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Does anyone have tips for couples?? My girlfriend wants to get involved, and see me Super O!
  • My girlfriend likes the idea of prostate massage. how did i get so lucky??! :-bd 

    how i got here: (skip to the ---- if youre not interested in the background story you might save some time ;) )

    I'm 21 years old and have a great relationship with my girlfriend. 
    were young and experimental once in a while. the sex is just great! she has multiple orgasms when we make love and regularly she has a squiting orgasm. Witch i really find sexy when she does.

    I told her that i loved the way she can orgasm so heavily and would love to know how she feels at such a moment. She thought it was really cute of me to say such a thing. 

    somehow she heard that men also have g-spots and are able to orgasm just as great, and she did a short websearch..

    So after a while i said the same thing after we made love, when she had an orgasm and squirted. on witch she replied: well there is a way... and thats how it started, we had a long conversation about the male prostate and its potential for stimulation. After this she suggested to ask her gay friend whether its really woth it, He told her it was a good feeling and its worth a try.

    She would really like to see me come and enjoy myselve so she would really like to give it a try, only thing she was scared off was that she might hurt me with her nails. so i searched about this on the web and came past the aneros website. I told her about the products and we decided to give the Progasm junior a try.


    Purchased the Progasm Jr.

    (I already have experience with the Helix Syn...thats why i wanted to try the Junior. Have had some good feelings, and oozing prostate fluid when using. But never a super O or a dry orgasm.)

     i have been chasing that super O for a year now.. with my Helix Syn, Once or twice i thought i was going to have a super O, the build up was enormously strong!!! but the actual moment of orgasm didn't come at all or the orgasm was tiny.. :( is it possible that that was the orgasm??

    For the people that skipped to the ------- : Me and my girlfriend would like to have me experience that what many "users" call 'THE SUPER 'O' '

    I've been reading the forums for tips and techniques, such as: RELAX, BREATHE, LOWER EXPECTATIONS.  you've heard them all i guess...

    My main questions:

    Since i will be using it with (and perhaps without) my girlfriend, is any penile stimmulation to be avoided? 

    And are there things she could do to me to make me enjoy myselve more?(read some things about nipple play ... )

    Are there any couples that would like to give us some advise and tips?

    tips to the frequency of use of the aneros and the duration..? 

    and of course any tips that might help me get that super O! ;)

    Any replies and tips are very welcome, but we would really love to hear tips from couples an women
    Thanks for reading! please help make our love life even better! 
    :D :-bd 
  • devajonesdevajones
    Posts: 162

    Congratulations on having such a wonderful woman in your life that embraces you having an expanded orgasmic experience.  Well I dont know if what I suggest will make you have a Super O or not, but hopefully it will add to your pleasure.  I'll just explain a little about when I've had sessions with my husband.  This is if he is the only one riding and I'm not riding.  These are just some ideas...feel free to free lance your personal situation.

    Usually I kind of look at me sharing the session as a priviledged thing, so I spoil him.  I'd undress him, bathe him, then dry him off stopping every so often to kiss him and flirt with him.  Just arouse him, my focus never leaves him during prep (might not hurt if she wears something it eye candy).  The I'll lead him to the bedroom lay him down then give him a full body massage to help him relax further.  I start with him laying on his stomach and I massage (I like to use coconut oil...but tailor this to fit you of course) his shoulders, back, ass legs, then have him flip over and massage his chest, I pay close attention to the nipples.  Then I move to his stomach, legs, then move back up and caress his balls a bit.  Yes I do stay away from his penis, thats good advice thats found many places on this forum.  Yes it is REALLY hard for me to stay away from his penis but I restrain myself, this is about the prostate not his penis we can always get to that later or another time.  At that point he usually puts his feet flat on the bed with his knees bent so that i can massage his butt cheeks and anus.  Once his anus is relaxed a tad I take time to insert some shea butter and continue massaging his anus and perineum to give time for it to melt.  After a few minutes have passed I grab whichever model that I had coated in lube (i have things pre prepped so I wont have to break the mood) and insert.  Once inserted since I know he likes to kiss, I usually lay next to him and start kissing him.  While kissing him I do stimulate his nipples or rub his stomach.  From time to time I might tug his balls lightly, he's let me know previously that is something he likes the feeling of.  He will let me know when he is finished with his session, or if he would like to have sex or whatever...I just listen to him because its his time.  If he wants me to touch him somewhere or lick kiss suck something I do it (outside of the penis...I deny those requests nicely even though its hard).  The same goes if he wants to touch, kiss, lick, suck me...for some reason during a session he focuses on my breasts a lot...hey whatever makes him happy I really dont care (i do enjoy it though lol).  Also if he is getting some really great sensations he tends to want to manually stimulate my gspot...I havent asked him about that...dont know if I will or not.

    So with that being said, think of what she does or what you'd like her to do that arouses you relaxes you etc...thats your game plan. All men dont like the same thing, and I'm pretty sure you have some good ideas of those things she does that get you hot.  Those are pretty much the things to do.

    Also last point I cant stress enough how sexy it is to hear and watch him enjoy all the pleasure Aneros gives him.  Lying there sharing the moment, energy, intimacy, connection is a high for me.  It is very pleasurable for me as well, so whatever you do, during your session try your best to not focus on what is she getting??? Or is she enjoying this...if she wanted you to experience prostate orgasms, I'm willing to bet my life on she is enjoying being with you watching your body respond, and hearing you moan. 

  • gregorgregor
    Posts: 28
    Deva, you are the best! I have a birthday coming up and was planning on asking my wife to indulge me. Now I have a script to offer up for guidance: this sounds like heaven. 
  • PommiePommie
    Posts: 1,008
    I note that you have not yet experienced a super-O on your own. I believe that if your girlfriend is to participate in your enjoyment of this activity, you will first have to learn how it works on your own. This clearly means that you will need to arrange some solo time which she knows about. It sounds as if you will have no problems with this, (you lucky bastard, lol!), but be sure to make her aware that you need to do this while you learn the ropes.

    Try to follow the guidance given in the Aneros Wiki and perhaps even read and study it together so that she also knows what your goals are.

    Have fun the two of you!
  • Cearul8Cearul8
    Posts: 10
    You're certainly a lucky man!  I wouldn't mind if my girlfriend were to join in, or just watch.
  • devajonesdevajones
    Posts: 162
    @gregor anytime, let me know how it works out I wish you and your wife all the best.  I'm sure you both will love it!  If I dont talk to you again before your birthday happy birthday...if you incorporate this I'm sure it will be one thats hard to forget.  If you need anything else just let me know.

    @Pommie with all due respect I only partially agree with your statement.  I think it is a bit of half and half. The part I dont completely agree with is that he NEEDS to super o solo before he will be able to do so with his girlfriend.  He stated he has been chasing the super o for over a year (true we dont know what his tactics have been in that year).  Now I've mentioned this in chat before, I'll reiterate here.  For some people I think having a partner with them may be what pushes them over the edge.  For those who are in a committed loving relationship the dynamic that the emotional and connection part brings to the picture is unparalleled in my opinion.  

    For instance I was not able to have a gspot orgasm on my own, it took the love and trust of being with my husband to bring that out of me.  Now I'm sure if I would have taken a great deal of time I could have learned to do that on my own...however it was more special and blissful with a partner.  I can now orgasm by myself...but he was a catalyst.  I tend to think men and women are more alike orgasmically than we are given credit for.  I do often wonder if for some of these guys since a prostate orgasm is analogous to a gspot orgasm if they are missing the emotional and maybe even the energy from their partner pieces of the puzzle.  Thus making some of the guys super o struggle similar to womens struggle of being able to have gspot orgasms readily.  Just a thought...because for lots of women we are not orgasmic for most of our lives.  It usually takes a special person...or in some peoples cases there are other means to becoming more orgasmic.  

    Now let me be clear and say I dont think he NEEDS his girlfriend there to super o, I'm not that crazy...the only thing I'm saying is we never know what may be the tipping factor for him or any other person.  I suggest he does both, I find lots of men tend to turn inward a little too much (or so they make it seem here) with their aneros and spending most of there time alone with it.  I'm not saying never have solo sessions...I'm saying balance is key...trying new techniques is key.  

    Now you are spot on about coordinating about what his goals are, and studying it together.

    @Cearul8 whats stopping you from inviting her? Just curious...
  • Cearul8Cearul8
    Posts: 10
    It's something we haven't discussed yet.  My girlfriend and I are asexual, so sex is something we generally don't care to bother with...though we do enjoy sensual things.  Perhaps this is one of those sensual things we will eventually get around to sharing.  I look forward to it.
  • PommiePommie
    Posts: 1,008
    Point taken!

    On reflection, it was probably a bit arrogant of me to suggest he would NEED to find the super-O on his own first.

    I really intended that he might need to do some solo experimentation in order to become familiar with his body's reactions to Aneros stimulation so that he could then communicate these responses to his significant other when ready to do so.
  • techpumptechpump
    Posts: 154
    I worked with Aneros for 10 years before I had a super O, and it happened with my wife there.  She used a g spot dildo on me (it's my go-to for prostate milking and overall anal pleasure) after the aneros was in me for a little while.  She too rubbed me and caressed me and kissed me, and never touched my cock (she really wanted too also, @devajones :) and then we moved to the dildo, and wow, what she did was better than anything I've been able to do alone!!  After lots of teasing and edging my prostate, I grabbed it and slid it deeper than she had a few times, and super O!

    have fun man, she sounds like a keeper for life :)
  • xtimedt69xtimedt69
    Posts: 648
    @aneros_user85664 let her peg you and change your life. After I did my Prostate was a happy camper and the Aneros use was even better. Plus she liked it too.  :bz

    It is not all that much different than what @techpump described. 6 months ago I was skeptical and dead set against it. Now I love it.
  • @devajones

    Thank you very much for sharing this. i will most centenately have her read what you have commented, and also think that we will visit and read the forums together so we can focus on the goal(s) together. 

    Perhaps you are right and she can be my catalist for the super-O, really looking forward to spending some quality time together with her.

    In case any questions arise I will post them here!

    thanks to: 

    thank you so much and perhaps I'll share a story of my first super-O with my girl :-bd
  • Here are my new experiences as a couple. 

    ---edited to update blog url
  • ReWireReWire
    Posts: 27
    @aneros-user108329 Very nice description on your blog above link. Congrats!!!
  • brinebrine
    Posts: 303
    You are SOOOOO blessed, aneros_user108329!

  • Thank you all! I only thought life was good, life is great now!