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Augmenting A-less and Squirting \ Dildo Anyone?
  • Okay guys, quick post here... As related to a busy discussion in the chat ATM, this is for the dildo users here... As we all know, using a dildo alone won't bring us to the heights that the Aneros can bring. But does anyone have any experience using a dildo and going Aless? Does it augment the orgasmic bliss, and if so, enough to warrant a purchase?

    The same for male squirting... Either here or general googling I think I read that using a dildo while going through the motions (pun intended) of trying to make yourself squirt like a woman is able to bring it on. Can anyone attest to this personally?

    Any and all info would be great!
  • A dildo is not necessarily going to make one squirt. If one is going to squirt, it would be more so with any type of Aneros. To squirt or not to squirt? That is the question. But a dildo is not the answer.
  • FWIW. I squirt sometimes, with NO prostate stimulation, at all. Though the volume is not as large, as when I have a session with my Progasm, my Pure Wand, or my Pfun Plug. Were there any validity to the dildo/squirting theory, men would be squirting from being pegged, and/or having anal sex(receiving end)with men.
  • Not trying be condescending, but if one cannot squirt with an Aneros; one more than likely is not going to squirt at all. No book, Wiki, or other Internet instructions will teach any man to squirt. Maybe some men do not squirt, because they are not spiritually enlightened ( not referring to organized religion). I've read posts, where men say all an Aneros is, is sex toy. I feel it is much deeper than being a sex toy.

    I have always meditated quite a bit. I have become even more relaxed, and at peace, since I started using my Progasm. Mind you, I AM not, and do not worship it. But, I feel that certain energy blockages in my body, have been removed, as a result of using it. This is why I AM much calmer, and much more at ease. I AM now on a totally different vibrational level. Squirting should not be a goal, but a by product, if you will. A man should ask more of HIMSELF, than he does his Aneros. Then perhaps, he would squirt.
  • Love_isLove_is
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    @HopefulMMOer -

    "As we all know, using a dildo alone won't bring us to the heights that the Aneros can bring."

    I don't believe this is true at all. I've read many reports of guys having amazing multiple non-ejaculatory orgasms via solo dildo play or pegging. Read through the pegging thread and search the reddit pegging sub:
  • @Pspotsquirter - All good info man. First yes, I imagine if it was as easy as simply riding or being pegged many would have known about it by now and been successful... And absolutely yes, the aneros is far beyond a simple sex toy, it's a life changing device! (Simply put)

    @Love_is - Well I definitely claim ignorance, but hopefully not for long, as I think I'm going to make the buy and just learn! But I'll check out those links as I certainly want to be armed with knowledge before I make things official!
  • I can't speak for the other guys, but I occasionally will have a good squirt while using a dildo.  I've never had the same with Aneros.