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Mind or muscle interference! It makes all the difference....
  • braveneworldbraveneworld
    Posts: 1,101
    Well I had a new experience this morning which I am a bit confused about but its taught me where I have to be to get to bliss. Even though I am not exactly sure how I got there!

    Two days ago I received a Progasm Jr from a friend I met through this website. He had bought this model and it did nothing for him and very graciously sent it to me because I wanted one and could not afford one. (Some might think yuck but if the unit is sterilised properly there is no problem at all) It is in my mind brand new. Thankyou friend, what a gift!

    I tried my new Progasm Jr out and being a reasonably experienced Aneroser who loves Progasm Ice and Vice, what can I say but WOW what a awesome little device. It was very very mobile indeed!

    I could not get enough and the session went on from about 10:30pm to 4:30am. I fell asleep with it for about 1.5 hours.

    Now for the last six months or so I have not been having enemas before a session. I have just been going with the natural flow and using aneros if I am definitely empty. Why? Because constant enemas was playing up with my gut.

    I was excited to try my new device and so forced a enema upon my body because I was not empty when I wanted to be.

    Anyway My session started and 1/2 hour in I felt a snag hit the aneros but I still kept going. 
    After my session at about 2:20am when I woke to a burning sensation  I removed the Pro Jr and then the evidence was brutal.  wont go into detail but much cleaning was needed and I was sore.
    My body was in some sort of shock and spasming afterwards and a anerosless session followed which was scary and painful.
    It included chest pain! I truly thought I was having a heart attach but obviously it was not thankfully

    The next night I gave it a rest due to being so tired but had a bad sleep anyway as I woke at 2:30 again with Massive pain in my gut.
    The pain was so great that I thought maybe I had twisted my bowl somehow but it slowly passed by way of the toilet.

    The thing is with that pain there was this buzzing static feeling in my prostate area.
    It stayed with me 24/7 until this morning (another 24 hours)!
    I woke early at 5am to my body having anerosless feeling big time.
    I decided to put the Maximus in because I find it soothing and relaxing even though I was itching to put the progasm Jr back in for another go.
    I was a little tired and just wanted sleep but could not because of the anerosless session happening. The before mentioned buzzing feeling was still there but when I put the maximus in It became amplified. It is hard to describe, it is like noise around the nerve endings in the anus.
    I had a number of orgasms but I was on edge and not really enjoying the orgasms.Strange thing to say I know but thats the way it was.

    This came to a point just after a orgasm sometime in to the session that The Aneros stopped and my anus went ridged as if my anus was full and the aneros was being pushed out.
    I panicked a little as it felt like I was pushing out as if I was on the toilet. So I hurriedly removed the maximus to rush to the toilet but after I did remove it the feeling was gone. I felt empty again.
    So I put the maximus back in and as It went in it Sapped into place as it does when you are empty.

    What happened next was weird the buzzing was there but the Aneros started to move and as it did the buzzing dissolved! By the first orgasm within 2 minutes there was a distinct difference in feeling, the nerve ending where clear and the true pleasure and rexaxing soothing feelings where there once again. Its now 8:30 am and my groin is still blissfully washing through p_waves and orgasms over and over.

    I dont fully understand what this buzzing was I have had problems with sessions before and the buzzing static feeling has been there but very mildly but the thing that is most astounding is the way my body just dissolved it.

    I am not sure what exactly caused it, I dont think it was the pro jr. I suspect it was trauma to my bowl a little from the session.
    Maybe i went through a rewireing hard spot as this session has had new developments too.
    I have only ever been able to enjoy aneros by laying on my left side. I had the urge and orgasmed many times while on my stomach this morning and If I lay on my back it usually kills the session but this morning It is wonderful on my back while typing with the pwave pulsing through me. 

    I not sure if I really believe in tantra type ideas but the buzzing felt like energy out of control, not flowing correctly, I dont know? I am not as sceptical any more, maybe there is something to it after all. Thats the thing with this aneros journey it opens your mind, slowly but surly, it brings you out of the dark and opens your mind to all kinds of new pleasures and ideas.

    Its a long road but I would have to say one of the most interesting and addictive journeys I have ever been on in my life. 

  • xtimedt69xtimedt69
    Posts: 700
    @braveneworld sounds terrible and crazy .... your friend trying to kill you?  :)
  • braveneworldbraveneworld
    Posts: 1,101
    @xtimedt69 Yes well he would electrocute me too if he had the chance. LOL
  • euphemisticeuphemistic
    Posts: 961
    Wow, sounds extreme. Do you have any pain underlying the pleasure, like when you're not riding? If you did injure yourself, better take some time to heal. I've learned to accept the energy flow but don't know much about it and have not had an experience like yours. keep us informed.
  • Alex_xxxAlex_xxx
    Posts: 575
    Sounds like someone won the lottery! :) Xtimed69!!!

    I`ve had the same buzz and proceeding movement by itself. Coupled with HFO`s and anal orgasms.. pretty nice :)
  • braveneworldbraveneworld
    Posts: 1,101
    @euphemistic No no pain really I am a little tender on the prostate coz of too much use but not enough to make a session uncomfortable if you know what I mean. In saying that I am waiting a while before trying the Pro Jr again or using the Pro Ice god forbid!

    The energy type feeling was there with whenever I used my pelvic floor muscles at all. Doing number 1 or 2 or passing wind even just working the muscles , but after Maximus  soothed it out it just gone and it is relaxed. Its really chork and cheese different!
    I dont know if it is a mind or a muscle noise! It could be muscle memmory confusion which lets face it has to do with the mind anways! This practice is so ambiguous I almost always dont know whats really going on!

    I mean for one thing Why do we get so addicted? to it why do we get so ass hungry for it?
    It must be a endorfine drug type reaction/ addiction.
  • braveneworldbraveneworld
    Posts: 1,101
    I retract my previous answer yes there is pain! When I have a BM or when my prostate tries to play  with its self which it does constantly :(
    Think maybe it is time for a weeks rest. How the hell will i get through that! LOL!
  • AneRicoAneRico
    Posts: 308
    Deleted by author
  • braveneworldbraveneworld
    Posts: 1,101
    I suspect the answer has come to light. I have some sort of virus.
    It causes lots of bowl pain with just even the slightest hint of wind, or BM, food goes straight through.
    How do I know for sure. Wife had it a week ago. thanks wife!:( Strange that the pain came on before hand but not unbelievable.
    Still very cool how the maximus soothed the upset for a while.
    Lets just say there wont be any more sessions for a week or so for good reason.....