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Crossed A Threshold Tonight - Tie Balls \ RK \ Relax...
  • (I started this in my Laying on your front thread but decided to make it it's own, explanation below.)

    I'm very contemplative right now. Quiet. Thoughtful. Curious. Astonished. I wasn't supposed to be this lucky \ skillful with this. I may not be again. But, well, few times in my life am I speechless, and now would be one of them. Contrary to what I'm doing now, writing I mean.

    So yeah, first, major fuckin props where major fuckin props are due! (I tend to be more vulgar in real life than I am here, ironically.) @xtimedt69 - I have to assume you had something to do with tonight! From your nuttsling thread and our subsequent PMs, when I started tying the boys down and back (back, and to the left... back, and to the left) is when things began to go up up and away!

    Tonight was a three hour session. Started on my right. C n B's between my legs, the B's tied as low as my threshold would allow. Pillow between legs, left one hooked, right one straight. Started with my reverse kegel technique and went from there. I didn't necessarily stop my body from contracting but I didn't promote it either. At times my dick would tense up and I would contract, but by and large I was determined to see what would happen if I just kept RKing.

    With my memory surprisingly foggy, I'll say that I was having full body tingling, light orgasmic energy milling about, and strong DO's. (You'll see why I'm not calling them SO's.) All very nice. Had to stop to piss. Did that. Repositioned at the end of bed, knees on a pillow that was on the floor, legs spread a bit, back arched so the boys weren't touching anything and had a great time. Again, strong DO's, Pwaves, full body tingling.

    Final position. On bed, on front, laying on a pillow with my dick pointing toward my feet, laying my upper body on another pillow, listening to porn and a hippy yoga relaxation thingy. Did not think this was going to happen. My sessions are usually front loaded success wise, and I had expended a good amount of energy anyway.

    Didn't matter.

    Super friggin and Full Body orgasms. The SO was within my dick, which wasn't a hundred percent hard as again it was pointed down south, but it was throbbing with OE. My body would shake but it didn't stop the SO's and OE, they went through the shaking. When I thought I was done my ass clinched more and the OE washed over me. Sometimes I did it, other times my body did it. Actually, I should say it didn't wash over so much as just continue on for I think pushing forty minutes.

    Forty minutes. The "worst" part about it would be when I was just feeling a general buzzing \ tingling \ light OE. The FBO seemed localized around my ass and thighs, with spurts here and there, but I felt a tingling \ charged feeling on my arms, back, stomach, neck.

    So I'm going to wrap this up now but bullet a few things that I think y'all should try. Yes, we're all different. Yes, we're at different spots in this journey. But I in good conscious cannot not share this with the hopes of it working for others. It's no guarantee and might not work again for me, but I'm too charged and astonished not to talk about it here.

    - Tie your balls down, away from your body. If you feel pain, you've gone too far.

    - Try your side, pillow between your legs, one leg hooked and the other straight.

    - RK RK RK! That is, Reverse Kegel. Just a tad at first, then adjust as you feel the need.

        - - If your body is really insisting on contracting, auto bangin, etc, go with it. Don't RK to the point of distraction for you or your body, but I've have a lot of success doing that. I think b\c our bodies do indeed want to pull in \ contract \ kegel, when we RK ever so slightly and then increase it, it creates a feedback loop, for lack of a better word. Just try it and see what I mean.

    - Try different positions that allow your C n B's to hang free or not be encumbered.

    - Contrary to the one above, try laying on your front with your dick down to your feet. Again, RK.

    - And R E L A X! So many places is that word written here. That's for a reason. As I see it, it allows the OE to flow far more freely and forces you to give up absolute control. That isn't to say my ass or dick didn't tense up, but I did what I could to just allow myself not to stress my body.

    As I hope @xtimedt69 is happy about all this with me, I will very much be myself if this has anywhere the luck for one of you.
  • xtimedt69xtimedt69
    Posts: 700
    @HopefulMMOer Great success! One of my problems is relaxing I always have something on my mind even when sleeping. What is RK??? 
  • VonTrappVonTrapp
    Posts: 11
    Can you explain how you tie your balls down?
  • @xtimedt69 - Consider my choir preached too! If I had been meditating before this, or tended to not be as generally stressed \ hyper as I am, I'm sure things would be different by now, and potentially for the better! And RK is reverse kegel, I try to save space with acronyms, especially if I tend to mention it a lot.

    @VonTrapp - Well @xtimedt69 could tell you better in that he uses a nuttsling where he talks about it here...

    However he's far more ballsy (sigh) than I, so I just used those cheapy stretchy ties you get with Dollar Store file organizers, and put both ends in a clip that I can take the slack out of until it's snug around my package.

    Now I would love to know how that made such a dramatic difference. For all I know it might not have and this was "just my time," but I had been experimenting this past week with tying the boys down and away and even then noticed a difference in the positive sense... And they weren't even official sessions really, just messing around and trying different approaches.

    However this is just me hitting the moon where as you may not, and of course can't stress enough to take it safe and slow... But as I type these words and remember last night, I feel a slight tingling of OE in that area and again, this is me just floored.
  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,492

    Now I would love to know how that made such a dramatic difference.

    (Disclaimer - I'm not a doctor, the following is just my opinion/speculation based upon my own reading research, anecdotal evidence and personal experience.)

    It has to do with restricting the action of the cremaster and Dartos muscles. Cock rings have been used for millennia as a sexual tool for men to aid their ability to maintain an erection and prolong sexual activity and hence pleasure. This is accomplished by restricting blood flow out of the penis (corpus cavernosum) thus maintaining an erection. This action may also lead to a slight numbing sensation as the nerves are no longer receiving a circulating supply of oxygen rich blood, hence, with decreased sensitivity prolonged stimulation before triggering the ejaculatory reflex is accomplished. If the cock ring also includes restriction of the scrotal sack the cremaster muscles are prevented from pulling the testes up to the body as normally happens when arousal approaches ejaculatory inevitability, thus by restricting this movement the ejaculation is delayed beyond the time it would normally occur. Ejaculation is not prevented but it may be significantly delayed. During this delayed time period continued stimulation can occur resulting in increasing arousal and pleasure.
    In Aneros use, focus on stimulating the penis and invoking strong ejaculatory orgasms is not the usual desired path while the desire to enhance the ability to enjoy multiple dry orgasms is. Thus cock rings may or may not be advantageous. However, using a testicle cuff alone allows the penis to remain flaccid and unstimulated while simultaneously providing the benefit of retarding the ejaculatory reflex, prolonging arousal and simulation. A testicle cuff/ball stretcher does not need to be tight fitting (in fact should NOT be tight fitting) to be effective thus blood flow to the scrotum and testicles is not restricted. The resulting skin exposure of the scrotal sack may make you more sensitive to stimulation/pleasure.
    Safety first -"Circulation blockage is one of the biggest risks in cock and ball torture, which can be seen with loss of color and edemas. Bondage in which the testicles are tied to something else is especially dangerous. Common injuries in cock and ball torture are abrasions, bruises, cuts and ejaculation of semen with blood (hematospermia). The most serious injuries are testicular rupture and testicular torsion, which require urgent medical attention."
    image Good Vibes to You ! image
  • ThrusterThruster
    Posts: 52
    Over the years, I've collected an assortment of rings, with sizes ranging by less than a tenth of an inch, so I can select one which only slows venous return, while not impeding arterial flow much at all.  I never put testicles through the rings, as that always seemed stupidly risky to me.  Best sources for rings are suppliers of tree cutting, rock climbing, and boating equipment.

    It is a blessing to have learned of Aneros last week.  I can now throw all my rings in the trash and end the mutilating self-abuse.  As I understand things, Aneros devices are tools for healing, not toys for further intensifying unhealthy sexual experiences.

    @rumel - Much thanks for all your thoughtful posts.  You speaka my language!  :)
  • @rumel - Great info as always! I wish I would have tried it sooner but there's no guarantee it would have worked at the beginning of my journey.

    @Thruster - Yeah man it sounds like you discovered this at a good time then. I can't attest to using rings slings and the like, but know that the Aneros is a life changing journey and yes, is healthy as well.

    As it is now, early this morning I could have probably had a session, but just RKed in my chair while listening to some porn and was receiving FB sensations, not O related but still nice. Even now my face feels weird, noticed the feeling around my nipples earlier, and earlier then that had nice light OE feelings downstairs.

    Wonderful stuff.
  • VonTrappVonTrapp
    Posts: 11
    @HopefulMMOer, these are some great tips. I employed a stretchy cockring over C and B in my Sunday session with great success. Then last night I used my Eupho for the first time laying on my side with 1 leg straight and the other bent. The results were out of this world!!
  • @VonTrapp - Very happy to hear that... You'll never hear me or anyone here really say do this and you'll hit the moon. To me at least, this is trouble shooting, experimentation, tweaking, diving into the minutia, time and research. And if I can help anyone achieve my results or better through my own work, then all the better!

    Tell me this, did you reverse kegel? Though nothing is original under the sun, let alone related to the aneros, I haven't read many users preaching the benefits of the RK. Maybe that's b\c they don't work for them, but at least for me, very much so... That is to say they're "my thing" in that I very much preach the success of them and haven't read too much on the boards about them.

    Had a session last last night after I rode a few hours earlier... It was MUCH better and all started with RKing and holding the line as long as I could.
  • VonTrappVonTrapp
    Posts: 11
    I don't really know what reverse kegels are or how to do them. Can you elaborate?
  • @VonTrapp - The best way I can describe them is this... When you're peeing and stop, you're kegeling. When you're pushing it out, using that muscle, you're reverse kegeling. Now there are more nuances of course, but that's the quickest way to describe them. And even though kegeling is recommended and has many benefits, RKing does so as well b\c it's working different muscle groups.
  • ThrusterThruster
    Posts: 52
    Does RK = valsalva maneuver?
  • @HopefulMMOer
    The Reverse Kegel makes insertion of the Aneros, the Njoy, or the glass much easier.
  • @Thruster - I had to google that one, but nothing like that Thruster

    @Pspotsquirter - Oh absolutely, would find it difficult to get anything in without doing at least a light to moderate RK... I'll eventually get back to contracting \ kegeling when and or if the RK fizzles out, but for now if I just hold it for as long as possible, and trouble shoot my way through knowing when TO contract or kegel, well, that'll be the Aless lottery really.
  • PommiePommie
    Posts: 1,008

    The valsalva manoeuvre is usually used to clear blocked Eustachian tubes during descent from altitude while flying. The purpose is to relieve low pressure in the middle ear resulting from spending some time at altitude. For those unfamiliar with this process, it involves pinching the nose (to close the nostrils), with the mouth also closed, and attempting to blow firmly. This causes the ears to pop.

    As a side effect, this does also seem to result in a reversal of the kegel action so, yes, it seems that the valsalva manoeuvre would help one to learn how to do a reverse kegel movement. At least, that is the case for me!
  • You know, it's funny how this journey turns out sometimes. Had a quick hour last night. Nice. Lots of orgasmic energy but no real orgasmic feelings. Woke up in the middle of the night, couldn't get back to sleep. Went Aless again. First hour OE again. Second hour, about to give up, just laying pretty much in the same position as before (on my front, on a pillow, dick pointed down toward feet). RKing as I do, and then stronger longer DO \ SO's, and I was able to get them to move around my body in a full body feeling as well, including feeling a quick build up in my rectum of OE that I was able to use and turn into an FB as well.

    Simply amazing. Hope I can repeat, but not tonight!
  • BigGlansDCBigGlansDC
    Posts: 915
    Hi @HopefulMMOer,

    You are an inspiration to us all. ;) What you have just written is worthy of meditation for guys like me. The thing is, at least for guys like me, you can enter Aless quite easily by just thinking about Aneros or your body, just about anytime. Actually my best Aless sessions are times when I can rehearse in my mind the best moments I have in Aneros sessions. I also like to rehearse in my mind what each of my Aneros tools do for me. When I do such things in Aless, I am overwhelmed by Aneros horniness, which in turn serves as foreplay to the real thing in an Aneros session.

    I am intrigued by your moving Aneros or orgasmic energy around your body, whether that energy is included in a DO, a SO, or even MMO's. This moving of OE around my body I need to do more and more in Aless! ;)

    I am still trying to wrap my mind around Reverse Kegeling or RK. But allow me to define this term myself. I believe in the Kegel Exercises you are trying to firm up your anal musculature and sphincters, and PC muscle by inward contractions, yes? Would you say that Reverse Kegeling is the opposite of this by outward motion of musculature?


    P.S. Everyone is welcome to respond to my questions.
  • @BigGlansDC - For me it's been either out of nowhere, if I happen to RK, or if I get horny \ turned on \ porn etc. However I will certainly try your method as well, even though I haven't officially ridden in a couple + weeks now.

    And yeah, trust me I couldn't tell you how I did it, not yet at least, as last night was the real first time I either did move the OE or an approximation there of. Like I said I know at some points, I would get a sudden, what, bubbling or shot or ball of OE in my rectum... One time I let it do it's thing and the other I RKed, but both times were great and seemed to shoot out from there. (Keep in mind this is a foggy memory.)

    I will keep that in mind though, to really focus on how to do it. As there are so many methods related to forming, manipulating, using the OE, for now at least I'll keep RKing for sure and troubleshoot my way through other methods, works arounds and tactics.

    And yep BGD, you said it... That's how I learned it basically, and you can do so for different muscle groups down there. Not that I'm adverse to kegeling during a session, but for me anyway it's a lot easier to hold an RK then a K... Takes less effort, less energy, so yeah, the lazy man's approach I suppose:}
  • isvaraisvara
    Posts: 1,036
    @BigGlansDC, some years ago in my search for prostate help I did come across a site which advocated Reverse Kegel's as a means to delay Ej. I cannot vouch for this. The site was tightly moderated and would only allow posts that supported the idea. If I remember it was saying the tightening up of the BC muscles was the progression to Ej, so the opposite would delay.
  • BigGlansDCBigGlansDC
    Posts: 915
    Hi @HopefulMMOer and @isvara,

    Thank you for your thoughtful advice on Reverse Kegels. Last night in bed, I had several Aless sessions during which I practiced Kegels and Reverse Kegels. They were mostly gentle, yet produced waves of pleasure that were so reassuring in the still of the night.

    However this morning, I discovered that RK's enhanced very much my riding Progasm Junior. Such action on my part produced paroxysms of pleasure that were irresistible. I also experienced several crescendos of pleasure with RK's not only with Progasm Junior, but also Helix Syn and Maximus.

    I am basking in the afterglow of all this and find myself falling into Aless often after today's session. ;)

  • @BigGlansDC - Funny, I haven't RKed with my A inside while riding in a while, and noticed even then it was a nice feeling and had potential... But glad it's working for you BGD and everyone else whose trying it because of my postings!
  • Always an interesting journey... I took Friday and Saturday completely off. No Aless, porn, JOing, etc. Sunday night, nice feelings, but no orgasmic energy. A thought had crossed my mind over the last few months, that despite how not going wet can be a help, I'm beginning to think not going wet is hinder me.

    So I ended last night, you guessed it, wet! Tonight, took some time, but had a bunch of nice low to mid-level SO's, DO's, etc... And not because of my doing, but for the second time so far, things were going so nice I ended wet without trying.

    Now maybe I was more turned on tonight, too tired last night. A hundred other things in between. But I just thought I'd mention all this and seek out any insight, if any is necessary. If nothing else, I just wanted to blog for the record books what y'all know all to well, this journey is nothing if not surprising!
  • inhopeinhope
    Posts: 1,260
    how do you reverse kegel? what is it exactly.

    Lying only my from always produces wet orgasm, but the 'build up' is different to doing it without aneros'
  • BigGlansDCBigGlansDC
    Posts: 915
    Hi @inhope,

    As regards your question about Reverse Kegels, I think Kegels are a contraction inward and Reverse Kegels are a "contraction" outward. All this may have to do with both the anal sphincters, both inner and outer. Perhaps @HopefulMMOer can give us his insights on your question.

    See also:

    Hope this helps you.

    And @HopefulMMOer,

    I believe that the Kegel Exercises for men were meant enable them to develop ejaculatory control. What do you think?

  • @inhope - As I've read over the years and have done so myself, the easiest way to explain is when you stop yourself form peeing, that's a kegel... When you're pushing it out, that's a reverse kegel. Now that's general of course, there's more muscles down there not to mention the need for anal kegeling as that has benefits as well.

    As for lying on the front, well I didn't go wet normally but wouldn't go dry in any regard either. Since I've been tying my balls down and away and laying on my front with my dick tucked down toward my balls, I've seen a big improvement! Including with my reverse kegel strategy as well.

    @BigGlansDC - Yep, you said it! As for their benefits, from erection quality, to overall blood flow, to assisting with penis enlargement, and urine flow and leakage control, the biggest benefit as I see it and as you said it is ejaculatory control.

    Back before my Aneros days when I was just working on kegeling and TOing, I noticed when I went flying with my fleshlight or even just using ole Rosey that my orgasms were a lot longer and more powerful. I want to get back to kegeling as I find myself ending most Aneros sessions wet, and so it'd be nice to have a longer nicer more powerful TO at the end as well, if not be able to completely stop ejac all together and go around again!
  • HopefulMMOerHopefulMMOer
    Posts: 451
    I'm done thinking of my prostate \ the aneros \ this whole topic as a fickle bitch. Truth be told, I never really did though, only when multiple duds were followed by more duds. Then yeah, I'd be like what the hell. But by and large my perspective has remained positive, even through the frustrations and duds.

    Well, you have enough D's you're probably in a plateau, at least that what I'm thinking with myself. As it really can't be avoided, and or there are a thousand other reasons why it would be happening, I just kinda shrugged it off thinking I'll come back to it after a break and go from there, hopefully reenergized.

    Well, fickle is one word that was pounding my brain last night as my voice was going hoarse.

    This past Tuesday was my last attempt and it sucked. Monday was the last time I went wet. The week before wasn't much better. So last night I couldn't sleep and thought eh, what the hell. And the worst \ best part was that I was still tired, friggin around on the computer trying to find the right stim and was more or less about to give up.

    So I laid on my side, and just put a rolling slideshow of my avatar on and just relaxed. I really didn't do anything new technique wise, RKed, relaxed, fantasized, etc. But at one point the FBO's started, sustained, with Pwaves both subtle and not so subtle, for like an hour a constant buzzing of OE coupled with said waves and FBO. Amazing.

    Then something told me to bear down, RK a bit harder and I did so, and felt something building up, OE ish but not exactly... Well at one point I turned my Reverse Kegel into a Kegel and felt an anal orgasm that gripped that whole area and my body. Could not believe it. Did it three times. I'd push down, let it build, then pull up and my mouth fell open as I moaned in absolute bliss and astonishment.This was on my side.

    Finished on my front with a bunch of DO's and then a nice TO.

  • BigGlansDCBigGlansDC
    Posts: 915
    Congratulations! @HopefulMMOer. As you use Aneros more and more, you will find that Aneros seldom disappoints, but leads you in some really amazing and remarkable ways.

    Can you tell us though, did you use the Helix Classic last night?

  • HopefulMMOerHopefulMMOer
    Posts: 451
    Yep, I'm thinkin I might even be able to access some of that OE now as I've been doing kegels throughout the day... But no, I went Aless all the way and am still astonished.
  • BigGlansDCBigGlansDC
    Posts: 915
    Hi @HopefulMMOer,

    Too bad you didn't have a session with Helix Classic. But you have made me a devoted Helix Classic user!

    However, I am glad you went all the way with Aless. I must say that for the last month or so I have been Aless 24/7, not counting my Aneros sessions! ;) But now I believe that I have achieved Aless consciousness which fuel my Aneros sessions and vice versa, e.g. Aless to Aneros session to Aless to Aneros session, etc., etc. You know all this is a non-ending process. :D


    P.S. Oh gee, right now I feel such Aneros energy that I am on the verge of DO, perhaps even a SO! ;)
  • tcolttcolt
    Posts: 3
    What is OE?  Probably something simple but I just can't come up with anything good that it stands for.
    In my line of business it stands for Original Equipment but that does not fit the context.
  • BigGlansDCBigGlansDC
    Posts: 915
    Hi @tcolt,

    Welcome to Aneros Forum. OE means Orgasm Energy. DO means Dry Orgasm. SO means Super Orgasm or Super-O to which almost all Aneros users aspire. FBO means Full Body Orgasm. Hope this all helps.

    @HopefulMMOer can give you a fuller explanation for you. ;)

    Hope this helps.

  • tcolttcolt
    Posts: 3
    That helps a lot.  Thank you.   After two years of aneros use and browsing this forum I was beginning to think I was fairly knowledgeable.  Until I read this thread which is full of acronyms that I was not familiar with.  I even searched the forum and wiki for a glossary.  Found a small glossary but it did not cover everything.
    Now I can stop stressing over not understanding and just RELAX, Relax, relax...  then relax some more and continue on my journey :)
  • HopefulMMOerHopefulMMOer
    Posts: 451
    @BigGlansDC - Haha yep, the helix at least for me started all the fun and still continues to surprise. And great stuff this Aless consciousness... Very interesting that with different guys, and time working with the A, wireless progression \ regression \ plateau, that there really is no end point... That is to say, you have yet to have an FBO right? Well I have, yet, this 24-7 stuff you talk of is very mysterious to me and I really hope I can access that one day.

    tcolt - Yep, BGD beat me to it, as he's very used to my alphabet soup by now! From my time on the boards here and on the wiki, let alone learning to use the A and become rewired, I found Orgasmic Energy a more appropriate term, for at least what I'm experiencing. Naturally you could call it different things, and it's explained throughout, but OE just seemed a better explanation as opposed to anything else, save Pwaves... I guess I could have said static PW's, but then again they wouldn't be waves if they were static!:}

    And that's the best way to explain what OE is, to me anyway. Just a pool you know... Like, nothing is really going on with my guy, nothing full body going on by any means, and nothing specific in the rectal area. I generally feel it throughout a session, just not at the end so much as I'm spent, and usually seal the deal wet.

    Just a ball, literally, an invisible ball of energy that I can only compare to the feeling of an orgasm, dry or wet. Not as strong as the climax when going wet, and nothing comparable to the heights of a DO or FBO, just a sparkling hub of energy that generally stays around my butt-ale region. Its nice, I would love to be able to control it better by moving it, expanding it, but for now it precedes my FB and AO's nicely. (Anal orgasm that last one, which I'm still sketchy on what that is now that I think about it!)
  • HopefulMMOerHopefulMMOer
    Posts: 451
    Records were never part of my generation, save older siblings or parents, family, having or possibly playing them, mainly for nostalgia. So when I say broken record, you youngins (I'm only 32 so NOT that old!) just imagine that you're Zune (oh, wait) mp3 player is stuck on repeat and you just have to let the battery die to get it to stop.

    I'm being a broken record here. This continues to amaze.

    As insomnia is a staple of my life, for varying reasons, I went Aless last night for a bit over two hours. This is after an earlier session that was okay, but not great, or a dud, and ended wet. I thought b\c of that, I wouldn't have much luck. I. Was. Wrong.

    Started off on my side. Reverse Kegeling with a bit more pressure. Orgasmic Energy started right away. The OE turned into Pwaves which turned into light FBO's. Mainly centered around the butt, very nice. Kept things centered that way, not focusing on the dick to much.

    Got up, urinated N such, went on my front a pillow, dick pointing toward feet, and for the next hour or so, one variation or another of a Dry O or Super O followed. I would RK downward and that felt great as the OE percolated, which would then cause me to do a regular Kegel which felt even better. And it seemed to go on like this for that time, with it getting so strong at some points I thought I was just going to end wet as my ass clenched down... Or at other points I tried to make my self completely relax and it just flowed through with me nearly banging my head into the other pillow I was laying on.

    Once or twice I just let it subside but was more or less able to bring it up to main power. Couple times it felt like it went throughout my body, spine, back of the head.

    Really can't imagine that these words are being typed by my hands gentlemen. And b\c they are, I have to assume at one point, in some way, those with difficulty will be able to type something as well.

    I continue amazed at this.