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My dildo discovery
  • darwindarwin
    Posts: 1,354
    On account of two recent threads here:

    I thought I'd give the silicone penis dildo I bought a while ago a try.

    Holly molly.  On account of @Love_is's description of using total pelvic relaxation when trying a dildo, I have had really great experiences with it.

    This, my friends, is my amazing new sexual accomplice, the VixSkin Mustang:

    It seems pricey, but it is a truly excellent example of this age-old form of human entertainment.  Read the reviews on Amazon.

    What has changed for me?

    It's all in the way I use it.  Previously I tried to stuff it up there and give it an old in out.  Never very comfortable, never very pleasurable.

    Now, following @Love_is's suggestions, I take a nice long time with the very well lubed synthetic penis, enticing my hole to relax and accept it. It might take me ten minutes to pass into the inner chamber.  When it happens, my hole willingly opens and lets it in, knowing what is to come.

    Once inside I very gently move it forward, only as my hole relaxes more to painlessly allow for the slightly expanding girth, until the head is resting on my prostate.  OH MY GOD.  The surface area of it seems form-fitted to enliven my p-spot.  No aneros product has come close to this level of perfect connection with that source of pleasure for me.  It is like the dildo was custom-made to touch all the right spots inside me, and to have the perfect texture and softness.

    Once it is resting on my p-spot I... do nothing!  And, like with the aneros, my muscles start taking over.   My p-spot rises and the head presses, and I start having prostate orgasms, very beautiful ones, lovelier, for me, than with an aneros, softer, more emotional.  Once that starts happening my anus starts orgasming too, with anal orgasms, gripping against the girth.  This all almost brings tears to my eyes.

    I do eventually want to try longer strokes but I think it will take a while of my rectum getting used to this.

    The fact that the VixSkin is an accurate-feeling facsimile of an erect penis will be great for those who find that idea alluring; for those who don't you can just look at is another tool for pleasure, and ignore the anatomical references.  For me there is an additional connection because it is pretty similar to my own erect penis, though slightly longer and a little thinner.

    Not to taunt you guys who would not want to go this way, but last night, to end the session I used the other penis to masturbate along with my penis (  I was so deeply thankful for the pleasure it had given my ass, that my penis and it joined in my hand. I came really hard.  It was intense having another penis to share in the jerk off.  (I can't say for sure, but I think it came too, at the same time as me.)

  • TreiTrei
    Posts: 246
    Mmm, that looks so delicious! i may have to take one for a whirl in the future.
  • EhmEhm
    Posts: 245
    "Not to taunt you guys who would not want to go this way, but last night, to end the session I used the other penis to masturbate along with my penis (
     I was so deeply thankful for the pleasure it had given my ass, that my
    penis and it joined in my hand. I came really hard.  It was intense
    having another penis to share in the jerk off.  (I can't say for sure,
    but I think it came too, at the same time as me.)"

    I tried that as well, but in an  altered state, used it like a voodoo doll. Saw this guy walking past, start masturbating the penis and within a few seconds he'd cum in his pants and started walking like someone that has to go to the toilet really badly.
    But seriously, looks like good material,  I just wish they hadn't made it look so obviously like a penis, I know you don't see it while stuffing yourself, but still...I wish I could say it didn't matter but it does,  my ass wants it but my mind is sexually screwed up
  • braveneworldbraveneworld
    Posts: 1,100
    So for those of us that cant afford this kind of toy, can anyone think of any house hold item that might do the same job?  :-?
  • PspotsquirterPspotsquirter
    Posts: 467
    You can get a Mr. Swirly Dildo for $20.00. It's glass, and well worth the money.
  • muscleman65muscleman65
    Posts: 97
    Never tried Mr Swirly but amazon has many, many life like dildos that are great and get you to a nice wet "O" whether stuck on shower wall in a harness. Enjoy
  • euphemisticeuphemistic
    Posts: 961
    Muscleman65 talked me into getting this Not really but I saw it and HAD to have it.
  • AnerosWowAnerosWow
    Posts: 2
    I concur @Ehm, I've used a lot of dildo's (from my wifes toy box) and the Mustang is hands down the best.
  • euphemisticeuphemistic
    Posts: 961
    Muscleman, thank you thank you thank you for posting the link to this thread!

    Darwin, thank you for describing what is possible. My sessions and sensations have changed dramatically with the addition of a Mustang Vixen dildo. I split them into the dildo edging part without aneros to build arousal to a fever pitch. Then have my aneros session without edging and am getting different sensations, more anal contractions and orgasms, the same prostate and precum.

    I haven't noticed the dildo touching my prostate but I'm sure it is. It's bringing me to a new level in my experience. It also brings back memories of being phucked by a man which increases my arousal like nothing else.

    Our penises are the perfect shape for what they do. But I've heard that suitable substitutes are brush handles, drum sticks, hard long vegetables ( that don't break off inside you).
  • Noob71Noob71
    Posts: 22
    @Darwin - i, too have experienced the 'teary eyed' prostate orgasm with my dildo(s) and you are right, once you totally give in to the penetration of the phallus and relax the pelvis, it can be quite blissful.  The mustang does look quite enticing - i'm still in my rewiring phase as per aneros, but i've used many dildos over the last few years, and zucchinis, cucumbers etc, best results for me are achieved with penis shaped units...happy riding

  • Noob71Noob71
    Posts: 22
    Update...had a very pleasurable session the other night using my MGX, no fireworks yet, but nice involuntaries and p-waves, then the feelings subsided.   So to finish off with a super-T using my small dildo   This time instead of riding it to orgasm, i relaxed after insertion, and using aneros techniques, the dildo started to auto thrust, making me ooze and drip like never before.  Then on all fours it was still pounding away, my pelvis rocking with the dildo, intensifying the sensations.  No super o from this, but that's just fine not sure if i'm ready for that just yet, lol...
    So last night, i thought i'd mix it up and reverse the order of operations.  I started with the dildo (i wore out the vibrating part of the tool long ago) and got involuntaries right away, and it was pressing nicely on the P-spot.  after about 40 min. of the ebb and flow of these sensations, i lubed up my Progasm Ice.  This was started pounding me right good and straight away...a few small involuntaries followed by an 'aggressive' thrust.  The more i tried to relax, the more pounding it gave me - i was super O yet but thats ok, the mini o's are good for now.

    Just sharing this story with y'all is making me crave some action, may hafta go for a ride later...
  • xtimedt69xtimedt69
    Posts: 700
    @darwin does the mustang still feel huge? I have the Tantus Acute at 1.25" Mustang is 1.5" I wonder if the 1/4" difference would feel that much bigger. I like the Acute but it is too short for pegging
  • euphemisticeuphemistic
    Posts: 961
    I discovered by accident that the vixen has suction on it's base and will stick to bathroom shower tiles. Haven't tried it yet. Don't know why. This reminded me. LOL
  • ineverknewineverknew
    Posts: 1,209
    @euphemistic, if you do try it, just remember bathrooms are dangerous!!! LOL
  • euphemisticeuphemistic
    Posts: 961
    :-) Thanks, ineverknew :-)
  • Love_isLove_is
    Posts: 1,782

    I feel terrible for not logging on here in so long. But I'm so totally happy I in part inspired you to find this way of getting off. It never even occurred to me to use a dildo in that manner like the Aneros toys the way you and noob71 mentioned. I'll have to try it with my Feeldoe More, but I don't know if it will work handsfree with so much of the silicone from the pony end being outside of me. It may be too heavy or cause the dildo to twist to the side inside me. This is certainly a better thing to try with a single ended flared base dildo.

    @everyone else

    People, if you want to go down this route, please make sure you buy a non-toxic and non-porous dildo from a reputable sex toy manufacturer. Educate yourself with the following two links:

    The Vixen Creations dildos mentioned a few times already in this thread are one of the good ones to choose from. They make realistic and non-realistic dildos. And their Vixskin line is one of three companies that make dual density silicone dildo's to simulate the feel of a real erect penis. The others being Tantus's O2 line, and New York Toy Collective's Shile and Mason. Other reputable sex toy companies that make 100% platinum cured silicone dildos are listed as follows:

  • @darwin...

    I see that dildo is angled. Did you point it towards or away from your prostate?
  • WuerstchenWuerstchen
    Posts: 208
    I remember when you first bought the Mustang, Darwin. I am glad to learn that you are discovering the special ecstasy of dildo penetration. There's nothing like it in solo sex. Unfortunately I have come to realize that banging my prostate when things get really exciting has given me prostatis a few times, so I stopped this form of autoerotic pleasure. But your wonderful account makes me yearn to do it again!

    Have you yet tried nipple orgasm while riding your dildo? These leave me utterly limp, whimpering with pleasure.
  • Love_isLove_is
    Posts: 1,782
    @xtimedt69 -  I'm not sure if darwin answered your question, but going from 1.25 inch to 1 5/8 inch diameter can be significant. But if you are an Aneros regular and have used the larger models, you likely can gently work it into you over time with little to no problem. I started with my Feeldoe More which is also 1 5/8 inch diameter. When I first got it my first thought was that apparently when I ordered it, my eyes were bigger than my asshole. LOL  It's a fairly large dildo for being under 2 inches in diameter. But I slowly worked on getting it in through multiple sessions. Never forcing it, just trying to get myself to relax enough so that it goes in painlessly.

    Some other options you might try that would be wider, longer and thusly more pegging compatible if you like the feel and shape of your Tantus Acute is the Tantus Curve  and Vamp Silicone Wilde. Otherwise look through the links I posted in a previous comment in this thread and see what interests you. Also read this recent review for the Tantus Sport during pegging.

    @darwin  -  So I've recently been experimenting with your approach of inserting my Feeldoe More in me and then just letting it do it's own thing like during an Aneros session. And boy have I been surprised with just how powerful this is. No orgasms yet from solo dildo play, but incredibly pleasurable!

    After insertion I push it in as far as it will go in me which is almost all the way. When I let go a good majority of it slides out, and then I have to make sure the bulb is standing vertical otherwise the whole dildo twists sideways. Without really knowing I suspect it is mostly just the head that is in past my inner anal sphincter. But once I just relax and let the involuntary anal contractions begin, wow does that feel good. Like you side in your initial post, it feels to me to like it hits my prostate far better than any Aneros prostate massager does. As I go back and forth between this technique and thrusting in and out of me, my prostate becomes you engorged, aroused, and sensitive that it feels heavenly feeling the head and shaft of the dildo slide back and forth over it. I almost couldn't get enough of it considering I started with my Progasm and spent most of my time with the More.

    What I find truly interesting is that with my Aneros sessions, the pleasurable sensations seem to come 1/3 from prostate stimulation, 1/3 from anal stimulation, 1/3 from the P-tab. With the dildo it feels to me as if it is almost all completely prostate stimulation in a totally different way than the Aneros feels. And today's session was down right amazing feeling! That has to be the closest I've ever come to orgasming from solo dildo play. Can you imagine what pegging with a willing and enthusiastic woman would be like in light of this? Even just her holding still with the strap on dildo buried inside of me I could imagine my involuntary anal contractions pleasuring both of us as we relax and pay close attention for the subtle sensations. And then her moving to thrusting motions. When she gets tired she can hold it still again and allow my involuntary anal contractions to pleasure us again.

    You get major bonus points for discovering this technique! 8 out of 10! Will most definitely do this again and again. :D
  • I often enjoy my dildo in me without moving it. The fullness on my ass and the pressure on my prostate I have a stimulated prostate and hard erection. Usually enjoy if watching porn and like stroking gradually increasing before ejaculation
  • xtimedt69xtimedt69
    Posts: 700
    @Love_is I got the Tantus Sport long and it works great for pegging. I also got the Vskin Mustang, It is not really stiff enough for our tastes and it doesn't offer the Prostate stim I like like the sport long does.
  • I haven't found that having a dildo in without moving does much for me. I'd rather sit and do nothing with my aneros device for those kind of sensations. Perhaps I just don't have the right dildo for that yet. I prefer the movement sensation that I can get from the dildo that I can't with the Aneros - that is, the in and out movement. 
  • Love_isLove_is
    Posts: 1,782
    @xtimedt69  Awesome! Glad you found something that works for you. And I agree with you, I too like a stiffer, more dense silicone for pegging and solo dildo play. Hence why I like my Feeldoe More way better than my Fun Factory Share. Basically the Share never gets used because it's too soft to give me the prostate stimulation I like, and the matte finish on the silicone irritates my anus. I previously assumed that my Aneros practice with the hard plastic models had something to do with with my preference in this regard. But now you've got me thinking that it is just a stimulation preference.


    Once you develop consistent and good involuntary anal contractions from your Aneros practice, it should
    transfer to other devices in your anus and rectum. I was surprised how well it works with my Feeldoe More dildo. Although it may depend on the shape of the dildo. Meaning if the head is not larger than the shaft, it may not stay lodged in your rectum for this practice.
  • xtimedt69xtimedt69
    Posts: 700
    @Love_is I showed my wife the share and she is not interested. She likes pegging because she initiates it, but for some reason, she has NO INTEREST in trying the share, she just thinks she would get nothing out of it.
  • Love_isLove_is
    Posts: 1,782
    @xtimedt69  -  Nothing wrong with that. Perhaps she just really likes being the one running the fuck and watching your pleasure, and that receiving pleasure on her end would distract her from that.