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Loosening Everything with a Large Butt Plug Ahead of Time
  • KatiesF25KatiesF25
    Posts: 37
    has anyone tried loosening everything with a large butt plug Ahead of time  seems like it might be a good way to add some extra movement of the aneros during a session
  • I wouldn't necessarily see it as a success factor for everyone, i have previously and it does change the sensations a little bit. But sometimes you need the slightest touch for pleasurable sensations and not a lot of movement
  • I use a large butt plug a lot, gets me more open and relaxed. I like walking with a small plug too. A 3 or 5 mile walk have many mini O's. My cock is dripping wildly by the time we get home. I don't wear my best underwear because my plug leaks somedays too. I'm usually ready for a good pegging after a shower

  • KatiesF25KatiesF25
    Posts: 37
    wow does that walking with a plug in thing really work like that?    sounds prettyamazing.        the loosening seems to be helping me during sessions
    helps me getting readty
  • tairytairy
    Posts: 51
    I've been using a buttplug more and more before sessions lately. I've worked my way up to a pretty decently large one that takes about 15 minutes of warming up to get in all the way comfortably. After it's in, I leave it for a few minutes and then begin removing and reinserting it to really limber things up. After about 30-45 minutes I transition to whichever model I feel like, sometimes it's a large one like the Progasm and sometimes I opt for something smaller like the Helix or the Eupho, just depends. It's like a running start for the great sensations, being limbered up.