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A newly coined Aneros word: Anerosy
  • Hi guys,

    A new vocabulary is being formed gradually as it related to the Aneros experience. I give you a few examples:

    A guy who has Aneros sessions may be called an Aneroser.

    Aneros can be used as a verb quite easily: I just love to Aneros.

    Many guys in our Aneros community are so taken with their Anerosing that they may think about their experience 24/7. They think of this device, or sex toy or tool that just a mere thought or suggestion of the Aneros may cause them to have an Anerosless session and enjoy Super-O's and MMO's for as long as they want.

    Well, earlier tonight I paid a brief visit to Aneros Chat. Some guys there hailed my arrival and asked how I am doing. It is then a new word dropped from my lips seemingly out of the blue. I told them that I am feeling Anerosy tonight. A couple guys gave me the correct definition of Anerosy. To feel Anerosy is closely akin to feeling horny for the Aneros, or just being a horndog for the Aneros. But Anerosy can mean much, much more. Feeling Anerosy at any time, before a session, during a session, or after a session is very much a state of Aneros consciousness. But feeling Anerosy on the surface is the mere tip of the Aneros consciousness iceberg. This mere tip of the iceberg is a portal or door to something much greater of which the Aneros is a tool or facilitator. What do you think?

    Are there other Aneros words or expressions out there you would to share with our group?

  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,492

    I like your term Anerosy, it's short and to the point meaning "Aneros horny" but it also can imply the anticipation, excitement and mystery of the Aneros experience.

    The term Aneroser could be used for a person using an Aneros product but the term Anerosian has been used for a longer period and is pretty fitting and one I'd like to keep using.

    I've been using the conjoined word Anerosession for years for an "Aneros session" and coined the word "zoneros" in another thread.
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  • BunkBunk
    Posts: 171
    Anerossed... For the past tense. "Last night I anerossed my brains out". Alternative spelling - Anerosed.
  • Technical term for your butt hole = Your Universal Aneros port. :-*
    What did you expect from a ex computer geek!
  •  I adore  brave new leaders .As an example of three ~
      Aneroser,Anerosian  &  the newest technical term for our butt holes , is a damn nice example
  • Hi @CntrlflPOZ, welcome to Aneros Forum! ;)

    A couple more new Aneros coinages or terms:

    Anerotic = Aneros eroticism which one sees an Aneros model, hefts it, feels it, gets hot over it, and the sensation of the model when inserted working on you! ;) :D

    Anerocoitus = Getting f**ked by Aneros, or having sex with Aneros! ;)
  • Along that same line:

    Anerodiction = the practice of making up new terms with "Aneros" as the root
    Anerodict = someone who practices Anerodiction
    Anerogistics = the science of Aneros use; knowledge of what it does to the body and psyche
    Anerophile = someone who loves Aneros, practicing its use, and/or everything about it
    Anerophobe = someone who is afraid of Aneros, its use, or what it might do to him
    Anerophone = someone who is familiar with Aneros-related terms and "speaks Aneros"
    Anerosian (I didn't make this up) = someone who uses Aneros and/or likes talking about it; a member
         of the Aneros community
    Anerosian (alternate meaning) = the language of Aneros (e.g. "Anerosian spoken here")
    Anerozzz = synonym of Anerodiction and Anerodict

  • I just your new Aneros coinages, questOr. Your coinages show a facility with Greek and Latin root! :D

    I propose a variation of meaning in Anerozz. It could mean Aneros buzz that you receive from a session both physically and psychologically. ;)

  • BadgerBadger
    Posts: 777
    I thought that Anerozzz meant that you are overnighting with the Aneros in.