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How to go from HFWO to dry orgasm..
  • Hi!
    I've been a forum reader for some years and an Aneros user for the last two and a half years. I own the Progasm and the Helix, where the Progasm usually is my weapon of first choice. Married with a wife who contributes to my Aneros/MMO journey and we are both in our thirties.

    I have come to a part where my session feel very good and I can control the Aneros with movement and great pleasure. My goal with the Aneros is to be able to have multiple orgasms without ejac./refr.period. My issue is that I can now have HFWO, which is great but quite frustrating since it leads to refr.period.

    Does anyone in here have some advice on how to reach orgasm without ejaculation from this point? I have read lots in this forum and all advices has lead me to where I am today (thanks!) but I cant seem to find my way from here.
  • Have your wife massage you without ever touching your penis, stroke your chest, suck on your nipples and pinch them, rub and pinch your ears, etc. Basically anything that you would normally do to her to help her climax also will work for you now when trying to reach a prostate orgasm. You will have amazing sensations when you take the focus off your penis
  • euphemisticeuphemistic
    Posts: 830
    Agree with mostinteresting and add that you keep your attention on your prostate. I mean that literally. Your sexual energy follows your attention so if you're focussing your mind on your penis you may HFWO. also learn how to control your ejaculation, what muscles and sensations lead to the point of no return. For me it's the PC muscle that leads to ejaculation so if I give it a rest, the urge goes away. Good luck.
  • Thanks for your input. I usually try to take focus off my penis, although it is not that easy. Seems to me that my orgasm/ejac. starts in the base of my penis. Same for you?

    I have tried to be fully relaxed in my pc-muscle (reversed kegel kind of), that way I cannot orgasm. Feels great but finally my will-power is not enough to keep the muscle relaxed and I loose control and ejaculate/orgasm. Is it really possible to have an orgasm with a relaxed pc-muscle? I know I read about it but for me it's really hard. Probably my body is to hard-wired that way.

    Do you end your sessions with an orgasm (tradition or not)? I always end my sessions with an ejac. orgasm (penile or not). Perhaps i shouldn't do that? Just stop when it starts to feel less good, and continue later. Like teasing my body and forcing it to climax with just prostate stimulation. I'd need a full weekend without wife or kids for just trying :)

  • PommiePommie
    Posts: 1,008
    I note that you are in your thirties and married with children so I can well understand that you have become accustomed to finishing every sexual encounter with a traditional ejaculatory orgasm.

    IMHO and I don't want this to come across as patronising but, you probably would do well to learn alternative ways of ending a session. Might I suggest you do a little Google searching on "Tantric Sex" and "Tantra at Tahoe".

    Here you would find all sorts of ideas about the different kinds of orgasms available as well as how to teach yourself, (and your beloved), the secrets of anal as well as conventional sex. In particular, this will introduce you to the wonders of "Edging". In this practice, you will learn to separate orgasm from ejaculation so that you can choose to end a session with an ejaculation or not, as you choose. Above all, you will learn how to avoid the dreaded refractory period.

    During the learning process, you will inevitably tip over the edge some times, but that is par for the course.

    BTW, you are never too old to start. I was well into my 70s when I discovered  prostate health, Aneros and edging, so you probably have at least forty years more than I have in which to enjoy the rewards. Go for it and enjoy the journey!