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My Penis and Prostate Are Fighting, with Sexy Results...
  • I've yet to be one of those guys in a love triangle. Judging from, well, knowing me as I do, I wouldn't think that I'll ever be in such a "predicament."

    The closest thing though would be my P guys, my penis and prostate. Like many of you, I've been neglecting my penis who God knows has brought me many many hours of pleasure. He was the one who exposed me to the world of orgasmic bliss, at least that's what I thought he was showing me. Turns out, I mean it was nice and all, and we did have great times together, but it wasn't bliss. In fact, being in my early 30's and not late teens, we've been kinda drifting apart anyway despite his exaggerations.

    Enter my prostate. I'll be damned if I can still find it, and trust me, I've looked. A nut. A coin. Within the rectal wall. Try your middle finger, or your index. Use lube. Squat, parry, and thrust. Nope. Not even close. The only thing I got for my time was something unspeakable under my finger nail. Many OCD filled hot water disinfectant soap hand sanitizing minutes later, I figure hey, I don't need to find it to know that I can benefit from waking him up.

    So here I am now, waxing nostalgic about my guy, my penis. Don't get me wrong, I'm not against em... Hell, I'm still hoping he'll get to explore other strange new worlds again! But between you, myself, the NSA (screw off!) and the Chinese marketing spam-ware infecting my computer when I thought scat porn was regular porn set in the 20's to scat music (DO NOT MAKE MY MISTAKE), I think I'm benefiting from what now seems like a conflict for my attention.

    Tonight... For about two hours, they fought. I had a session earlier today, a surprise hour long one. Very really nice, Aless in fact. Later on, I got all setup like, laid on my side, and pretty much from the beginning I was feeling my orgasmic energy. The whole time even, I didn't go below minimal, as even when I wasn't writhing, I was feeling OE down there.

    Anyway, from my side to my back, side again, then front, they fought like Republicans and Democrats. No, that analogy implies there's really any difference between the two political parties who get along best when the suicide pact they formed years ago is being put into play. (Yayyyy for politics!)

    No, my penis and prostate argued on who got to play with my OE, again, orgasmic energy. Back and fourth. Penis would get big and nearly burst with OE, sustaining DO's over a surprising period, peppered with an SO here and there. Then back to the rectum, my prostate's central command. Picture the US military pre WWII and then after. That's the difference in the non-discretionary spending, IE time, I began putting into my prostate when I learned about this whole Aneros thing a year ago.

    My prostate made me revere kegel, bear down, let down, and swirled the OE around like so much Dr. Pepper at the end of a frat house party. I didn't complain, even when my buttocks and legs joined in the fight... Though I think they were just egging the other two on, simply enjoying the scene from the bleachers.

    At this point though, I thought I'd lay down some diplomacy. Not the crap kind though that is seemingly at the forefront of the US's foreign policy since, well, always. (Okay fine, I guess we could have intervened in the Falklands but that's it!) So, I pulled up like the pilots of Oceanic Flight 815, however this had FAR better results. (And the ending actually MADE SENSE!) With my penis stiff and throbbing and my rectum braced for impact, I began to flop around and shudder like Oceanic Flight... Well you get the point. I contracted my rectum and tightened up the whole area, counter to the relaxing vibes I'd been laying down just last week.

    This happened a goodly lot tonight and I have to say I hope they keep fighting. The OE was bliss, flowing out in many directions, not FBO really but still I wasn't going to send anything back to the kitchen. DO's, SO's, and what I can only assume was my first real bunch of anal O's. See, breaking up with the notion that it's not an O unless there's a mess is tough. However I for one LOVE the idea as all this was done, from beginning to end, with only a little pre-mess which cleaned up easily. Come to think of it, I don't think I even used the brillow part of a yellow N green sponge.

    So gentlemen struggling, please PLEASE take it from ME, you NEED to understand if I can do it, good God don't stop until you're in the grave. Go through my posts. Scour the chat history. I am as amazed at all this as the audience was that Jennifer Aniston could E V E R be attracted to David Schwimmer. (Sorry, Ross was my least favorite.) Where I am now? I thought it'd take me a year or more, if even ever. Even now my neuroses still have me thinking I'll loose it all in a split second. If I do though, wow, have I learned a lot.

    If nothing else, I made friends with a bunch of guys whose stories are as diverse as mother Earth's, but nowhere near as violent... In fact, the only violence that should come into all this is the shaking and spasaming our bodies have shown the eerie ability to do while our eyes are rolled in the back of our heads with our tongues lolled out and a bit of drool going down our cheeks. At least that's what I learned on the internets. I totally never did that and would never watch that kinda porn!

    And done!
  • hakuna1hakuna1
    Posts: 27
    Thank you for your post!
    I felt well entertained and I really like your style of writing ;)
    Congrats to your progress and, as a "not anymore struggling" gentleman I obviously second your statement; stay at it and it´ll grow, even though you might not feel it directly-
  • @HopefullMMOer

    Nicely written story! But remember, scat porn has nothing to do with jazz or the Roaring 20s! Strike a balance , between your prostate and your penis. Best of luck!
  • @hakuna1 - Thanks man, wordy as I may be, I try to keep things flowing at the least. And yep, you said it, don't quit. Now easier to say for the for both of us now that we're not struggling as much, but the struggle in a way continues... Dealing with duds, finding the time, trying to cross that next threshold.

    @Pspotsquirter - Haha, thank you as well! And let me tell you, I was sick to my stomach when I learned the dark truth... Especially since I found it through an actress I thought was hot but damn, that was it. (And like, take my avatar for instance... There's pretty much no line if it would make her happy N horny and want only me... But that? Just no.)

    And yes, it's a fun balance as you can tell, and I believe that I might be able to let them fight a bit and then pull up and get nice Pwaves and OE down there. We'll see!
  • BigGlansDCBigGlansDC
    Posts: 915
    Hi @HopefulMMOer,

    I agree with @hakuna1 in that you have a way with words in which I have to say that you write pornographically in an elevated way. ;) :D :D

    I really enjoy hearing from you the members of your love triangle which consist of your prostate, penis, and you! And that your penis and prostate are fighting!

    May I suggest to you that you read the thread, A Quick and Dirty Path to the Super-O, by @CaveofMystery? You may find it illuminating.

    Also I want you to know that I find your posts on the Forum serve as fuel for my Aneros session and even for my A-less sessions which now I can experience anywhere and anytime. ;)

  • @BigGlansDC - Yeah, anyone can write dirty but I try to do so in a way that's descriptive as well as ironically dry. But yes, I'm happy to be involved in this triangle, though as I just PMed you, it's been too long already:\

    And thanks, good link there with information and details on SO's and what not. And hey, anyway I can help my brothers, especially regarding Aless! (Geeze I miss them!)