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A new adventure
  • SharkieSharkie
    Posts: 1
    Hi all,

    Ive been a lurker for a few weeks, sifting through peoples ideas, advice & suggestions. I would like to thank all those people for sharing & trying to assist.
    So...I just bought 2 aneros massages on a whim. I have been curious about them for a few years but had trouble finding a local supplier. I purchased the MGX classis & the Eupho classic. After a little study on both products I determined that one was larger than the other & one allowed for more movement than the other. I figured by buying both I could cover all the bases.

    I couldn't wait to try out my new "toys" when they arrived & immediately stuck it in. And like all males....we don't need no stinking instructions. So lets just say the first session doesn't really count. Next day I headed here & to wiki, I absorbed every bit of information I could squeeze out of google...and all the wonderful posters in this forum especially.

    Now a little bit of history, I dont know if this is odd but ever since I was a small boy I have loved to spend a long time on the crapper. Because I wanted to prolong the event I would "pinch off" continually through the movement, I'm talking 50+ times or more. Now after 40 years my anal muscles look like Arnold Schwarzenegger & you couldn't get a pin up there with a jack-hammer....unless I want it. Seeing as its a highly erotic zone for me I have delved into anal play with vibrators & g-spot toys. Also about 6 years ago my wife got cancer, the stress of that, chemo treatments, work, looking after her had an effect on my erections...only I decided to start kegel exercises. Several years later my manhood once more aims towards the ceiling & my wife goes, "Niiiice!!"

    So without knowing I believe I have been preparing for this toy. I can contract both muscles, have different levels of pressure & do the belly dancer undulations. So on Saturday night I planned on having my first "PROPER" session. My wife & I enjoy watching erotic foreign movies so I inserted the Eupho, with some internal & external lube, laid on the bed & tried to complete the first step of relaxing. After concentrating on my breathing for about 10-15 minutes  I started to increase the pressure to about 80% & holding it for 30 seconds. Strangely I could feel one of the muscles relaxing while the other stayed tense. I would repeat this several times before trying something else. After about 30-45 minutes I started to do the belly dancer move with my anal & PC muscles. So far I had felt no feelings except the urge to urinate & purge....which I had done one hour before starting the session. So I knew this was a typical reaction to the toy. I was undulating the muscles at about 80% & after 30 seconds I would just hold them both once again.

    This is when I felt the fluttering of one or both of the muscles as they started to get tied. Ok, I think...This is possibly a milestone. I dont do anything but lay there concentrating on the feeling. Again, I felt no pleasure at all but wasn't disappointed as I had no real expectations except experimenting. I was curious about the feeling of the fluttering muscles & tried to hold the pressure to sustain the feeling. Suddenly I felt a spasm, short, quick & subtle. Its difficult to describe, its like one of those electric stomach toners that zap your muscles & they tense up & was sort of like that. Then as I was pondering that feeling the muscles once more spasmed in & out 4 or 5 times in rapid succession. It was a unique feeling & the word that entered my mind was "autofuck". I still didnt feel any pleasure but as each spasm hit I could feel it in the first inch of the base of my cock. It was very unusual feeling, no pleasure yet it felt as if my cock was being pulled at the base by invisible fingers.

    After that nothing else happened, plus I was starting to get a little sore, so I removed the device.

    I wanted to ask the regulars...was what I experienced stages of advancement?? Were they the flutters & the autofuck or am I reading too much into what my body did??

    I plan on having another session tonight. I'm going to go to bed, turn the lights out, I have some porn on my ipad but I dont plan on watching it as I find just listening to the sounds of sex far more erotic than seeing it. Laying there in the darkness I can use my minds-eye to envisage what the toy in doing inside me, plus I will have minimal distractions...I plan on trying to replicate the above experience or at the minimum try a few different positions out. 

    Anyway, a huge thanks to everyone for their help.....cheers & up ya bum!!  
  • euphemisticeuphemistic
    Posts: 954
    Welcome to the forum, Sharkie. I enjoyed your sense of humor here. I think you're on the right track and it's just a matter of time before you start to feel pleasure from the involuntary anal contractions. They speak of waking one's prostate, part of our body learning new pathways to pleasure. It takes a while for some guy's prostate to get sensitized from the massaging. You seem to be very well prepared and have the advantage of control over your pelvic floor muscles. Keep on doing what you're doing. I wouldn't be surprised if you report back here that you are having orgasms soon. Just my hunch and wish for you.
  • SharkieSharkie
    Posts: 1
    HOLY CWAP!!!!!!!

    WTF was that??

    A very important football game got in the way of my planned Aneros session (Go the blues!!!) So I ended up doing it last night. I went and emptied my bladder, grabbed my ipad, turned out the light, slipped in my Eupho....and settled down on the bed. The room was pitch black & all I could hear was the sounds of sex coming from my ipad. I do my breathing exercises, contractions holding, easing off, undulating. So far I wasn't feeling anything.

    That was until I decided to add additional stimuli. I have extremely sensitive nipples which are hardwired to my penis. As soon as I started stroking & flicking my nipples I felt a need to urinate at the base of my penis, it slowly faded & pleasure expanded from my body like an internal light getting peaked, sat precariously on the edge of the abyss before slowly fading leaving me gasping wide eyed thinking WTF!!!!!!!!!!!

    I thought that maybe it was just a case of anal + nipple stimulus that gave me some sort of false pleasure, far removed from my prostrate. I was laying on my back so I rolled over onto my side in a fetal position & started watching the scenes on my ipad. Now I have always got off on seeing my wife play with other men, so I have compiled a heap of scenes of her doing all sorts of things with these men. Just the mere sight or sound will send my spiraling off into lust land.

    So I lay there watching her ride this particular guy & I once more felt the need to pee, only for a moment, then a slight tickle/tingle in my groin & I could feel the light/warmth growing once more inside me, I found my body becoming rigid, for the first time my cock got rock hard, I couldn't control my body as I slowly straightened my body out of the fetal position. In my mind I imagined riding a wave on a surfboard, I catch a small wave & I concentrate on balancing on the tip, the wave grows bigger as I continue to hold onto it... I feel my body shaking, jerking with unseen electrical jolts, my whole body is now stretched straight, my feet are pointing towards the foot of the bed, my eyes are squeezed shut as I balance on the tip of this enormous wave as it reaches its peak.........I concentrate on trying different contractions while in this state, tightening PC and/or anal, tightening abs or slowly pushing out with these muscles.

    This last act was probably the most interesting. As I pushed out the PC & anal muscles, I felt as if I was about to urinate everywhere.... and then.....the only way to describe this is what I saw in my mind...I felt  like my cock was opening & a fishes mouth as it gasps when its out of water. I swear my pee hole was opening & closing....I couldnt tell you if it was trying to suck or blow.

    For the next hour I tried several positions, on my stomach, hands & knees, on my knees leaning on the bed, standing up straight. In every position I had 4 or 5 of these full body contractions where my eyes rolled up into the back of my head. Each one reached the peak of the wave before slowly fading away. As someone wrote in another thread...circling the drain...I so much wanted to tip into the drain, it was like femdom & she was cruelly edging away from my orgasm at the final moment.

    By this stage I was starting to get sore so I removed the Aneros. I was dumbfounded at what had happened BUT I still needed physical release. I masturbated to completion & I felt all my energy & strength drain from my body, I honestly hadn't realized how much I had exerted myself...its a great all body workout!!
    I lay back on the bed satisfied saying "Wow, wow,wow" over & over in my mind. I switched on the tv  which helps my go to sleep, except...I wouldn't believe anyone unless I experienced it myself but....the feeling of needing to pee returned, along with the tickle/tingle and once more I'm riding the wave without the Aneros inside me. I came down off that and once more I screamed silently WTF!!!!

    For the next hour & a half these waves picked me up & tortured me as I lay there. Honestly I was almost in tears because I was so exhausted & tormented over & over again......but fark me it was sooooo good. Each one I had I tried something different to push myself into the drain. I gotta figure out how to relax when my whole body is as stiff as a board.

    So now its been 2.5 hours since I started this session. I'm guessing that I rode about 80+ waves...there was only about a minute between each wave before the next would start. Some I started with  contractions but the rest just pushed themselves onto me....I felt so used!!!

    I finally had to masturbate try & break this....I needed rest. Now normally I only get aroused again after I ejaculate when I have smoked some weed. Plus its been about 25 years since I ejaculated twice in one night....usually I orgasm once & I wont do it again for at least 12-16 hours. Last night I poured lube over my cock & stroked myself to a earth shattering second orgasm.

    This finally stopped the waves. I fell into bed, dropped off to sleep immediately & didnt wake till the alarm went off at 5.45am.....when I woke, once more that question popped into my head...WTF was that??? 
    Sitting here in my office, writing this I can still feel those waves, hiding in the shadows, deep within me, taunting me, daring me to do it again....they whisper that they will make me their biatch like last night.

    So someone who has traveled this road please explain WTF happened last night? Were they P-waves, mini O's, super O's????? I sooooo want to do it again but honestly it frightens me that I wont be able to stop it like last night.  
  • inhopeinhope
    Posts: 1,260
    Again I feel comforted in the fact that what you describe is so close to where I am as well! I couldn't tell what it was because labelling things can be bad, though I would love to be able to myself.circling the drain is exactly how I feel currently! It's torturous at times when you 'know' something more is there.

    I hope it develops into orgasms for you, if it isn't already orgasms already. Confusing!

    My two cents on what it was... It was pleasurable, enjoy it! I am too, fingers crossed it gets even better for you.
  • SharkieSharkie
    Posts: 1
    Confusing?? Hell yeah...

    There is another thread asking what a super O is. Some say its the circling of the drain, yet others say there is more. I'm confused, your confused.... who isnt confused?
  • inhopeinhope
    Posts: 1,260
    I think the confusion will resolve itself when you have more experience. (Or you will understand your sessions more) A lot of people define things differently here, so yes it's hard to work out sometimes.

    I think it's best to enjoy things as they are, see where it goes. It all sounds like progress in the right direction though. How long have you been at this? What's your approach to your sessions?
  • SharkieSharkie
    Posts: 1
    Last night was my second attempt.

    My approach is to pre-plan my night several days in advance, so I count the hours until I get to enjoy it. Seeing as I had no enjoyment from my first session I wasnt expecting anything. I just wanted to get a feel for things, experiment & try varied positions. What happened was a shockingly pleasant surprise...if not tortuous.
  • inhopeinhope
    Posts: 1,260
    Wow just so you know, I'm about where you are and it's taken me many years! Second attempt? Well you don't need help it would seem, you could be super o-ing in no time!
  • SharkieSharkie
    Posts: 1

    Theres possibly more?!?!?

    Holy cwap... I noticed in another thread you mention shards, I dont know if I felt two last night. It was at the peak and a flash of intense pleasure quickly shoots through my body, I shuddered & I thought was that a glimpse of a super O?? It was more intense, sharp, lightning quick.
  • inhopeinhope
    Posts: 1,260
    Don't ask me! After many years I'm as much of a noob at this as you are, probably moreso! Maybe rumel will tell you more.
  • feelnmywayfeelnmyway
    Posts: 21
    Let me just kick off by saying that next year we are going to kick some blue butt again like we have done for tha past 8 years! =)) .

    With you on your A-less experience. A real chore to stay focussed at work with an over eager prostate poking your insides with that pleasure rod!
  • SharkieSharkie
    Posts: 1

    At least we now have 12 months to rub your nose in it. Hmmm...that would explain why I havent seen a maroon jersey in the past 48 hours.

    But yes its difficult, I want to tell someone, scream it from the roof tops...but tell them what?? I dont have a friggen clue....
  • feelnmywayfeelnmyway
    Posts: 21
    Thats why this place is so good. There are a whole bunch of people here who can absolutely relate and sympathize and be happy for you!

    We are all on the journey together (seems like you, @inhope and I are all at more or less the same place).

    If I am able to have sensations at the same level as those shards of pleasure for any extended length of time, I would consider my life complete.
  • Theme_GasmTheme_Gasm
    Posts: 796
    @Sharkie...Yes, you've been used like a cheap whore! Your Aneros has got you pegged, and you're enjoyment of over two hours of blissful was was in fact an orgasm! Surprised? I feel 80+ waves the way you described is amazing and unheard of with traditional sex...would you agree?