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Well guys, I'm, uhh, not so hopeful ANYMORE!!!
  • Yeah, crazy weather these days. Polar vortexes and such. I don't know though, isn't winter supposed to be cold and summer hot? Kids these days.

    ANNNNNNNYYYYYYYYYYwho, tonight was nice and all, having crossed over and all!!!

    First, truth be told I didn't want to post this yet as tonight is only the first night, and there's still plenty of kinks to work out, and a huge caveat I'll get to in a sec... But there's no way I won't be able to talk about this in my other thread or in the chat, so may as well get it all out here and now!

    I'll do y'all a favor though and keep it quick-ish. So about that caveat... There wasn't a thing in my ass tonight but hope and change... (Not a political cheap shot so much as, well, the truth.) I wasn't planning on riding tonight and I didn't, at least with the helix. So I just laid on my bed, started with some porn, and just kinda fooled around. And by fooled around I mean I encouraged some involuntaries and what nots. Not much happened at first, and like clockwork I had to piss like my favorite race horses... But then when I stopped with the porn and just concentrated with my eyes closed, amazingness happened. (I should note I was listening to this though... HUGE props to who originally posted it... youtube "417 Hz - Swadhisthana: The Sacral Chakra)

    As time went on, the ole rectum started to tighten and loosen, almost like the helix was in. My dick was bouncing and I had those like, what, vibrations in it as well. Now last night with the helix I noted that it almost felt like at one point my rectum was pushing it out, very slowly and deliberately, but I never checked for sure. Like last night though, I began to get auto pounded.

    From there I can't recount the sequence of things so I'll just mention the alphabet soup...  I'd say medium SO's, LONG sustained MMO's, and some dry guys as well. The length of them was definitely increased, and I ended shaking and trembling A LOT, even at one point with my legs in the air. Now, unlike last night, I didn't have a ball of orgasmic energy around my anus, HOWEVER, P waves would emanate out from that whole general area (buttocks, dick N balls, anus, etc) to the point of, yep, an FBO... Multiple ones.

    Now, I will say that I think this is just the beginning... Now if I'm wrong correct me, but I only say FBO because during the P waves and a bit afterwards that whole area as described above was orgasmic, not my whole body per say. I was raised off the bed, I could have turned coal into diamonds in my ass it was clenched so tight, and it was more or less sustained. All that was pretty new, and with refinement, well, I'll have to do it remotely in the woods as I can see me waking the neighbors.

    I still have yet to be able to control it, though if I could at this point I'm happy to let it do it's thing. But there you have it, and again, this was WITHOUT the aneros in... And if you'll pardon my profanity, the exact thoughts after all was said in done, naked and hot, having just finished with a wet one (even though I say I won't!) was; "is this a fuckin joke?" My answer came in running four miles on the treadmill about ten minutes afterwards... Don't know where the compulsion came from, but I'm not complaining.

    Everyone, and you know who y'all are, a heartfelt thank you. I'd shake your hands but mine are generally raw from cleaning after a ride. (Yayyyyy OCD!) Newbies, join the boards here and get to riding. Long timers with no success, TRUST me when I say by no means did I EVER think I'd be here, and I genuinely mean that my heart goes out to you if you're struggling, but don't stop. Even if you don't reach the top of Everest, getting even teen feet up is still an accomplishment!

    Bath time. (Yeah, I take baths, at this point, with having shared what I shared, well, you're a tolerant crowd if nothing else!:)
  • Oh @HopefulMMOer,

    I think you are being rash in saying this. Actually you are doing fine and are way on your way in your Aneros journey. We Anerosers know that we have sessions once in a while that are duds. But that is ok. ;)

    Yeah, crazy weather these days. Polar vortexes and such. I don't know though, isn't winter supposed to be cold and summer hot? Kids these days.

    Well, in Washington, DC, USA, our nation's capital is known for its cold winters and long, steamy and hot summers. As one who is currently retired, it is no fun having a session in the morning in my apartment when management turns down the heat in the midday. But I look forward toward warm summer evenings when I have sessions at night. ;)

  • isvaraisvara
    Posts: 1,009
    @HopefulMMOer. So nice to know those on the higher planes think of us struggling on the cliff face. Well it is actually pretty good, so many positive changes on the way.
    Well done.
  • I'm so happy for you hopeful. your experience sounds sublime and ecstatic at once.
  • The journey has just begun for you man. Be patient and contine to do what your doing. To me those p waves were turning into invulantaries thats why the Full Body Orgasms were happening. Just be ready for more. 
  • @BigGlansDC - Haha, trust me I'm still confused by all this, and lets be honest, this is a journey that shouldn't have any! And yeah man, at this point in your life journey, you want to be able to ride in conditions that will add and not subtract!

    @isvara - Well I mean it man, I really do. I can't feel that way toward the men in my life as they know nothing about this, I'm guessing anyway. But the guys here, who post about their struggles, and the countless ones who don't, I really do hope they get even to my novice level! And here's hoping isvara!

    @euphemistic - Man, that's one way to put it! Yeah euph, this has been fascinating if nothing else!

    @BigOluver - Wait, there's more? Haha, I can only imagine! I'll definitely break out the camera then:}

    Thanks guys!
  • Hi @HopefulMMOer,

    All I can say to you is keep the faith, be ever hopeful. Good things have alright come to you in your Aneros journey ;)

  • @BigGlansDC - Truer words have yet to be spoken... First, may my energy continue on as all this is cutting into my sleepy time but so far so good. And I only say that, because, BECAUSE, I went A - Less again tonight and just wow.

    First, without the helix, or anything in there, it's harder to control obviously, not that I'd even try, as I'm definitely preaching the invoulntary choir! But it's almost chaotic down there, however tonight I got closer to more sustained FBO's, still short, but more common... Not so many SO's or MMO's, but it was still great that my body is learning the FBO chapter, and maybe even how to direct them.

    Anyway yeah, too tired for the tmill! Thanks again!@
  • Interesting stuff... I've been having surprisingly great Aless sessions, and one last last night was fantastic... I'm still in the fog, still in the forest, but I was able to get a pretty good sense of the clearing last night... The clearing being an FBO and continual SO's... Not there yet but as far as I've ever gotten FB wise and the like.

    BUT, however, ironically, earlier in the night I rode with my helix. I had lots of body spasms, contractions, build ups, precum, some DO's, but nothing beyond that. Then later I'm having the best Aless session so far! So what gives? Am I outgrowing the ole gal already? (Sorry, trying to be clever, I mean the helix!)
  • Hi @HopefulMMOer,

    Do not despair. You are just going through a phrase in your Aneros journey if you feel in a "fog, still in the forest." Yes, by all means, enjoy your Aless sessions. They will help you along when you are away from your Aneros sessions.

    As I have written you in my PM to you just now, I do not think you'll outgrow your Helix. You'll continue to discover something new with Helix, even as I still do with Helix Syn which I have worked with for a good nineteen plus months.

    Take care,

  • @BigGlansDC - Yep, like I just PMed you, it's crazy how great they feel and after three yesterday each one was better than the last! And yes, interesting that at one point I wanted another model, which I'm guessing was based on impatience. Now though, well, haha, I probably still want to try something when funds are rerouted and available (SOON!!!), so that should be a journey in it's own right!
  • In talking with @BigGlansDC I put some of my recent progress like this... "While prostate massaging, rewiring, and training for an FBO, you'll
    find at first that you don't necessarily feel anything orgasmic. Your
    body will tighten and loosen, your skin will get warm and feel taught in
    spots as well, and your rectum will contract, loosen, and AB as well.
    This is a sign of progress, though again you're not feeling anything
    truly orgasmic, all this is working toward that."

    This isn't the first time I've felt this and not the last I'm sure, but am curious as to whether or not y'all can relate.
  • inhopeinhope
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    Edit: ignore me!
  • inhopeinhope
    Posts: 1,260
    I was quite upset that you could feel something of any kind, so I wasn't nice, so I apologise for that. You see it's been 4 years of trying for me and getting nowhere, no feelings at all! I was very frustrated and angry at anyone that could feel anything, even if they were in a lull. I just had my first session of feeling something today, trying something new out.

    If I'm anything to go by @hopefulMMOer it's that perseverance pays off, don't give up, even after 4 years!
  • That's right! Don't give up!

  • @inhope - Geeze, glad I didn't see it then:}

    Look, TRUST ME, and I mean that in all caps, I never thought I'd be here. Ask anyone familiar with my rumblings around these parts and in the chat... And if anything I find it ironic that you'd vent to me when again, trust me, there are far more successful and advanced users than I!

    And you'll noticed I mention here, and maybe elsewhere, that as hokey as this may sound, I really do hope for success for every man who endeavors to go down this life changing road. And it's still touch and go for me, I'm still getting dud sessions where it seems not much happens, not even subtle rewiring. It's the vets I envy here that, although they may plateau and or need to shake things up every now and then, they pretty much know each and every time they put their mind to riding they'll be in orgasmic heaven!

    So thanks for your honesty and yes, absolutely, put at least some time in. I never want to be that guy to just say "Ah you'll do fine, just keep at it, do what I do, do what 'that other guy' does." But the pay off, good Lord the pay off is worth it.
  • inhopeinhope
    Posts: 1,260
    Agreed Sir! its why I'm sure you will get back to where you once had things and be happy again. if i can do it after 4 years, anyone can!
  • @inhope - Well I wasn't so much unhappy as just neurotic about all this, but I haven't been having a bad time at all... To wit...

    Yesterday, after having an okay quickie in the morning, with a quick Aless during the evening, it wasn't remarkable either way, progressive or regressive... Late last night though I couldn't sleep and was elbow deep in computer related doings, and like Sandra Bullock from 'The Net' I was eating candy to keep on moving to get things done, though I was drinking water.

    Well, by the time things were done I had only a few hours before worky works, so I figured may as well ride and just take a nap. Laid down, got settled, and it wasn't long before things were happening, within five minutes if that. A bit after I began feeling tingles and a few odd sensations in my face, and from there, I knew things were going to be interesting, and they were.

    I had a long lasting FBO, which wasn't much but the longest I've experienced... Longer dry O's, tingles, etc... It was fantastic. When I was done I went to the bathroom to pee, but with more Pwaves, I figured I may as well JO to help me sleep, and that was great as well, and I was even tempted to try to squirt, though I was seeing double at this point.

    All in all, a nice time!
  • Un... Umm... Unbelievable. Like, I wouldn't believe it a year ago, and almost fear what this time next year will look like.

    Tonight. Session. Aless. Nothing last night. Aless the night before, pretty good. Tonight? Started meh. Got interrupted. Went back. A bit later, I'm in a fetal position, moaning, shaking, spasming, precumming, etc. Strong Pwaves. Dry O's. And a sustained FBO, nothing like I could have imagined. Seemed like it was emanating from my rectum, or there was like orgasmic energy just hanging around and happened to intercept my body. Either way... Wow.

    Went a little longer, nothing like that, but still very nice. Finished with a great TO.

    Gentlemen, I've come home.
  • BunkBunk
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    It's pretty amazing this journey we're on isn't it..? Myself, I've had my Helix for 3 months now, been doing maybe a couple of sessions per week and in that time I've gone from "meh" to minute long dry Os. Even without the helix it's mind blowing. Congrats on your achievements, hopefully I'll be up on your level soon.
  • twlltintwlltin
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    HopefulMMOer, I'm very happy for you.
  • @Bunk - Exxxxxactly! When beginning this it was all new for most of us, and b\c it takes so much time depending on the guy, many will have those meh sessions... Hell, I still get em now, but I find them to be better now than before... Which is ironic b\c now you can compare your so so sessions with your great ones, at first you couldn't do that, but for me at least I for some reason tend to enjoy the so so's more so!

    @twlltin - :} Thank you man, I mean I'm almost afraid I won't be able to replicate it, but pray I will!

    Note to all now that I'm more lucid... The ONE thing that I think really made a difference last night was NOT tensing up and trying to keep the shaking \ spasms down. Now I didn't at first as I thought that was counter-intuitive, b\c if that's what the body wants to do then just let it.

    Well, I would say it's more my body than myself consciously deciding to shake and tense, and God knows I've made leaps and bounds just letting go and letting things happen involuntarily... But last night, making sure I didn't tense my buttocks too much and tried to focus on reverse kegeling or just doing nothing, (not too strongly though) yielded the results I mentioned above. It was simply amazing.
  • BigGlansDCBigGlansDC
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    Hi @HopefulMMOer,

    I am glad that your Aneros journey is leading you forth in wonderful ways. It only gets better and better!

  • @BigGlansDC - I continue to remain stunned and cautious, as again, we're staring down the barrel of a life changing practice!
  • mdadmdad
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    Congrats HopefulMMOer. I've read your posts before, but they got, um, long. I'm really happy you've found success. I was kind of rooting for you after reading your previous experiences.

    For what it's worth, I've had FAR MORE success A-less than I have with my Aneros in. Don't get me wrong; I've had some great sessions with my Aneros. And it has definitely helped open up a pathway to my prostate that previously did not exist. But I get sore with the Aneros in too long. And it can last for a couple of days. So I'm often happy to have a simple organic session. A-less sessions are a good time to learn how each muscle twitch affects my prostate, and where each muscle starts and stops.  I almost think of my A-less sessions as training sessions for the actual Aneros.

    Anyway, the last week has been the most amazing week of my life (prostate-wise). I've been having dry o's and prostate o's and full body o's and super-o's all week without my Aneros. My prostate is so revved up that literally every time I sit down, I start feeling stirring down there. I'm constantly "in heat". I get the warm-fuzzy feeling all over my body even at work, and it's delicious. If I even close my eyes, my prostate starts getting orgasmic waves. All of this started a few weeks ago after I got my first Super-O. It's like the floodgates have been opened. I hope it never stops!

    So keep at your A-less sessions now and then. I think they are good for you, and hold a lot of promise for the future.
  • @mdad - Lol, come on man, me, long winded? I never! But thank you as any support we can share for and with each other makes this community that much more unique on the net.

    Now your second paragraph matches my experiences and feelings \ thoughts word for word, except for the sore part. I more or less switch strategies when I have a couple of duds in a row. Like you it's night and day Aless VS Afilled, but I'm almost sad in a way b\c like you said these little pieces of heaven opened up doors unthinkable.

    And see, that's how we're different. Though when I first had my SO, I did have feelings and stirings down there, DO's sometimes, but they didn't last and I haven't had anything like that recently, despite my successes. I take it that as I continue down the road I'll have more everyday affects like you've had, and delicious seems like a very apt word to use... I mean do you just have a smile on your face all the time? (Also how long have you been riding now?)

    So thanks again for the encouragement and yeah, I guess until I start having duds Aless I won't ride with my A's. One HUGE benefit, for me anyway, is the lack of cleanup, or very minimal. As you know, OCD and having an object shoved up your ass aren't the best couples!
  • mdadmdad
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    I started right at the beginning of December (2013). So only a few months. My first couple of weeks were very pleasant. I got to dry o's pretty quickly, and even had a full body o and a couple of prostate o's, often without the Aneros in. Then it went away. Completely. It's like my body settled in, and said "well that was new and nice, but you won't catch me by surprise again". I went 6 weeks with barely anything. I think I was trying "too" hard, but I'm not sure. During this time I had lots of soreness from long Aneros sessions that didn't go anywhere. I was starting to get frustrated at the lack of sleep (I start at bedtime, and generally get up at 2AM to remove it).

    Then on Valentine's Day, my wife and I had amazing sex and I was stimulated all day. That night, I used my Aneros, and it was like fireworks went off. I had strong dry o's almost immediately, and then a prostate o, and then, FINALLY I think a super o which felt like my dry o's and prostate o's combined into one, but stronger. For the next few days, my prostate was so sensitive; it felt like I could launch into o's at any time. But then it faded after a few days. And I couldn't get it back.

    Until last week. Playing Aneros-less one night, I was able to start dry o's, then prostate o's, and then I think a super o. It continued for at least an hour. The stimulated feeling hasn't gone away. I haven't used my Aneros since because I don't want to mess with a good thing. I'm trying to become an expert at the non-Aneros stimulation so I can take it with me wherever I go. :) The other night, I kept it going for hours. It was hard to fall asleep.

    So anyway, yes, good periods followed by duds. That seems to be a pattern. I'm hoping it can always stay good and I can skip duds in the future. But I know they will happen; just par for the course.

     I mean do you just have a smile on your face all the time? 

    When my prostate is active, yes. I was sitting at dinner the other night, and had the warmest, ooziest, delicious sensation emanating from my prostate, and I don't think I kept that satisfaction a secret. It's happened at work, too. Honestly, it's quite distracting. I can sympathize with sufferers of Persistent Genital Arousal Disorder. But fortunately, I don't imagine my condition will get much worse than it is. :) For now, I just enjoy it.

    One HUGE benefit, for me anyway, is the lack of cleanup, or very minimal.

    I definitely like this part!
  • "Well that was new and nice, but you won't catch me by surprise again." :} Very true, and I can relate to a degree! And we agree again, in the end if they're both the same pleasure wise, I'd rather go Aless as well. Not just for the lack of clean up, but for the ease of "use" so to speak and yes, you can take it anywhere you want!

    And its crazy if you think about it, rather you may find my question to be, but... Though duds are just that, duds, would you want a successful session every time!? Now like I said, crazy, but think about. A member here had brought up his fear of habituation, and I'll tell you, if I knew every time I rode or went Aless it was going to be bliss times ten, I'd have a hard time avoid its addicting properties... At first anyway.

    Well, it sounds like you had a great dinner then! Now, does your wife know, and if so, do you incorporate riding or Aless into sex?
  • SIGH... And this, in responding to @mdad I didn't mention something... Got to bed late last night, after the successful ride I wrote about a quarter after 1:AM... It was 3:AM, and I was tired and ready to go to sleep. Meh, what the hell I thought, and got into my Aless position as I was feeling some rumblings and what nots down there.

    An hour and a half later I had to fuck my pillow (its not my main pillow mind you and goes right in the wash, alone, in hot water N lots of suds!) to stop. Meaning, after nice Pwaves, sustained, and DO's, and I think mid-level dry O's, I laid on my front with a pillow under me and proceeded to have a variant of SO's and DO's with my dick at first pointed toward my feet, then chin... One after the other, I was literally gasping for air. I wanted more naturally, but at 4:30 AM with an early wake up time, even I don't have that much energy.

    I was going to take tonight off, but now I'm curious to see what dreams may come.
  • ineverknewineverknew
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    Thank god it wasnt the main pillow! LOL  I love reading your input @hopefulMMOer  :-bd
  • mdadmdad
    Posts: 139
    Well, it sounds like you had a great dinner then! 

    I didn't mention anything to anyone at dinner. It was my private little secret. :)

    Now, does your wife know, and if so, do you incorporate riding or Aless into sex?

    My wife knows I use it. I have used it during sex twice, but honestly, since starting with the Aneros, sex has been WAY better even without the Aneros inserted. It's like my prostate is now part of the sexual experience. All my orgasms have been better since December. Because of this, I haven't used it in sex more. I'll experiment a bit this week to see if it changes things more than it already has.

    When I first started having success with the Aneros, I told my wife all about it, and she thought it was cool, but I kind of felt embarrassed going on and on about DO's to her (it is masturbation after all). So I don't really talk about it much any more other than to let her know how good sex has been since I started with it. She's quite happy to hear that and I don't think I need to tell her about every SO I have. :)
  • @ineverknew - Oh I have titles and functions for everything, or damn near try! (Yayyyy OCD!) But like, am I right? (And thank you for your compliment:)

    @mdad - Yeah, I can't say I've been doubled over with orgasmic bliss in front of anyone either!

    Haha, yeah, it'd get boring having to report every example of the alphabet soup of anerosing to the Mrs. And you touched on a point that crossed my mind... Sex with someone you love is wonderful and blissful... And hell, though I've never been a one night stander, for some sex in general is just as great. But, for myself anyway, I've yet to ever experience the kind of pleasure from sex that the A provides.

    Now yeah, imagine going on and on to your wife about how wonderful the A is, the doors its opening up, the life changing affects its having... I'd look at it the same as my wife telling me how much better her dildo or EVI is then me and my guy!

    But very interesting mdad, I wonder if you'd be able while making love to go Aless... But like you said your seeing awesome results either way!
  • ineverknewineverknew
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    @HopefulMMOer, makes sense to me, main pillow and secondary pillows.
  • @ineverknew - Well just got done a couple hour session and it was a dud... Only Pwaves DO's and mid level SO's... Yeah, "dud." Lol

    As in, I NEVER thought I'd get to a point where the above would be a dud, and I'm only half kidding as it was still awesome from beginning to end!
  • So yeah, is this a joke? Seriously... Because I'm not laughing.. I'm on cloud 9, but not laughing.

    Was busy last week, more so. Ended the week and started the end with a stomach bug, enough said. Didn't ride since Monday or Tuesday. Last night felt better, had a surprising chair session, DO's and some tingling.

    Just got done having another chair session, this one unplanned as well... Was updating porn related files, noticed a bit of pleasure in my rectum, an hour ago decided to see what I could do with it. Had DO's, sustained, as well as SO's, medium I guess, sustained as well. Some while I was completely flaccid as well, with having to pee badly on top of it!

    At one point my legs are on my desk and I'm sunk into my chair, shaking and flopping a bit. Pretty much ended with a localized FBO around my dick and ass, maybe it was an an anal O, don't know. As I type right now I can feel orgasmic energy down there still, in my dick and around my perineum. Even while peeing I could feel it, after I peed I contracted and felt it, came back into office room and had what I think was  DO while standing, and then came the shaking.

    Me think I'll need to ride tonight!
  • Theme_GasmTheme_Gasm
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    @HopefulMMOer --- Are you hopeful now?

  • @Theme_Gasm - I can't even, like... The thought has occurred to change my handle you know... But if from the beginning of this journey until now, it would have changed a half dozen times.

    -SlowGoingMMoer \ ConfusedMMoer \ PleasantlySurprisedMMoer \ BackTrackingMMoer

    -ProgressingMMoer \ AstonishedMMoer \ SuccessfulMMoer \ ABitPlateauedMMoer

    -SuccessfulAlessMMoer \ CautiousMMoer \ Aneros'sBiggestPitchmanMMoer

    I just don't even know, this is all so unbelievable as I continue to break that record!:}
  • Theme_GasmTheme_Gasm
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    It is incredibly life changing! Congrats!

  • @Theme_Gasm - Yep, to us all!:}
  • ineverknewineverknew
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    maybe it should be establishedMMOer?  LOL  veteranchairsessionMMOer? or maybe since it changes so often (fillintheblank)MMOer ?
  • @ineverknew - I'm a week plus now since my last session as I'm trying to get over being sick, so if nothing else I'm ihopemybodydoesntforgetMMOer!!!
  • ineverknewineverknew
    Posts: 1,183
    no worries, its like riding a bike.
  • twlltintwlltin
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    I'd say you are "ever hopeful".

    We all have our share of dud sessions.