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If my Guy Wanted POA, It Was His...
  • I would have given it power of attorney. My guy. My helix. And I don't just mean financial POA but medical POA... Life saving measures, when to pull the plug, stuff like that. My helix would have had that. My social security number? Please. Every computer password? Done. My ATM pin? Not even a split second.

    If my helix, taken over by a conscious mind all Star Trek like... If it had become sentient and demanded all that information and more, I would probably be married to it by now too... Should it, you know, want that.

    See, when you're at the mercy of something, you tend to be very compliant. Picture me a mob informant getting worked over for turning states evidence. Instead of being tied and beaten by a couple of dago's (It's cool, I'm Italian, I can say that) with crooked noses and cauliflower ears, my knee caps long since dislocated, my nose streaming blood, I was being worked over in a different way.

    Instead of bloody I was soaking wet with sweat, instead of tied to a chair I was flopping all over my bed, and instead of blood picture lots of precum streaming from... Well, not from my nose. Although my facial expression was probably the same; eyes closed tight, teeth bared, grimacing in that way I suppose I do when at said mercy. That was me about an hour ago.

    Ironically my guy and I haven't hung out in a while. I'm thinking almost a month to be honest. I was busy aneros wise refereeing my prostate and dick, with sexy results. Aless was the name of my game and while we all played footsy around the bed, my guy was collecting dust in his secure location. (Beyond a healthy understanding of germs and hygiene OCD also has it's benefits paranoia wise, and you'll find the moon landing sound stage sooner than my aneros and his related buddies)

    And while the germ versions of those whops mentioned above (don't forget, I'm part that!) worked over my immune system for almost two weeks now with a head and chest cold, I haven't had a successful ride in about two weeks let alone any interest for over ten days.

    Suffice it to say it'd been a while. Last night though? Thoughts of hanging out with family and friends, watching a good movie, finishing some work or a project, a good book, long bath, chick hunting N such (a side note, I'm a MUCH better bowler than chick hunter, and take it from me I got one turkey in my life and barely ever cracked 100, so take that analogy for what it's worth)... Those thoughts haven't vanished from my Friday night doings, but shocked would I be this time last year when instead of those things I would also be playing with my asshole.

    Live and learn I guess.

    So last night I tried Aless and brought out my guy to meh results. Worried was I that I had indeed forgotten how to ride that damned bike! Follow up with a quick Aless today and again, POW, right in the kisser. Nothing. Yet still not wanting to do much of anything today as I continue to mend, I brought out my guy.

    Slow but sure, I could have kissed that turtle right on his lips for taking his time and not rushing across the finish line. Light tingles, P waves, orgasmic energy hovering around, and then, one sustained after the other, came DO's and SO's. I'm not sure if I was having AO's but it felt like orgasmic energy was going back and fourth between my dick and the area around the helix.

    I was shaking, sweating, biting down hard, literally pounding my bed as I didn't know how to react. At one point I was like that Ring chick, and just as frothy at the mouth (I won't lie, I'm a puss, I don't like those movies so I'm just guessing) I was moving around on my back as I thrusted my hips into the air banging the air.

    Finally I laid on my pillow, locked eyes with my avatar, and finished with a nicely wonderful wet TO that I didn't have to coax out at all... It was the first time that my dick just had to cum to get it over with as opposed to me doing it consciously.

    And so, my bookend to this post. I would have given him access to anything, as he maddeningly toyed with my body like so much putty.
  • Theme_GasmTheme_Gasm
    Posts: 805
    He likes it...Hey Mikey!

  • That is an understatement that continues to shock me!:}
  • Oh and this... Rode again last night with the helix, and not to my surprise it was less successful then the night previous, but still nice. Then later on, as I couldn't sleep, I figured on trying Aless as it'd been a while.

    DO after SO after AO... At one point the SO would slowly build and I was going back and fourth between reverse kegeling and contracting, my body was trembling considerably and more orgasmic energy came from those motions as well. It was all centered around my dick and rectum, and it was all I could do not to jerk off at the beginning...

    Just literally bursting, teaming, throbbing with orgasmic energy. This continues to astonish.
  • BigGlansDCBigGlansDC
    Posts: 915
    Hi @HopefulMMOer,

    Do you know you are one hot stud, all because of Helix Classic??? ;) :D :D

    I too have fallen in love with Helix Classic when I began using it in mid February regularly in my sessions. I actually purchased my Helix Classic in late December 2011. But it sat unused until I used it for the first time in November 2012. It worked me over in very aggressive action which bordered on the painful. Then I didn't use it for over a year until mid Februrary 2012. By then, I had discovered finally the position of lying on my right side with my right leg pointed straight down and my left leg hooked nearly to my "do-nothing technique" and enables me to accommodate all my Aneros models, from the small to the large in comfortable, yet sweet ways.

    About your Aless session, you wrote:

    "DO after SO after AO... At one point the SO would slowly build and I was going back and fourth between reverse kegeling and contracting, my body was trembling considerably and more orgasmic energy came from those motions as well. It was all centered around my dick and rectum, and it was all I could do not to jerk off at the beginning... "

    Let me see, does "DO after SO and AO" equal "Dick Orgasm after Super-O and Anal Orgasm"??? Just wondering. ;)

    Sounds amazing, you are making astonishing progress! And what you have just described above sounds like the Aneros Tug-of-War technique.

    And further, you wrote,

    "Just literally bursting, teaming, throbbing with orgasmic energy. This continues to astonish."

    You are amazing. You're a real inspiration to Anerosers like me!

    Thom./BigGlansDC, still riding his Tempo in absolute bliss this morning!

  • @BigGlansDC - Haha, of the many things I've been called, seldom was the time hot and stud were used, but thanks anyway!:}

    So yeah, like you I had the helix collecting dust for a good bit before I really began... I wonder if more users were \ are like that? Now when you were having trouble at first what was the position you were using? And your hook method sounds interesting.

    And you're right about all my acronyms except the DO, which was a dry orgasm, but you're also right, because it centered around my dick. But thank you and let me tell you, I'm still astonished every time. Like I PMed you but I'll let y'all know as well, I've had a few duds this week since that great session. However I never walk away not having felt anything nice, whether it's contractions, tingling, light orgasmic energy, etc. And that's obviously a testament to what our bodies can do and how they've been trained.

    And it sounds like you have great sessions in the morning, where that's where my duds have occurred the most.
  • Okay so, after last week started off great, then followed by duds, I got back on that beautiful bitch and had a very nice Aless session tonight... Nothing like the tops but much better than a dud. However I think I may be on to something and am curious about y'all's thoughts...

    My question centers around contracting at the right time. Two things I noticed... As I'm on my side reverse kegeling a bit, while relaxing, I noticed that if I pull in \ contract \ kegel, things rev up a bit more. Does this make sense and or, can anyone relate?

    And from there, I think I may be onto being able to induce FBO's as at one point, things were percolating nicely down there, and I kinda just trembled a bit while contracting \ kegeling and a wash of orgasmic energy came over me and my body. It was quick, I've had em before so I recognized it as an FBO, but am really curious if I can intentionally repeat the feeling again next ride.
  • PommiePommie
    Posts: 1,008

    'scuse my ignorance but what is an FBO?
  • CanacanCanacan
    Posts: 750
    Pommie said:


    'scuse my ignorance but what is an FBO?

    F.B.O. => Full Body Orgasm.

    (Or is it some federal bureau ? Lol)

    Yeah so many acronyms in this community ! And it is not even sure each one of us relates to the same phenomenons with them. But, hey, what can we do ?
  • ineverknewineverknew
    Posts: 1,210
    Federal Bureau of Orgasms  :-)).  Im sure our government would tax sex if they could, in fact I'm sure they have something in the works right now! 
  • @Pommie - Yep, @Canacan got it, and @ineverknew echoed my feeling toward our effective \ efficient government and what they'd tax should they get the chance... And would DEFINITELY put the money to good use and all.
  • Also... I'm beginning to figure things out, maybe. With so many techniques, issues, opinions, etc, it can be tough for a newbie on up. However, now that I'm getting better at all this, I'm beginning to troubleshoot things better... As I now know what to troubleshoot.

    I have this orgasmic energy, and at times, don't know what to do with it. Sometimes I can get it to a SO or DO, others I get Pwaves to lead to quick FBO's. And because nothing is consistent obviously I have as many duds, if not more, than successes. (As I said though, even the duds still feel better than anything I could imagine a year ago, let alone the fact I hope it contributes to rewiring)

    Now, I'm beginning to experiment with the OE in my rectum \ ass \ buttocks. I'm reverse kegeling a little bit, to a medium bit, feeling the OE build up and tingle around and through my buttocks. Sometimes it feels like waves going through my lower body, sometimes it circles and seems stationary. So now I know there are to distinct OE patterns to play with, and there may one day or already have been other patterns, but these two are more common.

    From there, I just need to answer these questions... How long do I hold the pattern? Do I increase my RK or lighten it? When I do I pull up, as in contract? When I do contract, how long do I hold it? Do I go back and fourth between RKing and contracting quickly or slowly? Do I try to get the auto bang going? Do I use the snapshot feature of my asshole, you know, like when the shutter takes a picture on a camera? Etc.

    I had a quick hour today in the early morning. Laid on my side and let the OE build. It was the stationary pattern... As I trembled here and there, I pulled up at one point and bam, quick, but great and consistent FBO's.

    So is this just a matter of trying to experiment with those questions above to get the key? To me, the key is being able to decide what I want to do with the OE, whether FBO's, SO's, and or the rest of the alphabet soup!
  • BigGlansDCBigGlansDC
    Posts: 915
    Hi @HopefulMMOer,

    Every posting of yours I read these days indicates to me that you are making tremendous progress in your sessions. In fact, I think you are becoming an Aneros virtuoso, or at least one in training! :D

    Once again the thought comes into my mind: HopefulMMOer, do you know that you are one hot stud? ;) :D
    You are a real inspiration to me.

    But I have a suggestion for you. Try the Do-Nothing-Technique, and see what happens with your Helix Classic. You might be surprised. You may experience a Super-O out of the blue that it is out of the world!

    Federal Bureau of Orgasms  :-)).  Im sure our government would tax sex if they could, in fact I'm sure they have something in the works right now! 

    @ineverknew in his statement above alludes to my feeling about taxes which in the last couple years have become so frustrating to me. This year they have distracted me from having any sessions since last week, and Tax Day is fast coming upon us here in the USA! :(
  • @BigGlansDC - I continually appreciate your compliments and encouragement... It amazes me that I'm an inspiration in regards to this, as I've beaten the hell out of this subject, so to speak, as much as anyone around these parts. However, I'm reluctant to say it's all luck, as we know that there are those that BAM, are shaking and a shufflin with their eyes in the back of their heads their first ride or two. Then the rest of us, who have to work like hell!

    And yeah BGD, aside from those that are SUPER Republican and SUPER Democrat, the partisans around your parts, the rest of us generally don't like to get bent over... Non aneros speaking I mean:} Yes, taxes are necessary for a basic safety net and a military, infrastructure, services, etc.

    But doesn't unemployment stop being just that and become welfare when you're on it for years? Does Social Security Disability really have to be exploited the way it is, on top of the hundreds of other entitlements, programs, bureaucracies, etc that are stolen from, robbed from, abused everyday? At the same time, why does a hammer or toilet seat cost 75 dollars? And why did GE pay NOTHING in taxes a few years back? (If not last year?)

    The point is, you don't have to be a liberal or conservative to not want to see your tax dollars wasted. And there will never, ever, should we last another two hundred + years, be a party or president that won't do that to some extent. The way the right lionizes Reagan and the left worships Obama, you would think they walk on water. So since it's human nature to be fallible, imperfect, sinners, hows about we give just a wee bit less power to a government hell bent on abusing it?

    Soap box deactivate!!!
  • Theme_GasmTheme_Gasm
    Posts: 805
    So HopefulMMOer ... Now that you've gotten that off your's it feel? Trying help us stay focused here! I'm here, in some small way, to avoid the pain of politics...on all sides! Although I'm just as passionate! Let's all get back to the Aneros-Zone...LOL! Ahhh...that's where my Eupho belongs! Officially in the zone!

  • @Theme_Gasm - No man I hear you, I took BGD's issue and hopeful-ized but yes, the central and vital point here is the A and the absolute astonishing wonder it brings... And since you asked, I shall comply with something new I discovered...

    It takes some doings, BUT, if you have an office chair, a plush stool, and a two step ladder, follow my directions!

    My attempt at being clever notwithstanding, let me explain... You know, let me stop here and do it in the other thread I started about laying on your front... TG \ boys, it shows promise!
  • BigGlansDCBigGlansDC
    Posts: 915
    Hi @Theme_Gasm,

    I suspect that @HopefulMMOer and I may live fairly close to each other. I live currently a quiet, retired life here in Georgetown in the District of Columbia, and so I live fairly close to the epicenter to the cauldron of controversy that is located on Capitol Hill.

    Hence @HopefulMMOer's passionate remarks on politics resonate with me. In my working years, I worked as a library technician at a renown university library in my neighborhood which fortunately insulated me from the rancor of politics for which this city is famous or infamous, whichever you take. Not anymore in my retirement. :(

    However, my Aneros sessions and Aless ones (even 24/7) provide me with the centering and grounding to deal with the craziness of our times.


  • @BigGlansDC - "However, my Aneros sessions and Aless ones (even 24/7)"

    Umm, now whose being encouraging? How's about you emailing over an hour or two! That's great BGD, hope to relate soon!
  • BigGlansDCBigGlansDC
    Posts: 915
    I certainly will send you a PM shortly about my "ongoing, continuous" Aless sessions. It concerns what several of us discovered together in Aneros Chat late this afternoon.

  • Theme_GasmTheme_Gasm
    Posts: 805
    I feel for both of you living that close to's bad enough for me living in, happy riding and let's the P-Waves take you away!

  • BigGlansDCBigGlansDC
    Posts: 915

    I feel for both of you living that close to's bad enough for me living in, happy riding and let's the P-Waves take you away!


    Hi TG, Such powerful words. Wish that the P-Waves arising from my Aneros sessions take me far away indeed.

  • BadgerBadger
    Posts: 777
    Speaking of Washington, my wife and I were honored with the pleasure of visiting our Nation's Capitol a few weeks ago to personally lobby our Congressmen on policies that affect our business. It was a fascinating visit: I saw a clandestine handoff/signal between two men in a gov't building, toured the Capitol Building and learned that there's always been pork in Washington (throughout a great portion of the 19th Century, there was a pig farm across from the Capitol Building), and we even got to see a rat (no, not a politician or lobbyist, but a real live rat, skulking along a wall downtown after dark)!

    It's certainly a fun place to visit, but I wouldn't want to live there - too expensive, too crowded, too restrictive; a farmer can't take his ubiquitous pocketknife anywhere.
  • BigGlansDCBigGlansDC
    Posts: 915
    Hi @Badger,

    You chose to visit our nation's capital at a good time, albeit during an unusually cold, wintry March.

    Speaking of odors in the summertime, during Abraham Lincoln's years as President, there were stockyards south of the White House. They stank to high heaven during the long hot summers. Lincoln and his family had a summer cottage at the Old Soldiers' Home on the north side of the city.

    The city is infested with rats. You can even see them scurrying about in broad daylight.

    What you described in your last sentence has become especially so in the last ten years. I truly hope to move away to a less expensive area of our country soon.