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My First time....
  • I’d just thought I share my positive experience after my first go today.

    Ok, my helix arrived this morning and I must admit I was a little apprehensive about using it for the first time. I’m a young straight guy (I’m 26) and I have to admit the idea of sticking something in my ass was a little daunting. I like to think I’m quite open minded sexually, and am up for trying most things once, I have some gay friends that have spoken about the wonders of prostate stimulation during anal sex, and whilst the idea of a penis inside me is not something I think about, I’m all for exploring what your body can do. So it was a combination of curiosity, and luck that I came across the product whilst shopping for other things. After finding my way to this site in the process of researching what the product actually did, I read so many positive testimonials here that I decided to bite the bullet and go for it.

    My fist impression when it arrived was it was so much smaller than I had thought it would be, so the idea of it fitting inside me was less frightening! So I read through the instructions online and positioned myself as they tell you to, (on your side with your knees together and raised to your chest), because of the relatively small size, and copious amount of lubrication I had used, I found it went in relatively easily and pain free. And whilst the sensation was not something I had ever experienced before and couldn’t describe it certainly wasn’t unpleasant.

    I found that personally, I needed the 20 minutes that the instructions mention to get used to the foreign object but once I had I tried the contractions for the first time. I have to admit that I didn’t particularly feel anything at this stage, and I maintained the contractions for about 10 minutes before deciding to switch positions. I found that once I was lying on my back with my legs in the air, not only was I pushing back onto the aneros, as I was contracting, but the combination of sensations against my prostate, and the grinding into it and the rubbing of my penis against the bed as I went, meant that I quickly became fully erect which was again not something I was anticipating.

    As I was going I felt some indescribable sensations, and found myself contracting the muscles a lot longer as I was going, I found myself to be a quick study considering there a muscle group I’m not particularly familiar with using, I felt as if I was working up to my own ‘super o’ but somewhere along the line I seemed to loose it, and this happened a few times. Eventually time got the better of me so I readjusted myself so my knees were on the floor and my upper body was leaning on the bed and started to masturbate myself, again this felt a very different sensation to what I would normally experience, and I tried to make sure I kept the contractions going as I jerked off.

    Relatively quickly I could feel the sensation of climax approaching, but it felt very different to a normal orgasm, more centered in my ass, as I continued this sensation grew and grew until eventually I was cumming. It was without a doubt the longest and most intense orgasm I’ve ever had, the feelings were originating from my ass but I felt them pulse through my body with incredible strength. When they finally subsided and I tried to stand up I was light headed and my knees were weak!

    So needless to say I’m impressed! I’m kinda disappointed now that I wasn’t able to reach the big ‘O’ that I was going for, as if the ejaculatory orgasm was that intense then I can only imagine how strong the anal orgasm will be, but I’m certainly encouraged to try again!

    So thanks for making it this far down! I sorta got carried away with my description! I’d be grateful for any ideas or suggestions anyone has to maybe help me along, and positions I should try to get me there? Any tips on how to maintain the building sensation without thinking about something else and loosing it? Or is it purely a case of keeping going and eventually I shall get there? And how long of a session should I plan for ideally?

    Once again thanks! Thanks for the product and thanks to you all for the inspiration to use it! I just wish that more straight guys could get over the stigma and giggle factor when it comes to things inside their ass and maybe we’d have more and more guys enjoying the best experiences of their lives!

  • nood1963nood1963
    Posts: 113

    Sounds like you are on the road to success. I wish I would have known about the aneros when I was 26. It takes a while to get your body in the groove, with the different muscles one uses and everytime one has a session the muscles will become stronger and more responsive. Try new positions if you are stuck and getting no results. I have wonderful orgasms with my knees on the floor and body against the bed. The Helix is a wonderful stimulator. It did take me longer to become accustomed to the Helix, but now I have great orgasms with it. Keep up the work and it will pay off. It is an awesome experience having multiple orgasms one after the other. Anal orgasms are out of this world! Not every session will be like the next. If I am not getting the results that I like, I either just quit and try again another day, not becoming let down that I did not produce an orgasm, of the impressive results from an earlier day, or I will finish my session with a good rub of my dick, and wait for a different day for success. The super O will arrive and you will be amazed and dazed at all of the different feelings and emotions one experiences, it is so nice.....Peace, Nood