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Dry Orgasm During Masturbation
  • After 6 months of rewiring my anero-less sessions have become more consistent. I become relaxed and experience p waves much quicker than before as well as having more dry orgasms. These anero-less sessions have started to enhance my regular masturbation in a similar way. If I perform kegels while pumping away, the pleasure will build and build into prostate orgasm while simultaneously stroking my penis! At first I could only have one dry orgasm before feeling the point of no return approaching, but today I dry orgasmed twice before a wet orgasm.

    Just wondering if anyone else has experienced the same...
  • brinebrine
    Posts: 311
    Fantastic, beef.

    I have the same thing happen to me a lot - a Super Traditional Orgasm - prostate orgasms along with traditional orgasms. Nice combination, isn't it!?

  • I can have prostate pleasure, if not perhaps exactly orgasms, almost at will anytime. My sessions consist of lots of prostate orgasms (I am using only Peridse anymore, having given all my other models away) and i usually end with traditional masturbation (which most admit have much more powerful endings than our experience before we started Aneros) and the prostate orgasms are more intense during masturbation, and continue after emision. I wouldn't recommend this to beginners since it is necessary to get rewired to prostate pleasure by separating it from our first learned penile masturbation pleasure.
  • awired50awired50
    Posts: 169
    It is a wonderful feeling !
    They continue after the wet orgasm as well.
     as well. See my blog post.

    Possibly the best handjob of my life

  • LinumLinum
    Posts: 227
    I am the same as awired50 - not only can I get multiple dry orgasms before I have a traditional wet orgasm, but also afterwards - where they are a regularly repeating, but diminishing set of dry orgasms/mini-orgasms/p-waves - may be 8 to 10 in a row.

    I find that my PC muscles (and other muscles) now contract involuntarily, and frequently, and so there is no need for me to actively initiate kegels in order to get a dry orgasm.  One dry orgasm will frequently generate the next and so on.

    This is part of the technique for achieving dry orgasms described my Mantak Chia in his book "The Multi-Orgasmic Man".

    I find that getting dry orgasms via different techniques, aids progress in the other techniques, and visa versa.
  • @beefstroganoff - Do you kegel regularly as well, to strengthen your pelvic floor muscles? I haven't in a while but when I did a while back I noticed I was able to hold the wet in longer which obviously lead to a longer nicer TO.

    As I normally end my sessions wet, the TO"s are very nice, but then I think to myself if I was that much stronger and trained down there I'd be able to hold em longer and or not go wet at all, prolonging the whole thing!
  • @HopefulMMoer

    I generally don't practice kegels on their own. After initiating my aneroless session with a bit of relaxation, I begin to feel pleasure spreading along my spine, upper/lower back and pelvic region. This is when I notice or allow my pelvic floor muscles to start contracting and relaxing; which brings about greater pleasure and maybe dry orgasm.

    An aneroless session always precedes either my regular aneros sessions as well as more traditional masturbation. I used to end all aneros sessions with a wet orgasm, but now I have three or four aneros sessions before ejaculation (Usually spread out between a few days). I believe spreading out my ejaculations has fostered this new ability in me, but by no means by itself. I am finding that each session builds upon the previous, and I can only guess that more time and practice with the aneros will enhance dry orgasms during traditional masturbation for the both of us!
  • euphemisticeuphemistic
    Posts: 961
    I recognize what has been said here. it's been my experience too. I have the best dry orgasms while edging and even milk some cum out without ejaculating. I don't think I could do this before I was rewired. Linum, I'm hopeful that this will advance my journey too. It's taken some strange turns so far!
  • @beefstroganoff - Yeah, I believe that's how I more or less discovered to simply reverse kegel, which has led to a lot of success for me... Early in my posts you can see my struggling to crack that code so to speak, where going from King to RKing was confusing at first.

    And yeah, I'd never argue that not going wet won't help, but at least in my case I really think it's true... There are still many variables and I should continue to trouble shoot, but as it is now I'm thinking that when I don't go wet the previous night my next session isn't as successful. Like today I haven't done anything O related, and if my next session is tomorrow night it may not be as successful if I went almost two days without wet. Counterintuitive it seems!
  • @HopefulMMOer

    I made fantastic progress when I used to have a wet O after each session. I don't believe it is completely necessary to periodically abstain from wet orgasms to become fully rewired (Some on the forum make it out to be this way it seems). Although, it may speed up the process. Personally, I didn't notice a difference in the speed of my rewiring when I decided to spread out my ejaculations. Definitely an increase of overall pleasure, but as far as experiencing quicker and easier dry orgasms the pace of my rewiring has stayed the same. But everyone must figure whether this holds true for themselves, don't take my word for it.

    I believe the more important factor to be the mindset, attitudes, and perceptions a person holds regarding the aneros experience rather than the specifics of each session. A healthy attitude should allow each person to find out what specifics work for them.

    Just some thoughts....
  • BigGlansDCBigGlansDC
    Posts: 915
    I wish to thank the Aneros and you guys on the Forum for helping me get back to masturbation again. My prostate became rewired some months ago. It was the Tempo that enabled me to have Aneros sessions on my higher level.

    Tonight I allowed my reawakened and re-energized prostate to work harmoniously with my penis which I was jacking. Waves of pleasure from my prostate were enveloping my penis during masturbation. Finally I achieved an orgasm and ejaculation of semen tonight that was very sweet. It also seemed that my pulsating prostate seduced my penis during this event and it seemed the sweetness of my cumming lasted longer than usual. However, my Aless continues unabated as I prepare myself for bed tonight.

    Take care,

  • HopefulMMOerHopefulMMOer
    Posts: 451
    @beefstroganoff - Yep, and if that works for the guys who push that, (not going wet) then obviously go with it... But from them to the wiki's I really got stuck up on that, neurotic as I'm want to do. But interesting stuff though, what you described about your wet and dry periods and your rewiring. Though I'm stalled out for the moment A wise, I read further into it... Or not, which would probably be best!
  • BigGlansDCBigGlansDC
    Posts: 915
    Hi guys,

    I forgot that May is National Masturbation month until I saw an article on the Huffington Post a few days ago. A few minutes ago, I had a fresh insight on masturbation as practiced by many males, especially by adolescents. Like many boys, I was thrilled beyond measure when I discovered masturbation in my early teens. Unfortunately both my parents and my doctor were Victorian prudes on masturbation. Many boys, like me, learned to masturbate in quickie fashion so as to escape notice from prying parents.

    However, quite a few guys learn to savor their masturbation sessions through edging, i.e. masturbating right up to the point of ejaculating yet holding off. It's like surfing the waves of ejaculatory inevitability for as long as possible and then having an awesome orgasm with a huge ejaculations of semen with lots of pleasure! That is delayed gratification at its best. Now, Aneros sessions can enhance one's masturbation experience immeasurably by teaching the experience of dry orgasms, or DO's as @HopefulMMOer calls them, on the way to the summit of TO's and certainly Super-O's.