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I think I struck lube gold!
  • Im a newbie and have only used my Helix Syn twice.  Im straight and always been adverse to prostate exams and the one time I had a prostate ultrasound I was so tense and freaked I bled after :(  I was sore for a week it was awful.  Wanting to get over this fear and hearing all of the positive response from prostate massage and very intrigued by the super O, I decided (reluctantly) to try the helix syn.  Not going to lie, Im still new and fell slightly weird about this, I consider it a totally private part of my life at this point and wouldn't tell anyone.  So Im glad we have this forum! 
    My first experience I used sliquid organic water based lube on the device and it hurt upon insertion.  Once i got it in it was still a bit uncomfortable, but enjoyable too.  I kept trying to move around hoping something would happen and it didnt but it felt interesting.  I guess I was trying to hard.  But I did jerk off with it in and had a very enjoyable orgasm with tons of precum and ejaculate.  Interesting and i thought about it all day at work the next day.  The next day I scoured the internet researching lube.  It was clear after hours of anal lube research that coconut oil was the most natural safe option.  So I went to whole foods and found something AMAZING  Nutiva organic coconut palm oil shortening.  Holy wow batman this stuff is amazing.  I melted a table spoon full of it and shot it into my butt with a syringe I got from the drugstore.  Then I coated the helix syn with a slathering of the stuff it sticks to it perfectly.  That thing went in way smoother than the first time and felt like it was floating in there! I definitely felt something happen this time and when I started feeling warm and upper body was shaking a bit I got up I stood next to my bed and bent down with knees on floor and arms on bed and it started happening! the helix was moving on its own and big time and I was filled with pleasure, but after a minute my damn mind messed it up cause I felt a bowel movement coming on (which was true, dont eat garlic and kale an hour before session oops)  like I said Im new!  So I jerked off, shot a huge load and pulled the helix out.  I think this coconut shortening may really be well received by all you folks and I hope someone will try it out!  Thanks for reading.  
  • BunkBunk
    Posts: 171
    Nice work. I use unrefined Shea butter, along with many others. But I've just ordered some blended with coconut oil, sounds like a good combo. First I've heard of your stuff though. Good luck with you journey.
  • PommiePommie
    Posts: 1,008
    I probably have a reputation on this forum as a strong proponent of unrefined shea butter as my primary choice for lubrication.

    Funnily enough, I do have a jar of organic coconut oil in my fridge that has been there for a year or more! Never quite got round to trying it out.

    While composing this post, I have just tried to form a ball of it from my jar. I find it to be very difficult to work into a ball or plug. It is brittle and easily breaks into crumbs so it lacks the plasticity to shape it as required.

    Also, it seems to be very oily so I suspect it would leak in use. Its residue is even marking the keys of my keyboard as I type this!

    From this experience, I suspect I will stick with shea butter! Like the smell of it though!
  • awired50awired50
    Posts: 169
    I like a light coat of Vaseline with a light coat of Coconut oil over it.
  • The virgin unrefined coconut oil is great stuff, besides for cooking and health, it is great for all kinds of adventures in the bedroom, which I can back up with lots of experiences. I've heard for toy purposes, it absorbs too quickly for long term use, but I can't back that up with experience. It has anti fugal and bacterial properties, so that is a plus
  • euphemisticeuphemistic
    Posts: 961
    Hi explorer and welcome to the forum. Coconut oil is one of my favorite lubes too. I used to melt it and inject it with a syringe but discovered I could just slather it on the device and go all night if I wanted. What's in Nutiva organic coconut palm oil shortening? Just coconut oil?. I found individual small squeeze packets of coconut oil too but they were too expensive. That being said I now prefer pure shea butter to slather on my toys. I put a coat of silicone lube over that if they are not syn. I recently bought up a half dozen jars of it that were marked down at the local health food store. It can be expensive. The coconut oil shea butter combo sounds interesting. Where did you get that? Stay with the coconut oil if you are having such a good time with it though. It obviously works for you.
  • didymusdidymus
    Posts: 99