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Ole Wise Ones...Big "O", mini "o", or p-
  • VirgVirg
    Posts: 154
    The journey continues... I have been trying to continue to progress in unlocking the secrets of the Big "O"...

    I gotten to the point of shaking limbs, involumtaries, limb but feeling hard, rapid breathing, and so on...

    While this have been a new experience with minor pleasure, and does have the characteristics of something dramatic...the path to Big "O"...? The problem is that I get so tensed up that it is hard to see the "Big Bang" breaking through. I think we all get to this level, and since a normal orgasm is so similar in progressing to a peak, we think we are on the right path... The tension and involuntaries are so intense, how can anything "break through"?

    The experienced pros keep saying to relax, then, relax some more. Well, I have been trying to do that and things got interesting but I do not know what it was...

    I started by relaxing pretty deeply. Feeling like my limbs were total rubber bands, sense of floating separate from myself, detached, shallow breathing and so on.

    I am really relaxed when my anus/sphincter is very slack/ tension or contraction in the muscle. At this point, it usually pulses or throbs, too.

    I was using the Helix.

    While trying to stay as relaxed as possible, I would BARELY move the Helix back and forth with ONLY the PC muscles. It was almost a "feather" touch to my prostrate. The tingling pleasure was ssoooo nice!

    I remembered that several people had stressed the importance of being aroused, so I ran a couple of my favorite memories and fanstasies as I did the "feathering"... Being aware of the physical pleasure, then the mental...back and forth, back and forth...

    I started to notice a kindof "warmth" in my perirenum area. Kindof like a VERY mild form of Ben-Gay Heat Rub. It grew slowly as I enjoyed the tingling from the "feathering"...

    The tension in the scotum and penile area grew steadily.

    Then, a tingling wave started and grew to my entire groin/abdominal area. It kindof "hung" for 5-10 seconds when it stopped growing and went away. I continued the "feathering" and was able to do it again 3 times, to a lesser degree. It felt very nice but not what I would call an "orgasm"...and, we all know how the semantics have confused this process for all of us...

    I concentrated on NOT allowing myself to tense up. I kept my limbs from shaking. I kept my PC and sphincter muscles relaxed so the involuntaries did not start. I did have rapid breathing, though.

    So, what was it - Big "O", mini-o's, or p-wave...? And, what are the suggestions on where to go from here on the Big "O" Safari, if that is not waht it is?

    By the way, I was on my back with my butt elevated and my legs were supported as if I was sitting in a chair.

    Thanks again for all the steady and helpful info and support from Tripped, Buster, Wakefield, Nood, Charlie, and everyone else. BIG HELP!!!

  • TripperTripper
    Posts: 250
    (this post was edited 2006-10-11 23:14:46)


    I am probably close to the same point as you but from the forum threads, the posts seem to say that, when you least expect it, you will break thru.

    All the symptoms you have indicate that you have all the critical items correctly set up (lube, perinium tab placement, prostate contact, breathing, relaxation, and so on).

    Only one recommendation for consideration.....maybe purchase an eBay MGX and change off with the Helix. It surprises the body and provides different responses.

    But wait a minute....I did predict a Super O for you in six days just three days ago. So you still have three more days to go.

    But don't watch the clock or the calendar! Don't over analyze. You are almost there.

    Tell us when it happens.

  • BusterBuster
    Posts: 953
    Hi Virg,

    In reading your post, the one part that made me stop was this:

    I concentrated on NOT allowing myself to tense up. I kept my limbs from shaking. I kept my PC and sphincter muscles relaxed so the involuntaries did not start. I did have rapid breathing, though.

    The word "concentrated" especially jumped out at me. The idea of just letting go and concentrating on something seems to be conflicted. I think that your shaking can be part of everything.

    If you have the means, I agree with Tripper. Maybe getting another model (MGX) to throw into the mix might help things along. It did help me in the long run because they are different. I think that if you just stayed with the Helix and kept going that you will get there. I think Tripper said that you only have 3 more sessions before you hit it anyway. I liked mixing it up.

    I hope that helps. Looking forward to the weekend!

  • Virg-
    It sounds like we are in very similar places. I've used the MGX for 8 months and have recently moved to the Helix for the past two. No "O"'s or pleasure of any kind although for about six months I get convulsions and shaking in my extremities as well as involuntary contractions that continue for a while, but produce no orgasmic feelings at all. I've gotten to a point when the aneros has felt very tense in my anus and was grinding deeply into me- this felt exciting, but then disapated after ten seconds and did not return. You can read my periodic bitching on this forum if you like. Basically under a year of well- disapointment. But, the Helix DOES feel like its touching my insides more aggressivley than the MGX and the abutment tab is WAY more comfortable on my pernium.
    The other night I decided to insert the Helix and just lay in bed and read- yep, just read a non-fiction book I've been into. Totally unrelated to my aneros session. I lay on my side and definetly felt some warm, tingly feeling startt to emanate from from groin region. My breathing got rapid as well as my heartbeat. I don't think I'd felt anything like this before. It was well, nice, but not an explosion. My experience sounds close to yours the way ou describe it. I'd be happy to reproduce this feeling in my next sessions and try to relax more into it or sustain it longer. It felt like "progress"???.
  • VirgVirg
    Posts: 154
    (this post was edited 2006-10-17 11:57:54)

    (this post was edited 2006-10-17 11:56:31)

    The latest...but, first, thanks to Trip, Buster, and Qwer...really appreciate the help...

    This will make more sense if you read my first post of this thread...

    I too find the Helix a bit aggressive. It really hits the spot but it can get uncomfortable pretty quick if the stroking of the prostrate occurs with too much pressure. I also think the tab is more comfortable but less effective than the MGX.

    The MGX tab works better but can get a little "sharp". I lube it up good with K-Y and it nevers hurts then.

    My sessions are going on 2 to 4 hours. I start with the Helix and then switch to the MGX.

    I am getting to the point of relaxing so much I can not sense my limbs. It is like there is just my head floating just above the water as my body flosts in warm salt water. Very surreal.

    I am serious, the degree at which I can relax all my body amazes me. I have done a bunch of biofeedback traing over the years and this is even beyond those experiences.

    With this level of relaxation, if the Big "O" was looking for me, we should have met. So, I think the re-wiring is not far enough along to have created enough "pathways" for the Big "O" to come a callin'!

    My other success is the stroking of the prostrate with the Aneros while my anus is totally relaxed/distended. The more I practice, the better it gets It is UNREAL. The best term I have for it is seductive. I feel totally seduced by it. This is why my sessions are so long. I just keep moving the tip back and forth until I feel a "radiance" around my pelvic area. It grows and I go back and forth from the prostrate to the pelvis.

    The MGX works the best for this.

    Hope that helps and makes sense.


    Hope some of this helps. Cheers
  • TripperTripper
    Posts: 250

    You sound so ready.

    And, you have got to report back when and how you break thru to the other side.

    Then we will follow.
  • VirgVirg
    Posts: 154
    LOL !!! Trip, you give me too much credit! I will pass on any revelations, I promise, but I still feel like I am wandering around blindfolded playing pin-the-tail-on-the-donkey except it is a 360 deg. wall on the x,y,and z axises!

    I feel ready and the progress has been up and down but steady. I do think I need to space out the sessions so I "fresher" each time but it is hard when you feel so close.

    I am really getting curious about the Eupho lately. Everyone seems to see it as very different from the others. Adding that to the mix may confuse the process though.

    I do think the re-wiring (whatever that truely is) is the bottleneck. It seems like I have everything else in place and working but the Big "O" is just not within sight.

    All I can do is keep exploring and aware during the sessions. Keep the faith!
  • TripperTripper
    Posts: 250

    You do seem close. At one time I had gone out and purchased the MGX, Eupho, and Maximus after having the Helix. The MGX actually recharged my sessions and gave me a whole new set of sensations. On the Eupho, I concluded I would need much more movement in the anal/prostate area before it would start dancing so I put it aside as a future reward when reaching the "o" with some other Aneros model. Maybe that's why the Eupho is recommended for "advanced" users. Maximus just gave a sense of fullness and some interesting shuddering/involuntaries in certain positions. So, for me, the MGX is singing a nice tune for me each evening with new types of rewiring and movement daily. I love the rewiring and the surprises. So, unless the MGX slows down, I have placed the Helix to the side as well. Knowing it's so different for each person, it is hard to recommend one model or the other to forum users. But, if you have the cash handy, any investment towards being able to have four hours of mulitiple orgasms in the evening seems easy to justify!

    Again, let us know when you break out.

  • (this post was edited 2006-10-17 17:48:09)


    The thing I find interesting is that some of the sensations you are describing are sort of detached. "like a head floating without a body." I understand exacly what you mean by this. You definitely have the level of relaxation you need. Also the way you describe the very subtle motion of the aneros seems good too. The contractions are not big and pronounced like the word "contraction" leads you to believe, at least not for me. Feathering, and seductive. Very good indeed and very close to my own thoughts on the subject.

    Let me ask you a question and try and answer honestly. If what you felt were all there was to it, would you use the device anyway? I think you probably know that there is more, but the key here is not to ramrod ahead looking for what you don't really understand. Don't bother trying to count to infinity, you will never make it. The anticipation is the killer. Try not to get caught up in what it COULD BE, and let yourself get caught up in what it IS. I think you will find that the rest happens on its own. Where you are at is a good place to be, remember that. Savor it. Let it be seductive. Let it tickle you ;)


  • VirgVirg
    Posts: 154
    (this post was edited 2006-10-18 23:37:34)

    (this post was edited 2006-10-18 23:27:52)

    Thanks Trip and Cag for your thoughts!


    Your thoughts on the various Aneros models are about what I expect and I agree. The Maximus seems like a nice addition if you have extra "mad" money but not a instrutment for fine tuning the journey. I bit of an novelty. The Helix is too aggressive and makes me sore too quick but it is very good at helping a person identify what can be done with an Aneros. I almost would think of it as a "trainer"...? The MGX is great...seems like a design that is either really good or just the best for the majority of male bodies. Which ever it is, it seems to do the right stuff without being uncomfortable. I had 4.5 hour session tonight and it was comfy the whole time. The Eurpho is a bargin if it opens more doors but I agree, it is probably a post-Big "O" tool. If I get extra $$$ that I do not have a use for, I may order it so it will be there when I feel ready...


    Nice to hear you can identify with my sensations and aspects of my journey toward the Big "O".

    Tonight I was in such a relaxed state that I could not feel the bed or blankets around me. It was very, very strange. I felt like I was floating in an isolation tank, which I have done.

    From your question, if I understood what you are asking, that being...would I be OK with the sensations alone if that all there was? Would I bother with the Aneros if that was all there was? Is that what you were asking? If so, sure, I would be fine but then I would not be thinking there was anything else better. We can not miss what we never have...but what is one to do after reading dozens of posts about the way the Big "O" can bring world peace, solve global warming, and teach you how to make the perfect cup of coffee! Why do you think I spend so much time trying to break through? Probably too much but it is a nice process.

    Tonight was my longest session ever and if I can not get it to happen in a shorter period, I should stop sooner, I suppose...but, the sensations are just so good. I do think "seductive" is the best term for it. Tonight I did not get much of past discoveries but I did get this "humming" or "buzzing" through my whole body that centered in my crotch...(and it went on for hours afterwards in fagments). I focussed on it and it increased some. The more I relaxed, the more it would inch stronger. If I move the MGX to "feather" my prostrate, it would go away. I would then start the feathering and relaxing, feathering and relax, and it would build again.

    I also tried different breathing styles. Short inhale and exhale. Long inhale and exhales. All kinds of combos. One that really seemed to help was while I exhaled, I would contract my stomach muscles, then the abdominal muscles, then the lower internal muscles above the crotch...kindof like making a "wave" from my chest to my crotch. It really helped send energy and focus toward the prostrate and that area.

    I am seeing lots of different stuff - soft palete nursing (?) - on various threads and I think they may just confuse the process but, hey, if it works who am I to shoot it down.

    I feel really close and am trying to still calm and relax...making the process the goal.

    Thanks again and see ya both on the threads!

  • BusterBuster
    Posts: 953
    Hi Cag,

    Your quote:

    "Let me ask you a question and try and answer honestly. If what you felt were all there was to it, would you use the device anyway? I think you probably know that there is more, but the key here is not to ramrod ahead looking for what you don't really understand. Don't bother trying to count to infinity, you will never make it. The anticipation is the killer. Try not to get caught up in what it COULD BE, and let yourself get caught up in what it IS. I think you will find that the rest happens on its own. Where you are at is a good place to be, remember that. Savor it. Let it be seductive. Let it tickle you ;) "

    Perfectly said! It was about at this step with me that I started to really make progress. It has got to be one of the hardest things to do. I hope others will take that thought to heart.

    Have a good one.

  • My point was that if you have never had coffee, how would you know what the perfect cup of coffee tastes like? You have had perhaps 1,000s of traditional orgasms, and early on you learned all you needed in order to bring them on as you desire. It was not always such however. There was a time when you had no clue that there was such a thing. How would you describe a traditional orgasm to someone that has never had one?

    It was only when I let go of the idea that there was something greater that I was able to enjoy what I had. There is a mindset you have to break youself of. You have to let the anticipation go. I am more and more convinced that all this talk of technique is more or less completely worthless. There are a couple indications that someone is physically close: rapid breathing and heart rate, twitching, a buzzing sensation, amongst many others. That is the easy part though. The mental aspect is much much more difficult. What I can tell you is that much like me, and everyone else I suspect, if you get caught up in your expectations of the unknown(the mysterious super O) you won't be there when it comes knocking. I often wonder how long it was lurking around waiting for me to make headspace for it...

    Sometimes it comes blasting down my doors, sometimes it comes with a whisper. What I am saying is that it always comes on its own terms. From the pros I get the idea that you eventually learn to coax it along, but it is never something that can be forced.

    Sit back, enjoy, have fun.

  • VirgVirg
    Posts: 154
    Hi Cag,

    I have to admit that I think there is a lot of merit in what you have to say and the points made. It seems like there is an unending flow of techniques and processes. Throw in the soft palete nursing, KSMO, and such and it's gets even more bewildering. Then the folks that can have great sensations and Big "O"'s WITHOUT the Aneros! Clearly, there is more going on here than just the Aneros generated feelings!

    For myself, I am coming more and more to the conclusion this process is much more a mystery than mechanical manipulation of the Aneros, which is where I started my learning curve, conceptually. The insights and experiences we share are but clues...

    Just last night saw a movie called, "What the Bleep do you know?". It challenged a lot of how we perceive the world and our lives. It explained a lot of how the mind and our senses work...and all I just think of was the Aneros and "re-wiring"... I highly recommend it...

    Thanks again, Cag