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Universal successes and failures in the field...
  • So I know we have the wiki, and many many pages of threads and posts on this topic, a couple of recent posts and light dust ups \ disagreements got me thinking... And that's why you were smelling burning wood!

    As we all know all too well, what works for one won't work for another, or the absolute opposite. I see why some would want to know how others gain success, but anticipate others mentioning the obvious fact that you still have to try and experiment \ troubleshoot \ learn for yourself.

    However this all got me curious about various aspects of what works and doesn't... Meaning, what has become a staple of your routine because of it's success? And or what just doesn't work for you, even if you had to bribe your prostate with bread and circuses?

    Also, we know what generally universally works, but how about what doesn't. Again, I'm well aware we're all different, but I have to make an ass of you and me (assume) and say, I cannot imagine that riding while at your grandmothers funeral as you're giving the eulogy in front of a hundred people in church while you're half crocked b\c of your sadness will yield a successful session. So to say, I'm curious to see if there's any kind of consensus on what doesn't work.

    (However if that is a scenario where you actually did have a good ride, I'll say a prayer as I'm not sure if that's a blessing or curse:)
  • ClenchyClenchy
    Posts: 224
    Things that guarantee me a dud session: Watching porn during the session, walking around, sitting in front of the computer, or having something that annoyed or worried me that I can't stop thinking about.

    I don't do meditation (for its own sake), and for a long time I thought it was silly hippy stuff, but to feel what I want to feel, I have to remove distractions and turn every bit of my focus inwards. I think I have (unwittingly) been meditating for a few years now. ;))
  • BunkBunk
    Posts: 171
    Can honestly say I've not yet had a dud session, that said I have to hold light contractions otherwise I could be covered in cobwebs before I got any action going. But I know that when the involuntaries kick in, which is pretty much straight away, there will be a point when the pulsing subsides and turns into a slight buzz, whereby I wait for the very moment the pulsing starts again, right at that point I hit it with some nipple action. This amplifies the arousal like a turbo charger kicking in. Repeat this a few times and I'm licking the window..!
  • BigGlansDCBigGlansDC
    Posts: 915
    Hi @HopefulMMOer,

    I am glad you have raised these issues on "universal successes and failures in the field ..." of Aneros sessions.

    It is well known among many Anerosers that a session failure is due to fatigue after a long day, or illness, or preoccupations which takes us from interacting with the Aneros in a productive way.

    But I believe that success with the Aneros is a very personal experience since we all have different Aneros journeys. Certainly the achievement of the very first Super-O is a laudable goal for all to reach but experienced Anerosers realize that the Aneros journey is far beyond that event transcending Super-O's and MMO's. Guys fall in love with the Aneros in its various models. Many will continue Anerosing far into the future.

    Ingredients for a successful Aneros session for me are a Aneros focus, a Aneros horniness, a hunger and expectation that my body and I have for the Aneros and its various models, knowing that I will have Aneros fun and pleasure. I thank my lucky stars that at age 62, that I discovered the Aneros and what it could do for me in terms of promotion of good health and knowledge of my body and even my psyche. When I purchased Tempo last November, that was when my sessions really took off in terms of intense fun and pleasure, and in self-knowledge and body knowledge. ;) I haven't achieved that very first Super-O yet, but oh, I am so close to it these days. Interestingly for many months, I have experienced a delayed reaction after a session ends. This delayed is an Aneros afterglow which continues for hours. Now this Aneros afterglow has been subsumed in Aless sessions which I can induce at any hour of the day and in all sorts of places if I chose. Just thinking about Aneros and my body's hunger for my various models or tool is enough to trigger in me an Aless session, and quite often an Aneros trance ;) Very often I use a leisurely Aless session for the real thing of the Aneros autof**k! ;)

    Also I have the inspiration of guys such as you on the forum and in chat to help me along.

    Non-starters for me for a session again are fatigue, ill-health, and some important business that will take me away from a session. If I feel pain or fatigue in a session, or if it becomes boring. I bring the session to end.

  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,492

    May I suggest you refer back to the threads Identifying Obstacles to Progress and Identifying Facilitators to Progress.
    image Good Vibes to You ! image
  • @Clenchy - And there you go! I haven't had a pornless session in a while but find that it definitely horns me up a good bit, so a clear demonstration of how we're all different! And I know what you mean about meditating, as I'm trying to learn at yoga classes and hope it can help aneros wise.

    @BigGlansDC - You're definitely more zen then I, but then again the Tasmanian Devil has more inward calm and collection than I do! Meaning, I'm pissed I found all this out at 31 instead of 21! And again, I have yet to have any delays really or long last feelings after a ride. But yes, inspiration is a big part of this journey and God knows we can all use it!

    @rumel - You know, as I was pressing submit those threads popped into my head. Obviously this comes off as redundancy, but my goal is to get some sort of general consensus from the field (a poll would have probably worked, but maybe this can lead to that) for mainly what doesn't work to save time. Now yes, again, we're all different, but take my funeral example... Insane but universal I would imagine.

    Now real life \ time examples could be say, porn. But as y'all can see, porn generally helps me where Clenchy not so much. Maybe I'm just tilting at windmills here and this is simply something that can't be aggregated.