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Questions for Christians
  • kovahkovah
    Posts: 1
    I'm interested in the aneros, but am unsure of how to merge it with my faith. Here are a few questions for any Christians on the forum.

    1. Are there any principles you strive to follow with regards to how you use the aneros? (Any limits on how often or how long? Any limits on what situations you use it in?)

    2. How do you use it in relation to your wife? (Do you have any particular ways of using it with your wife? Do you only use it when you're with her? What does she think? A big concern of mine is that my future wife will saddened by that fact that a physical object brings me physical pleasure in a particular way that she can't? Should sexual pleasure only come from your wife?)

    3. How has it affected your walk with God? (If you struggle with pornography or lust, has the Aneros made it more of a problem? Does it distract you from other important things in life?)

    Please only post serious responses. And thanks for your input.
  • PspotsquirterPspotsquirter
    Posts: 467
    If you feel you have to merge Aneros into your faith, maybe you should not trod the journey of Aneros. Mayhap you should discuss it with your preacher, pastor, reverend etc. If one is walking a righteous path with The Most High, how can Aneros or anything else get one off the path. I feel struggles with lust and porn
    result from no control over the penis, and the testicular orgasm. Aneros based (prostate orgasms) are in a totally different leauge.

    I find that Aneros has been an enhancement in my life. If one has balance in one's life, how can an Aneros or anything else be a distraction? It could be if perhaps if one has an addictive and/or a compulsive personality. Most women, in my opinion, frown upon a man playing with his ass. I'm 44, and have only met 1 woman that was actually cool about it. You are getting ahead of yourself, as you do not yet know if Aneros will work for you! Your questions make it seem, as if you have some guilt and angst regarding Aneros (even though you've never tried one). Narrow is the asshole, and straight is the Aneros (well not too straight except the Peridise and the Tempo). Best of luck!
  • JspadJspad
    Posts: 179
    Someone more experienced than I might have better advice, but I will answer these to the best of my ability anyway :)

    1. A coupe of main principles are listening to your body (like when you feel like having a session, how long to have one, listening to even the tiniest feelings, and if anything hurts, back off), and not expecting anything (expectation can be inversely related to progress). Everyone has their own timetable as far as when and how they progress, so you may have to learn to be more patient early on.

    2. I don't think she should be sad for not being able to bring you pleasure from your prostate. Prostate massages can be done manually with a finger, be it your own or another person's. The latter is easier.

    3. I believe for some people it brings them closer, but I wouldn't be the one to ask. Not that I don't believe in God, but it hasn't affected me in that way. Aneros, from what I hear, can become addictive like a lot of things, but with a bit of discipline I'm sure you'll manage. A lot of people here say that pornography distracts from the feelings that you need to concentrate on. A lot of this is learning to listen to your body. As a Christian, I'm sure you can see the importance of listening the body god gave you.
  • devajonesdevajones
    Posts: 170
    Well I'll do my best to answer your questions.  Question number 2 will be my focus however as I'm the only wife that posts here (as of now) I'm christian as well (so is my husband) so take what you want from my response.  Hope it helps!

    1.  I agree with @Jspad on his answer.  I use Aneros products and for most purposes just do what the guys do.  My husband is an Aneros user as well, he follows the same principles relax, be aroused, and listen to your body.

    2. Now as far as how Aneros is used in our relationship.  I feel it has added to our relationship quite a bit.  We've had sessions together, we've had sex with an Aneros inserted in him (soon we'll try it with it inserted in him and I simultaneously), it was quite enjoyable for both of us.  Neither one of us had any concerns if we were doing anything that is against faiths.  He does not only use the Aneros when with me, I have no problem with him using it solo.  The only way I would have a problem is if he refused to include me...but I would feel that way if it was Aneros or anything puts the thought in my head what are you hiding??? I have also had sessions solo as well.  What do I think, I think great he's having "man" time.  We both have times when we want to be to ourselves and we respect that about each other, so no problems there.  

    As far as your future wife being saddened by an object giving you pleasure that she cant...good concern however I'll try my best to help you avoid that problem.  When seeking a woman to be your wife my suggestion is always try your best to find a woman who is secure in herself.  If a woman is insecure she will have those insecure thoughts of "oh he is having more fun with his aneros than me", a secure woman will not think that.  More than likely she will think to herself wow its really sexy how much pleasure he can get from that...i bet I can add to that.  Now the guys can correct me if I'm wrong but I've read on this forum lots of times how men get to a point where they are even able to feel some (if not all) of the sensations they get from aneros while WITH their partner.  I personally find the idea of that quite arousing.  So in a nutshell what I'm saying is, if you begin with aneros and like it I dont think you should feel it will harm you in regards to your faith or in regards to you having a fulfilling relationship either.  Be upfront and honest with your potential partner (DO NOT WAIT UNTIL YOU ARE WALKING DOWN THE AISLE), get it out there, if she is smart or at least open minded she should be willing to explore your pleasures with you as you would probably be willing to explore hers with her.  Personally I feel as a wife it is one of my many duties to make sure my husband is satisfied completely.  After all he works (for me and the betterment of our living situation) so that we can afford the house cars bills etc...protects me...I mean I could go on and on, the least I can do is please him its that simple.  Just to throw this out there I'm the one who found out about Aneros and bought it FOR my husband because I wanted him to experience a more complete orgasmic experience.  So when he thinks of his Aneros i truly believe he thinks of I am not in one bit jealous of a piece of plastic that I gave to him solely for improving his pleasure.

    Also once again I agree with @Jspad answer as well manual prostate massage is something I've done for my husband and he enjoyed it.  Afterward he did not feel (nor did I) that we were at odds with God.

    Should pleasure only come from your wife??? Well I'm not sure about you because I dont want to make an assumption but do you masturbate??? If you are male and dont masturbate you are a rare bird.  I would go out on a limb and say masturbation has some pleasurable masturbating yourself does not come from your's that.  I dont think there is anything wrong with masturbation though (unless it is hindering everyday life and is an addiction or obsession).  I would much rather my husband masturbate if I'm not able to pleasure him at the immediate moment, and he feels the same about me.   

    3. Aneros has pushed me further away from porn for the exact reason @Jspad stated, distraction. My husband was never a big porn watcher...he never uses porn before or during a session he also finds that he cant fully concentrate on the nuances his body is feeling when looking at porn.  Aneros has never caused us to not get done what we need to get done in life.  We have priorities and the priorities stay where they need to be,  Aneros gets fit into the schedule when the time is appropriate. 

    Overall sensibility is key.  Just learning how to balance your life will go a long way not only in Aneros use, but in life period.  One must know how to control your mind and thus control the aspects of your life that are controllable.  I have every confidence that you will be fine.  Let us know how you get along!!! Also welcome to the forum!!!
  • awired50awired50
    Posts: 169
    Well said Deva and Jspad ! 

    It has been a whole new dimension of our relationship! A whole new level of trust and a breakdown of any inhibitions between us.

    I agree that with Aneros experience that porn is a distraction. Relaxation and a clear mind are the key.

    Once you find your way to where the journey will take you, It will be the most spiritual, out of body and sexual experience that you could ever imagine. Then you will understand that it was meant to be and you will be grateful for it !

    The wife benefits from the Aneros as well as I have noticed stronger, firmer erections and we are constantly turned on exploring new possibilities. She loves seeing me in ecstasy and helping me get there. 

    There is nothing to feel guilty about or be ashamed of with this, but there is SO much to be thankful for !

    Read the forums and blogs here, there is wealth of information!

    Good luck on your journey !

  • devajonesdevajones
    Posts: 170
    Thanks @awired50 for bringing up the erection point.  I forgot that in my reply, I have noticed (as well as my husband) stronger and longer lasting erections since beginning aneros use.
  • fun1fun1
    Posts: 9
    Kovah,  I sent you a private message.  Check your inbox when you sign in.
    Hope it helps.   God bless you.
  • nervenerve
    Posts: 19
    Let me answer question3 honestly.
      Me and God have a fractious relationship, in that I want what I want and I'm not sure that God agrees. And so I have a niggling doubt that surrounds my aneros use. Being single, using it is an entirely self-absorbed activity, and does not enhance any relationship. On the other side using aneros has been a really pleasurable experience that does create a warm sense of well-being, even giving me a lift in mood.
    In the Bible Paul say's that "Everything is permissible but not everything is beneficial". I take this to mean its OK to use Aneros for some people but not all. If for example you have had a problem with pornography then using Aneros is going to feed that because you are arousing yourself.
       It seems that God works with us as individuals and you should look to the Holy Spirit for your answers, and then if you still choose to indulge, well like me you are likely to have to deal with niggling doubt.
       God designed sex for pleasure and to be enjoyed with the confines of a committed relationship. He did that because sex is one of the strongest drives, creating a strong bond between two people in order to create a stable environment for children. I freely admit it don't work that way in the modern world that uses sex to sell stuff and manipulate people for its own ends. I'm sure in my own mind that the guiding God offers in the Bible is there because he understand the human condition.
      I really hope that God is more forgiving than I give him credit for, because to bring this back to my opening statement, I want what I want
  • isvaraisvara
    Posts: 1,036
    1. Are there any principles you strive to follow with regards to how you use the aneros? (Any limits on how often or how long? Any limits on what situations you use it in?
    I re read what I wrote and realized I needed to rethink it before posting in this thread
  • AneRicoAneRico
    Posts: 308
    Deleted by author
  • PspotsquirterPspotsquirter
    Posts: 467
    Hats off to you sir! You are definitely ahead of the learning curve!
  • twlltintwlltin
    Posts: 603
    The "sin of Onan" was not what most people think.

    It was his failure to inseminate his dead brother's wife that got him smited. A broad interpretation could be that he used the withdrawal method.

    8 And Judah said unto Onan, Go in unto thy brother's wife, and marry her, and raise up seed to thy brother.
    9 And Onan knew that the seed should not be his; and it came to pass, when he went in unto his brother's wife, that he spilled it on the ground, lest that he should give seed to his brother.

    Genesis 38:8-9 (KJV)

  • slimjmslimjm
    Posts: 577
    Hey, Kovah.  Hope I can share some things that might help you.  I'm a mid-aged married guy with a conservative Christian background and actively practice my faith.  I discovered the Aneros products about five years ago doing some on-line research having already been to my urologist with prostate congestion from a mid-aged less frequent sex life and then finally tried my first Aneros massager.

    Right away the congestion symptoms eased but then like most guys trying this, I got interested in seeing if I could develop the ability to have prostate or "super" orgasms with it.  After about a year and trying a couple different models they finally started coming consistently and that's when I really discovered the sexual benefits--longer, more controlled and more intense orgasms during regular sex with my wife and a greatly improved erectile sensitivity.

    One of the best things I heard a minister once say was that where God says, "Thou shalt not", He's telling you you're going to hurt yourself or others, but where He doesn't say, "Thou shalt not", He's saying to go ahead, help yourself and enjoy it.  And from a sexual standpoint, when you get married, that means anything that brings enjoyment and fulfillment into your physical relationship, and, until then as a single guy, that means enjoying masturbating however you like doing it though without lust or destructive fantasies such as with viewing porn.

    Your future wife would be blessed in my opinion to marry a man who has developed the patience and sensitivity toward sex that using an Aneros can help you achieve.  It, just as with other sexual preferences that you may have, such as how you are touched and how you achieve arousal and orgasm (such as you may already be familiar with through the masturbation techniques or practices you might already have), are things you will want to discuss with your future wife when you are engaged.  Part of that process,which in fact will continue years into your marriage together, will also involve her sharing with you what she likes sexually.  Openness, patience, and a desire to fulfill each others' sexual needs is a critical part of a good marriage that I hope one day you will get to enjoy.

    Contrary to popular opinion, us Christian guys love sex and can enjoy it just as much as anyone.
  • awired50awired50
    Posts: 169
    Well said @slimjim !

  • Armon-neatArmon-neat
    Posts: 257
    @Kovah:  I consider myself a religious man (though not of your faith) and I am in a monogamous  sexual relationship with my wife of 43 years (we were each other's first and only partner). To several of the other well thought out posts here, I would add both a physical observation and one that relates to my religious observance. 1. The physical observation:  I have noted in other posts that I find there is or can be a "disconnect" of sorts between the Aneros experience and a sexual experience even as the re-wiring does, as others have noted, appear to rejuvenate (in this older male) and strengthens (in the younger users) sexual function--both physical desire, pleasure and, for me, the desire to please my spouse. I had started my journey with sensual music (Tantric) and found that it interfered.  I have not used pornography as a "warm-up"  nor do I think that I would.  It is true, that a really intense session can lead one to physical activity that, to an observer, appears extreme (some of the users have consistent shaking, tremors, grunting and thrashing) and appear to be experiencing a loss of self control, but others have tranquil, blissful experiences (I tend towards that in my sessions). But even in my most intense and prolonged sessions, I have always found that there's a point when your body in general, and your prostate zone, in particular say "Ok, that's enough" and...that's it (except for the very pleasant aura that can last and last).
    2. Though the essence of the Aneros experience is pleasureable--very pleasureable, and perhaps, for some is addicting and could engender obsession, I don't think it does for the majority of users (I feel a poll coming on).  Yes, there are some who post who appear to be more self-absorbed and even narcissistic in their use, but I'd like to think it's not a large fraction of our community, and these fellow Anerosers might be that way from the start (I'm not making judgments here).
    3. With Aneros use, I have found that I have lost any inclination to masturbate that I might have had (and according to my religious practice, it is not considered proper behavior, so I consider that another advantage),
    4. I have used the device before, during and even after sexual intercourse with positive results (after the initial weirdness of the sensations on the first few times). I do not tell my wife when I am using it (I would if she asked), but I know that it has had a salutory effect.  

  • BigGlansDCBigGlansDC
    Posts: 915

    Hi @Kovah,

    Welcome to Aneros Forum. Here are my answers to your questionnaire:

    1. "Are there any principles you strive to follow with regards to how you use the aneros? (Any limits on how often or how long? Any limits on what situations you use it in?)"

    I follow closely the protocols and directions for Aneros use as set out by the Aneros Wiki and Aneros Directions for Use. Since I am currently retired, I have the leisure of having sessions which last three or four hours at length, three or four times a week. When I have a session, I pay close attention to my body. If I feel pain or fatigue, I bring a session to a swift end. That happens seldom to me.

    Also I try to live a balanced life even in my retirement in which my Aneros sessions have a part.

    2. As an aging confirmed bachelor who has never had a wife or sexual partner, I cannot answer this question directly except to say that my involvement with Aneros is a strictly private matter outside of our Aneros community. Only one friend knows about my Aneros interest, but he is secular-minded and unchurched.

    3. "How has it affected your walk with God? (If you struggle with pornography or lust, has the Aneros made it more of a problem? Does it distract you from other important things in life?)"

    I believe that my Aneros sessions have enhanced my walk with God. The Aneros has put me in touch with my body in a vital way. My awakened and rewired prostate exudes sexual energy which is divine! Hence my Aneros sessions have not only given me good prostate health, but also overall robust health.

    I pray that you undertake an Aneros regimen. The Aneros not only will give you good health, but also make you a good lover. By all means, when you get married, engage your wife with Aneros!


  • techpumptechpump
    Posts: 246
    before I weigh in, @diva do you use the aneros vaginally and anally? Or one or the other?  I have used the Aneros on my wife (fully sterilized we know the drill) for g-spot stim and she loved it!  It actually moved in and out as her vaginal skin slid back and forth inside of her (I think y'all know what I'm talking about, the vagina can suck you in and push you out).  Anyway, I'd love to know!

    I think the Aneros is a major centering tool, and the more centered you are in your body and mind, the more you are in life. I always see orgasm as a divine "intervention" of some sort, where "something" out there, higher and more powerful than anything conceivable, is interacting with humans through orgasm. People see "the Big Bang" or an opening of the cosmos or a rift forming that they pass through...and that's just orgasm from traditional methods! With the Aneros, things get way more elevated and lowered at the same time.  Like, being on top of a rocket shooting through the atmosphere, the g-forces smashing you as you go faster and faster, with the subtle slowdown as orbit ensues, but at the same time, its like being hunkered down in a citadel, calm, supported, waiting for "it" to pass for you to feel safe again.  Hard to explain, it's like being extra charged and amped up but relaxed, centered and serene at the same time. 

    With that said, orgasm between my wife and I elevates our love for each other and the planet Earth into entirely new realms of understanding, intimacy and cosmic understanding.  We are extremely open with each other, talk about sex every single day, pleasure ourselves whenever we want or need to, and make love as much as we can because we honestly can't get enough of each other :)

    She loves using a showerhead to orgasm in the shower, she can make it go on and on for over a minute, and it's the full blown orgasm, not the little waves or come down, it's full on cumming her face off, and during those moments she says its like the cosmos opened up and showed her what "it" is all about, the meaning of life, etc.  She brings her orgasmic experiences and power to me, and I to her, and its all about connection. I have used Aneros and pleasured myself anally for a little over 10 years now and it has for sure gotten me closer to her because of the love I can give her and the elevated sexual knowledge I've gained.  When I use the Aneros with her, I just can't explain or describe the everything that comes with that.

    If you are seeking the right true path, it can be many things. It can be through sex, it can be through career, it can be through living life as a helpful human being that cares about this planet and all people in it, or being righteous, etc.  So:

    1. Principles. I use Aneros responsibly and safely, I don't force using it if it doesn't feel right or if my body and mind aren't accepting it at that moment, and when I do use it, I focus on achieving an enlightening experience. It brings about such a remarkable feeling that it can, sometimes, be otherworldly and evokes the question: "Does this energy and feeling come from another place? Is it a link to spiritual oneness?"

    2. As I described above, if your wife loves you unconditionally, and you love her the same, and sexual relationship is strong and caring, beneficial to both your lives, Aneros will only heighten the experience and the mastery you can both have over your love lives.

    3. Many ways to walk with God. Many ways. Believing is the first way. I'm not a Christian.  But if you want to achieve enlightenment with your higher power, or the higher power over us all, don't look at this decision as the deal breaker or maker. Only look at is as one small aspect of your life and life with your significant other that can bring about solidarity, connection, and an overall healthier outlook towards life and the pursuit of your life long goals. It will open you up to new things and allow you to see the world in possibly better but surely different ways.
  • devajonesdevajones
    Posts: 170
    @techpump I own the complete set of Peridise, Tempo, and Evi (those are husband has a variety of Aneros prostate massagers).  So Evi I use vaginally, Tempo or Peridise anally.  Sometimes I use just Evi, sometimes just Peridise or Tempo, and sometimes I double dip with Evi and either Peridise (havent tried Tempo and Evi as I just got the tempo about a week ago).  I could see how one of the prostate massagers could feel great vaginally as I have thought wow the angle of it seems as if it could massage my gspot just like the guys pspot, so I'm not surprised.  Thanks for the question!
  • techpumptechpump
    Posts: 246
    @deva My wife has gotten off VERY hard from using the Aneros, the MGX and the Progasm (progasm a little more than the MGX I think).  She was doing essentially Kegels and the perineum tab was rocking from side to side as a result, sliding back and forth across her clit, it was pretty cool!  And when turned upside down, the tab teases her ass ;)  When it's in her ass (only tried this one time) the P-tab is in her vagina, and it stimulates her there and also the urethral bulb, which actually caused her to squirt a little bit!  Aneros seems like loads of fun for the ladies
  • devajonesdevajones
    Posts: 170
    @techpump....hmmmm I will definitely have to try that!  Sounds really hot!!!  Thanks for the idea...I'll let you know how it goes...wonder if the Aneros company knows about this "secret"....LOL
  • CanacanCanacan
    Posts: 748
    @techpump I knew it!
    Very happy I had the geometry right. Lol

    Also anybody tried the Aneros backside front?
    (i call it "backdoor to the backdoor"... And I love it)

    Sorry, completely off topic.
  • feelnmywayfeelnmyway
    Posts: 21
    For anybody that is interested I posted a Pastors view of anal play in my blog. See God and Aneros
  • isvaraisvara
    Posts: 1,036
    Sorry off topic