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  • Well I have been using my Aneros MGX for a couple months and have been having a great time with it. I'm in to a pretty reliable routine with it where I use the side position, relax for a while while I read some erotica, then start contractions with gentle hip rocking. I can get three or four waves of involuntary contractions and I always get a big buildup where the Aneros seems to be driving itself more forcefully toward the end. I then get a big build up of pressure in my anus and prostate and get the whole body shaking thing that some describe as the precursor to the Super O.

    What is different is the release point - after the pressure and shaking, I ejaculate. It is like a traditional orgasm in its make up - not just clear fluid, and more than a few drops. However I can have a couple of these in a session.

    So my question is am I having the Super O? Or are these just hands free orgasms? Either way they feel fantastic, but I don't know if I am getting all the way there. Anyone else have this kind of experience out there?
  • Your posting is asking nearly the same question I recently posted about reaching the "Super O". I also go through all of the various shaking stages etc., that you discuss. I even get to the point of releasing "pre-cum" which is totally abnormal for me, yet I never seem to take it over the top. I've experienced some very intense feelings that I equate to the similarity of sensations I feel before I would normally ejaculate, ones that are more intense and much stronger. I guess I simply haven't gotten there .... yet. But the ride has sure been fun.

    BTW, did you ever tell your wife?

  • Not yet - I am working on that one...
  • Interesting. I am sort of jealous to be honest. I can have lots of dry orgasms, but wet ones are so much more fun.