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A little lost, back to the drawing board?
  • inhopeinhope
    Posts: 1,260
    I won't go into vast detail about my experiences, most of you regulars already know my trials with using the aneros. All i will say as this; its been 4 years or more now since starting using the device and i have had no luck, or rather I've had some recently but still, the previous frustrations of having years of nothing has taken its toll on me somewhat.

    Anyway, i decided to try some new things out and see where they lead. The first thing i did was to was to have a session and write down/document my observations so that i can relay them here in the hope that i can make sense of what i am supposed to do. I will tell you all that everything i do appears to be wrong, or appears to be half right at most, i need a guide or new direction to start over. Even after 4 years i think i am still a newbie at this and needed to be treated as such in order to make this start working. Ok so a few days ago i had a session and wrote down the following notes:

    Using the SGX (smaller devices seem to get better results for me…) i own all the devices though
    Lying on my back, legs flat
    Using shea butter and lube

    - The more i actively i force the muscles to not naturally contract i.e. to stop the penis contracting and the anal muscles, the more i feel. (sort of like the doing nothing approach but requires effort to stop the contractions somewhat) I get these 'shards' of orgasms (can't explain it too well) but each 'shard' feels like a super intense orgasm, like I'm mid orgasm but they last less than a second at a time and i only experience maybe 3 of these, no matter the session length or tenchnique i use and ALWAYS consistently within the first 15 mins of a session, never later than this and never do they return.

    - The 'shards' seem to coincide with arousal level, by which i mean when i start to get an erection they begin. Once its erect, they stop. I then go soft. Then i get aroused again and they begin. The next time though the shards don't come back at all.

    - My legs are twitching the whole time I'm in session, especially my right leg which is almost in a sort of spasm in time with the muscle movements (which are VERY subtle)

    - The device doesn't move it feels like, at all, no matter how much lube i use 

    - If i decide to actively participate and grip, even subtly, it feels nice, really nice. But it stops there, it doesn't have the 'shard' feelings or anything close just a nice feeling. If i grip tightly enough i get a super hard erection, nice anal feelings, and then usually i traditionally orgasm and it usualy sucks in terms of intensity. If i do this then the next day i will get sort of p-waves (i think) the next day, sometimes lasting ALL day which after 10+ hours isn't actually fun…

    - at times though, maybe in other sessions if i subtly move the device manually, i.e. i use my ass muscles to gentle take the device in and release, over and over, rapidly, i get some nice different feelings however as above if i go harder (sometimes i have NO control over the level because my penis gets erect and sort of pulls the device in and makes me sort of bare down even though I'm actively trying to not let it happen, its weird)

    - (fast forward to right now i.e. the next day) i am getting the weird muscles spams in my anal area right now, i always get them even after weeks of not using the aneros. Don't know why, slightly annoying if I'm honest. They produce no feelings at all.

    - A lot of the time when i grip it kind of kills it, kills the feelings. But if i do nothing or actively do nothing, i get tired/bored and totally unaroused.

    - The more i close my legs the more the device speeds up/muscles move. No pleasure though. Odd! i feel you should get something in accordance with the amount it is vigoursly moves/pushes/pulsates.

    - When i get really aroused the aneros does move a lot, the muscles go crazy and the device too goes crazy, seemingly stroking something in there vigoursly and amazingly!! great huh? nope! i get NO pleasurable feelings at all, i mean literally nothing, not even a hint of anything, just lots of movement. Lots of it, no matter how long i do it for.

    I am convinced the latter is what normal people get and produce feelings, i don't know why i don't. i think i have numbed my prostate in the early days, probably mis using the aneros to some degree and I've damaged it somehow, forever. 

    I would love to make sense of all this, it seems i can get some reaction with devices but i don't see a pattern, at least not one i can sustain to produce anything? even after 4 years i am clueless!

    I need to try some other techniques (i don't know why to look for anymore, should i take a do nothing approach? or a subtle grip approach) but i really don't know where to being or how to go about it. Ive tried other positions but they don't do anything for me whatsoever.

    I've never had a dry-o or even close, let alone a super-o! I am willing to work at it, even starting again from scratch and get this hurdle cleared, i just need direction and guidance.

    Also can anyone explain why I'm the only person on these forums not getting anywhere with this? all i see here are people talking about their dry o's and super os and how intense they are, the longing i have and arousal i feel is just….. gah!

    I read this today, and even now it makes my prostate swell and feel pleasure, just the though that people can experience this makes me excited, however as of right now, as i type this, i feel true, true sorrow and jelousey… i bet this guys only tried for a few months and got to this stage..

    "as this sensation kept going on and on, and my ass was doing that fluttering contraction thing, it started to pick up and I felt my body, including my ass, doing these little spasms and the never-ending orgasm like....quadrupled in strength over the next 10-20 seconds, then suddenly THAT sensation doubled. My ass was spasming and quivering, and the Aneros felt like it was vibrating in me. I was shocked, I thought I had already had a super orgasm, but this new thing was blowing away my mind, I couldn't think, it was easily 10 times as good as my penile orgasms, and I had all I could do to keep my arms on the desk to keep me from falling off the chairs. This super orgasm lasted about 1 minute. I just could not believe that this had happened"

    Help a newbie??

  • inhopeinhope
    Posts: 1,260
    I actually think i have been going about this all wrong, however there is an upside to it, it has awakened me/rewired me at least partially.

    I have been aggressively taking the device in and getting a minimal amount of pleasure from doing so  in vain (for years) i have been trying to expand on this minimal pleasure assuming it to be what everyone else has done too but just finding it would stay as it was, at the same level.

    I tried today, just taking it slowly, intentionally doing NO big movements and grabs/grips, more 'micro' movements. I got some very nice sensations, when i was more aroused it was close to feeling something… else. I didn't get the shards nor an orgasm, i did get tired though! and the concentration i required was immense, real hard work! but it seemed to be better than just tensing. When i don't tense i don't get the muscle spams which i feel is something i was meant to have but i find them distracting and i get no pleasure from this 'auto-f*cking' (yes, believe it or not i get this advanced level of things happening, even though i have no idea why, and zero pleasure from it happening)

    My legs are the issue though, they seem to auto tense which cause me to get an erection which then pulls on the penis/legs muscle area and causes me to ejaculate (requires a lot of tensing though!) i need to move away from this as much as i can.

    But frustration always leads me to the same end, i have taken time to experience something, so i want to feel something. So i do. Its a vicious circle!
  • I went through a frustrating dry spell after early success. The peridise beginners set helped me snap out of it. I think I was too aggressively attacking my prostate, and the subtle tickle of the Peridise models woke it up again.
  • ineverknewineverknew
    Posts: 1,209
    @inhope, i feel for ya buddy.  I have been reluctant to post anything cause I know how you feel, but I'm actually kind of where you are myself.  I have had dry O's and a couple of super O's myself but have had none in almost a year now and its getting extremely frustrating maybe more so since I know what I am missing.  I think alot of people end up in the same situation but are hesitant to speak up about it, but the truth is I think many of us end up with all the right things happening and not much pleasure.  The reasons are vast and possibly not easy to answer as they are individual problems.  All I can say is stick with it and try new things and hopefully one day things might turn around.  Personally I think one of my biggest problems is using pornography.  This I think has hampered my success and will be taking my own advice and quitting porn for good.  Porn is like any addiction, you either use or dont use LOL.  I had thought I could control it to some extent but now realize I just need to quit cold turkey and see if it will help improve my situation.  I wish I had some answers for you, but I dont.  
  • XilehXileh
    Posts: 392
    @inhope - you have tried so hard for a long time. You are not the only one in your experiences though. The majority of this post, perfectly describes my experiences for the last three months as I setup permanent camp in the Dry Zone. I can at least empathize with you.

    I have pretty much quit chasing O's all together and shed that frustration. What I am enjoying, are the other feelings and the energy that remain. Now that I don't O, I just let the energy build and build. I move it around and play with it. I enjoy the involuntaries if they choose to visit. I have just let go completely, I thrive doing nothing. If my muscles tense on their own, I relax them. That's about it. Sometimes I am so relaxed, I fall asleep!

    During two recent sessions, it feels like something new is beginning. It's just a whisper. I hope.

    I'll send some energy your way.

  • inhopeinhope
    Posts: 1,260
    Cheers everyone, perhaps its time to use the peridise? i really think I've been punishing my prostate into feeling something and it hasn't worked.

    i watched a video recently of  a guy using his device and i watched as after about 20 mins he was getting pleasure. i noticed that the device would move in for 2 seconds then release for 2-3 seconds. This reposted for 20 mins as i say.

    The thing i didn't understand was this, was he making it move in for those 2 seconds then out or was it auto?

    if it is the former then i have been doing this wrong, it seems i need to move the device and concentrate on doing so rather than just 'tensing like a bat outta hell' and expecting things to just work. Its also why i think i am getting echo-type effects after a session just randomly, I'm forcing the muscles to get overactive and when my ass cheeks come together, e.g. when sitting, it makes the muscles spasm, because I've overworked them so much!

    I could be wrong….. but i think it makes sense.

    So can anyone answer about the vid i saw? i can link it here:

  • inhopeinhope
    Posts: 1,260
    Just having a session now, subtle movements only.

    Rock hard erections and waaaay more pleasurable sensations. Seems I may be right.

    Edit: this is the best session I've ever had, it's like teetering on orgasm, wow. When I close my eyes it's even better?

    Edit 2: just had wave that made me moan for 5 mins straight! Are these mini o's?
  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,492
    In you said to @HopefulMMOer :
    inhope said:

    Just a big f u from me, someone that doesn't even get 1% of the feelings you're describing. So yeah F U!!!

    and 19 min. later in you said
    inhope said:

    Just having a session now, subtle movements only. Rock hard erections and waaaay more pleasurable sensations. Seems I may be right.
    Edit: this is the best session I've ever had, it's like teetering on orgasm, wow. When I close my eyes it's even better?

    Whoa, your emotions are all over the place, it seems you're experiencing some real passive-aggressive emotional flow right now. Berating and cursing a fellow member here is not going to help either of you in your personal journey's. We all 'get it' that you are extremely frustrated for not having achieved the level of pleasure you continue to expect from your Aneros but venting your anger toward someone else is unjustified. I wish I had a simple formula to offer you for progress but, alas, there are no simple formulas. I hope you can at least refrain from the verbal assaults against other members despite their successes.
    image Good Vibes to You ! image

    EDIT : If you're having P-waves causing you to moan in pleasure for 5 minutes, then you're having a Super-O not merely a mini-O.
  • inhopeinhope
    Posts: 1,260
    I take back what I said un-fu! I'm happy now 4 years dude! Also my apologies!

    You must understand it's been 4 years and I'm finally there, it's been hell! My apologies, sincerely. The relief and surprise is just.... Beyond words.

    What I'm feeling isn't super o I'm sure, I would say mini o or p waves are what I feel, no orgasm as such but very very nice indeed!
  • inhope said:

    I take back what I said un-fu! I'm happy now 4 years dude! Also my apologies!

    You must understand it's been 4 years and I'm finally there, it's been hell! My apologies, sincerely. The relief and surprise is just.... Beyond words.

    What I'm feeling isn't super o I'm sure, I would say mini o or p waves are what I feel, no orgasm as such but very very nice indeed!

    Take the good with the great and try not to worry so much now buddy! You know you have it in you!!! Just let it happen and keep doing what your doing! Congrats!!!
  • inhopeinhope
    Posts: 1,260
    Will do, I know I've not had a super o because remember those shards I talked about? Not had them yet! They are definitely 10x better!

    Also I tried the helix and and eupho but found they didn't work, returned back to sgx and back on track!

    I've also always got a massive hard on whilst these are going on! But only when it's hard do I feel anything. Am I having mini o s or p waves?
  • @inhope --- Moaning for 5 minutes is pretty serious p-waves and/or mini-o's! Just go with it and enjoy. Label it later!
  • inhopeinhope
    Posts: 1,260
    I really need to move the device and concentrate, no hard grip, not even medium or low level, it kills it. The second I stop too, so do the waves.

    I've found I can stop them and start them at will but after 2 hrs it seems to be over, no orgasm and the more intense waves I was getting seem to be gone. I just sort of get ones that half way feel good.

    I'm scared to stop this session, what if I can't get to this level next time, even though it seems to want me to? Or get it to work at all?
  • Alex_xxxAlex_xxx
    Posts: 575
    hmm.. just a few thoughts - my prioritized list - in the correct order.

    1. Focus - connecting to that inner feeling and building upon it.
    2. Just thinking about feeling it move will eventually make it move or make you tens up. That means it moves inwards by itself. Try relaxing every once in a while instead so that it moves back out.
    3. Relax.. Don`t even think about relaxing. That`s how much you should relax.

    4. Now that you have the three things down, you can do some experimenting. Try combining focus with something else. One thing that ALWAYS gets me going is concentrating on the feeling you get when you cum traditionally. The "opening up" feeling of the muscle that releases the flow of secrete (not mixed up with sperm). This secrete is located in the exact area that you`re focusing on. The prostate..
    When you get that opened up feeling, just concentrate on holding it "open.

    Now that you got those things down, do a of them in a slow mix.

    If you find the opening up feeling of the muscle that releases the flow of secrete then you`ll also find that the massaging of the prostate get`s taken up a notch feeling-wise.Everything will feel better..

    5. Last but not least. If you feel the urge to get a twitch or pump in your dick while erect. Then don`t force it.. let it built until it goes off by itself. It will eventually feel like the same pump you get when you cum traditionally.

    Let the feelings build and let everything do itself mostly :) All you really need to do is the focusing, opening up, relaxing and fantasizing.

    I`ll actually make a thread for this, maybe somebody can benefit from what I`ve learned gets me most often to the super-o.
  • inhopeinhope
    Posts: 1,260
    Ok I stopped, couldn't get it back to 'those' feelings again, the waves, i think I just got tired/prostate had enough, the feelings were good but not like it was for the previous hour or So. I need to make these points as I need some answers to better help my understanding; 

    1. When do you know a session is over, especially when your not quite 'there' yet? 

    2. I had to stop and pee 4 times during my session, normal? 

    3. Same goes for moving the device and *ahem* 'releasing' something 

    4. after the session I am getting very pleasurable feelings in my prostate, I'm also very horny and in need of release, but I want to wait till tomorrow to try again. The muscles there are pulsing, like it used to when I over gripped/was too aggressive. It feels veeeery hot in there too. I'm even now finding it hard to sleep, I can even subtlety tense now and get some small build up of feeling anerosless. Normal? 

    5. What if I can't get it back like this session again? It's taken me 4 years to get to this stage don't forget… 

    6. The following day I'm having almost orgasmic feelings in my prostate, i work from home and i can tell you its very distracting (in a nice way!) but i don't think i can get any work done! last time this happened (by fluke i think) it lasted for 18 hours and was a little too much after about 5 hours or so, but it wouldn't stop!

    Thanks also for everyone putting up with my rants/moaning and general frustration!

    Thanks :-)
  • inhopeinhope
    Posts: 1,260
    Every session since has been a dud, totally, even following the same rules as before, there is no consistency at all, it must be like this for others. I'm lost, I feel like starting again but don't know what to do, can people help me pretend I'm a newb!

    Just had one before felt nothing and I mean Zero, then got a shooting pain in my penis, really painful! Lasted a second. Was doing the do nothing approach. Little scared