euphemistic:

    Before I answer, how does one post a title name and a little picture here on the 4m?

    I am (was -- I stopped several days ago) taking Metformin at night. I am (was-again) also taking Lisinopril twice a day for blood pressure as well as hydrochlorothiazide (water pill). I've been monitoring both my blood sugar level as well as my blood pressure. Neither has changed since halting the drug regimen; each are nearly perfect (BS 103 & BP 121/78) so unless that changes soon, I'm going to continue exercising and eating a nearly-all protein diet. Even with all the protein, I take a probiotic (acidophilus) with each meal, so bowel movements are regular, which for me is about 4 a day.

    I tried "finishing" (masturbating to ejaculation) last evening and this morning after Aneros sessions, each involving multiple Super orgasms, but my penis just wasn't hard enough to get the job done. Unfortunately, all this prostate play has left my prostate engorged and swollen enough, sometimes it affects urine flow; I have to wait while it starts and stops and starts again. When I took the water pill, I peed all day long and maybe that has something to do with why, since stopping the medication, I feel like it's harder for me to pee; that and the fact that my prostate is likely bulging with semen after all the Aneros sessions!

    Any ideas on how to masturbate to ejaculation with a limp dick? As a last resort, I ordered a professional massager, the kind that straps to your hand with two sets of springs. My thought was, maybe if I wiggle Mr. Happy at high speed, I can jack-hammer out an ejaculation. I'll let you know if that works; the gizmo has not arrived as yet.
  • euphemisticeuphemistic
    Posts: 961
    To change your name and add it picture go to the top of this page after logging in and click on your username. Then on the left are several options, one to change your picture and one to edit your account. click on each of these. You can upload a thumbnail image and it will show up besides your username. In the account section you can change your username at the top. I don't know if you will lose any information associated with your old username however.

    I was on lisinopril too. My BP and A1C have been perfect so I'm off lisinopril and have cut back on the metformin. However I had one of my antidepressants increased yesterday because of additional stress in my life. I'm thinking about divorce and that makes me nervous. I hope to decrease and eventually eliminate all antidepressants when the dust settles. I am dating now already. Did your doctor tell you to stop taking the meds?

    I've never heard of a professional gizmo with springs like you describe. I ordered a fleshlight with the Ice but cancelled the fleshlight because I wanted something better.

    I have the problem with peeing sometimes but only when I've been riding and my prostate is engorged. It is normal otherwise.

    As for the limp dick problem, I tried viagra at first and that worked for 4 hours as advertised. I don't need it anymore since starting with aneros thankfully. I've been riding for over a year and am somewhat rewired so even though I don't have super orgasms, I have many long different orgasms with and without the aneros, with a dildo too. I can maintain a erection for several hours by edging and not ejaculating with or without the dildo. I rub my frenulum and under it with my fingertips and plenty of lube and enjoy the orgasms for as long as I want. I've learned to separate the sensations of orgasm from ejaculation, and what stimuli cause me to ejaculate. I also use some energy moving tricks to amp up the arousal.

    Give yourself time to get your erections fully back. You're well on your way.
  • If you don't already, add a daily drink of Apple cider vinegar, Braggs is better than trader Joes because it is unpasteurized. There are plenty of recipes on the net. Your doctor will tell you it doesn't work, but then again he is the one that prescribed all that poison to you

    ACV is how I keep my gout and diabetes in check instead of the poison my doctor wanted to give me.
  • @ euphemistic:

    I took myself off my meds. My doctor (VA) is programmed to put me on all kinds of stuff I don't want or need. I asked him for a prescription for Cialis and he told me he didn't think I needed it. When I mentioned, "That's because he lived in his underpants and not mine, he chuckled, but still didn't write it.

    As for getting a divorce, you're preaching to the choir. I say go for it. I was married and miserable for 33 years. Four kids (all adults) and about a bazillion dollars later, I pulled the plug. Short side of that is, my now ex-wife is living in the back seat of my Mercedes Benz; it was the very last all-metal 1998 320 E off the line.  @ Mostinteresting1:

    Can you give me the particulars on the ACV (portion sizes and feeding schedule)? I'm all for homeopathic drug solutions and I like the taste of ACV on salad, so it might fit me like a glove.
  • @ euphemistic:

    This is what I ordered: Oster Professional 103 Stim-U-Lax Massager It was wicked expensive!
  • ineverknewineverknew
    Posts: 1,209
    hitachi magic wand can help you get off for sure maybe even if your limp.  That thing is amazing!  
  • 2 tsp - 2 tbsp Braggs acv
    1 tsp local honey (good for allergies)
    Dash cinnamon
    Slice of lemon (optional)
    Splash of cherry, cranberry or other juice
    8 Oz water

    Before lunch and dinner optimal, as it aids digestion and acid reflux, I normally warm up a 1/4 cup of water in microwave to help dissolve the honey then add more cold filtered water to taste. Also a splash of cherry juice for me, as this is also good for gout

    Been there on divorce too, my life, kids lives so much happier now, but I was a wreck during!
  • euphemisticeuphemistic
    Posts: 961
    aneros_user108905, cdoincidentslly I worked for the VA for 10 years in rexpiratory therapy and the sleep lab. The VA doctory are a mixed lot, some are tops in their field and some just go through the motions. If you can get a referral to a urologist, they'll probably take your problem seriously.

    Too bad about the Mercedes but as someone here once said to me, the only thing more expenswive than divorce is NOT getting a divorce, or something like that. Is your wife literally living in the back seat?

    The massager looks interesting.I used to massage patients backs in a small hospital as a orderly. Every patient got a massage at night and loved it. I could have used a device like you're getting however as my arms got tired. I used to do a weekly full body massage for a guy with AIDS that I knew but that's another story.

    MostInteresting1, I'm looking forward to it being over. I'm sure it's going to be contested. No children though. I'm gay.
  • @ euphamistic:


    Women! I sure as hell can't live with them and I'm fine without. Now that I have my new plastic "friend" the absence of an active sexual life is swiftly becoming a fleeting memory.

    In fact, I think it's about time for another session!
  • euphemisticeuphemistic
    Posts: 961

    @ euphamistic:

    Yes, literally; she pissed away hundreds of thousands of dollars in less than a year's time.

    Women! I sure as hell can't live with them and I'm fine without. Now that I have my new plastic "friend" the absence of an active sexual life is swiftly becoming a fleeting memory.

    In fact, I think it's about time for another session!

  • I think I may have crossed over the line. Last evening, after a GRAND Aneros session I was somewhat overtaken with horniness and I managed to masturbate to ejaculation. Again, I used a small plastic cup into which I let fall a giant druel of semen.

    Next, almost automatically, I had the urge to drink it.  Does this mean I'm gay? I've never had any sexual relations with a man in my entire life, but now it somehow seems okay. I think I should feel weird, but somehow magically, I don't.l Have I slipped into the Twilight Zone? 
  • euphemisticeuphemistic
    Posts: 961
    No, it doesn't mean you're gay. It could mean that you are so grateful for being able to cum again that you just had to toast your newly renewed body with the most appropriate liquid ever!

    BTW other guys' cum taste different from mine in my experience but not much different. I'm gay.
  • Theme_GasmTheme_Gasm
    Posts: 804
    No, it means you appreciate the truly incredible transformation you are experiencing and you felt a stronger connection to your body and the beauty of what it can do!

    Your horniness was an expression of the love you feel for yourself and how much you sincerely value your freedom to express how amazing life can be for someone on the journey!

    Beauty and love should transcend stereotypes!

    Men are not often taught how broadly love can be expressed!

    But, when our love of self is found and felt deeply, we can expand to include so much more than just the male role according to what society has defined!

    I am bisexual, and have been since a young teen!


    Ps: Your original post is highly erotic and stated in a way that shows just how much our perspective can change when we realize how much we've missed because of our limited view of ourselves! Excuse me I've got something in my eye!
  • Thanks for the thoughtful replies. I was concerned I had perhaps taken this new pleasure outlet a step too far. My thinking now is, perhaps what I'm feeling almost constantly now in the area just above my anus and behind my (now throbbing!) penis is NORMAL and my life prior to this point is the deception.

    My home has unsealed concrete floors and I like to go barefoot. I built it that way, so I can "ground" myself (electrically) with the earth. It's suppose to supplant the absence of positive ions, which are sorely missing from our diet. You know the way the air smells after a lightning storm, all fresh and "drinkable"? That's the effect of positive ions; I love it.

    Anyway, the reason I bring this up is, when I walk around on the floor now, the little "jolt" I feel when my heels hit the concrete deck sends a small shockwave almost directly to my prostate as well as to the tip of my penis.

    Penis! Now, there's a word that has an entirely new meaning to me since discovering Aneros. I always knew it was dangling down there somewhere, but lately, it's about all I can think of. The fact, that I can merely "think" it into a somewhat pulsing or throbbing state now is miraculous. 

  • Theme_GasmTheme_Gasm
    Posts: 804
    And rightly you should!

  • A quick observation and question to the crew here:

    In my original post, I stated the volume of semen in my ejaculate was a little less than half a small, plastic (4 oz.) drinking cup. That much is fact.

    My supposition is, since it had been literally 'years' since I'd had any sexual release (BA - before Aneros) that span of non-action was resultant in an over-the-top discharge of thick, but still liquid semen. Does that sound reasonable?

    Now, the real question. My latest ejaculation's volume, again directed into a same-sized cup, yielded only about 7 milliliters (I measured it with a syringe). Did I break something inside me or is this smaller volume of semen discharge perhaps my "normal" amount?

    Any answers would be appreciated as I tend to do the "muse - worry" syndrome if left to my own thoughts.
  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,484

    My supposition is, since it had been literally 'years' since I'd had any sexual release (BA - before Aneros) that span of non-action was resultant in an over-the-top discharge of thick, but still liquid semen. Does that sound reasonable?

    YES, that is reasonable to see an increased (above average) semen output as a result of pent-up abstinence/arousal.

    Now, the real question. My latest ejaculation's volume, again directed into a same-sized cup, yielded only about 7 milliliters (I measured it with a syringe). Did I break something inside me or is this smaller volume of semen discharge perhaps my "normal" amount?

    NO!, you didn't break anything, your semen output of 7ml is well within the average range (1ml to 10ml) for healthy male ejaculations according to this Wikipedia Ejaculation page.
    image Good Vibes to You ! image

  • nubi1nubi1
    Posts: 2
    Thank you for this very positive thread, I know I'll put much of what was said to good use.
    As my handle implies, I'm new to this and I'm glad to hear of your early success.  I've been very on and off with my sessions but have enjoyed several this weekend.  I'm very much looking forward to a more regular schedule of sessions after this, and several other threads posted this weekend.
  • euphemisticeuphemistic
    Posts: 961
    I love my polished concrete floors. This is just another reason.
  • Whew! Thanks for all the positive replies.

    As for polished concrete floors, I too considered that, but what I have is slick enough. If I come inside from the rain and have on the wrong shoes, I'm ice skating as it is! At 66 years young, I'm pretty sure I don't bounce as well as I did at 26, so I'll just live with the dull sheen of unfinished concrete.

    The good side of that is, no matter what I spill on the floor, it doesn't matter one iota. If it leaves a REALLY disgusting mark, I figure I'll just paint it; maybe make a small mural on the floor or something.

    One thing is for sure, NONE of this would fly if I were married! Single, extremely happy and planning on staying as such!
  • euphemisticeuphemistic
    Posts: 961
    I tried to post a smiley face for you but couldn't manage it. You'll have to imagine a smiley face for your comment!
  • Ya, I tried that a few posts back and what more resembles a laughing pig appeared instead. Emoticon software must surely have been designed by a woman!

    Smiley face
  • VicVic
    Posts: 99
    :-)) I have no clue what this symbol is saying, and I do hope it makes you laugh. I LOVED your post ... keep on making murals. LOVE LOVE LOVE it !