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My first ever Super O...but I cheated a little
  • techpumptechpump
    Posts: 248
    Hi everyone!  Ok, this is legit, the real deal. I can't explain why it was, my mind cannot place into words how I know it happened, it was the most surreal sexual feeling I've ever had. 

    I have been chasing the super o for 10 years now, since I first bought the MGX when Aneros first started out as a company. I was way into making stronger and bigger orgasms, and Aneros looked like the key.  It always worked properly, prostate has always been stimulated, involuntary spasms and anal contractions, milk coming out of my limp cock from prostate milking itself with the aneros, etc.  I had everything right going on, except that super O.

    I have used it while having sex with my wife too.  Blowjob and intercourse. My orgasms have been almost too strong to deal with while combining her and the prostate play.  My orgasms last 30 seconds to sometimes over a minute, it just keeps pumping and spasms keep going, the feeling of orgasm/cumming keeps going and going, its unbelievable.  So, you'd think I'd be a good candidate for the super o...

    I love anal play so much.  I touch my ass sometimes when I'm in the need to get hard and it works every time.  My wife plays with my asshole a lot during sex and blowjobs, and its like a 10x booster for sensations.  Besides aneros MGX and Progasm, I enjoy dildos, vibrators, almost anything I can push into my ass to feel it against my prostate and feel myself get filled up, I love it. 

    A month or so ago, I posted on here that I had given up, that I'd just keep using the Aneros for pleasure but resort to manual orgasm with it in, which intensifies the O for me every time (cumming with it in=dear lord mindblowing).  I had a very long session and never touched myself, I had lots of stronger "no cock stim" sensations and feelings, and a few times it felt like an orgasm.  I described this here on the forum and members verified that I probably felt some dry Os maybe even a super O.  Well, I didn't get the super O that time...

    I'm currently in this little "game" (more like torture) with my wife.  She came up with the idea that we don't have sex or cum until after she's off her period, but at the time, and that was before she started.  It was actually 8 DAYS before!!!  Not only were we both going to break from cumming, but she was to tease the shit out of me almost every day!  I'm talking full on blowjobs, like 15-20 minute ones or longer, but no cumming (I can hold off for long time, I love edging I can edge for 2 hours by myself sometimes).  She was dying during this week, as was I, the most precum I've ever seen in my life oozing all the time (I copped a feel of her boobs the other day, a second later I was leaking, not even hard!).

     Two nights ago, it was the 8th full day of no cumming.  I told her I'd love a prostate massage, I wanted to use the Aneros and maybe a dildo. She wanted to help me/be with me.  Lights were low, MGX was inserted. Dear god, the first few involuntary movements pierced through my whole body.  In a minute, prostate juice was rolling onto my torso.  We never touched my cock.  However, I was so unbelievably horny that I got rock hard in a second, and the prostate play always makes me soft.  I'm NEVER hard like this!  Made it extra good and extra horny and excited, the feelings were x10 or x20 from what they normally are. She would pull the mgx in and out slowly, I can't describe the pleasure in my anus, it was so amazing.  I wanted more.  I got soft once the P waves started to take over. I needed to feel the glass g-spot dildo, my favorite for milking my P. 

    I started to use it on myself, and after 4 slides across my prostate, it felt like orgasm was coming. A lot of cum oozed out of me, I was very flaccid.  She used it, she figured out where my prostate is  and used the g-spot bend to its full advantage. Man was I ever close to orgasm.  But the sheer ecstasy, the pleasure and warmth, the vibe, it was so sexy and hot!  My ass never felt so accepting before, my prostate was not worn out or tired, it was begging for stimulation. We were playing for maybe 20 minutes at this point.  We traded the toy back and forth about 4 times, and she was dancing it just before my prostate, I needed it deeper and told her. When she finally slid it back and forth across it, more cum came out.  Then, I felt like I needed to give it a few more slides and got the dildo back in my hand.

    I pushed it in and out, sliding it across my prostate so perfectly, just 4 or 5 times.  From that, I brought myself to my very first super O.  I knew it was happening, but I couldn't focus on the thought that I couldn't believe it.  It was new and different, but something subconscious in me said to me "you knew it would feel like this all along, you knew it would happen like this" and it was like the universe was open to me.  I could see, but my mind's eye made it look like we were in an orgy of light, color, sound and feelings, it seemed like my wife was writhing violently and playfully in the throes of sex, but she wasn't moving.  Guys, I'm sorry, I can hardly explain this feeling!!!!  It lasted an unknown time, I kept the dildo inside and it was probably moving a little on its own as my prostate spasms continued.  Maybe it was 15-20 seconds, can't tell, I'll never know. When it was over, I felt pure bliss, I felt like my whole body came, every cell exploded with love and delight. 

    It was strong yet subtle, relaxed yet violently charged. The cum was all over me, not sure when it came out, but I never got hard and we never touched my cock the entire time.  I used the toy a few more times and had 2 more dry Os but they were real ones, stronger than any others I'd had before.  I think I know how to make myself cum now from prostate play alone!!!  Oh, so after that, she gave me head for a few seconds, it dropped the tension, I was done and spent.  She wanted sex, she wanted to finally cum from me in her, so she gave me head, got me hard, and we did it. But after she came several times in a minute (she cums a million times, every time) I said I wanted to wait to cum like we planned, and she actually started right after I decided to wait.  Now I've got more days of agony and waiting for traditional penile orgasm, but more days to play with the aneros.

    I'm going to try the Aneros again, but alone.  I think I'm finally "rewired" and know what the pleasure actually is.  I know what my prostate can do, is capable of, and how to get there.  I know I can get there again!!!!!

    Thanks guys for the tips over the years and for being so open on this forum.  Reading everyone's posts has given me some hot ideas and kept my mind in the game, I knew I should keep trying, so thanks for the encouragement!!!  And, thanks for reading this long story, but I had to get it out :)
  • vandelayvandelay
    Posts: 17
    Nice, dude, nice. :)
  • ineverknewineverknew
    Posts: 1,210
    congratulations!!!   :-bd
  • techpumptechpump
    Posts: 248
    thanks bros! I appreciate it

    I'm thinking of finally getting a different aneros model, maybe the Eupho or something.  I feel like the prograsm is too big (but maybe I haven't given it a chance) and I might need a longer than MGX model.  I might get some new sensations with something new I should try
  • BunkBunk
    Posts: 171
    Inspiring post. Maybe the 'giving up' part relaxed your attitude to the aneros which in turn helped you reach your super-O. Congrat's anyway man.
  • techpumptechpump
    Posts: 248
    i think ur right man!

    just getting caught up in the ecstasy of it all I think pushed me over the edge. when I'm alone its pleasurable but not like when my wife was with me.  Tonight I was alone and the aneros got me a serious almost super O, more than a few dry hard Os, but much more than I usually experience!  I'm getting into a new groove I think :)
  • TreiTrei
    Posts: 246
    (*) (*) (*)
  • hakuna1hakuna1
    Posts: 27
    I´m so happy for you! 
    I read your post about beeing frustrated and it´s really pleasant to hear you finally made it! 
    Congratulations! :)
  • techpumptechpump
    Posts: 248
    thanks hakuna1 and everyone!  I am so relieved to have experienced it, even if it was a once in a lifetime event, I will forever cherish it.  More so, it happened with my wife there and her support and assistance was priceless and special.  What a journey we all embark on with this phenomenon, it is a truly a marvel of humanity
  • techpump
    Needless to say you are lucky and blessed to have your wonderful wife.

    I agree totally that aneros is not the only path to anal pleasure. I attribute previous dildo play and doing Kegels to my rapid rewiring.
  • awired50awired50
    Posts: 173
    Congrats techpump. My best sessions are with my wife as well.:)
  • techpumptechpump
    Posts: 248
    glad to see that your ladies are into helping and sharing the pleasure with you guys too!