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How do different types of anal toys feel?
  • hello everybody,

    I am searching for a new anal toy, but i don't know which yet.
    This time i don't want an aneros prostate massager but something different, so could you guys help me to explain the feeling of the following products? And how is it compared to aneros prostate massagers?

    Vibrating prostate massager (like:

    Thanks for helping me out ;)

  • I had the first vibrator you mention. It did NOTHING for me. I've reviewed some other ones on my blog. Try to get something with the right kind of curve, and it is very important where the vibrating mechanism is. If it's in the base, as in the Rocks Off, it doesn't get enough vibration to the prostate.
  • ClenchyClenchy
    Posts: 224
    I find vibrators boring, the same pattern gets tuned-out fast. I had a prostate vibrator before, but it was so blah that I just threw it out. The shape was crap for thrusting, so there wasn't any fall-back use for it.
    A basic dildo is a good bet. Sometimes I just want something large and crazy up there. And it makes a nice change from having to move everything with your ass.
  • Okay thanks fot the help

    But what is the difference whith the peridise and the tempo?

    And they train your .... (Forgot name). Does this mean that your normal aneros sessions also get better?
  • Hi @Tarzanhenkie,

    The Peridise comes in three different sets:

    (1) The Peridise Beginners Set: (set of two)

    (2) The Perdise Advanced Set: (set of two)

    (3) The Peridise Full Set: (complete set of four)

    Now on Amazon, the Peridise Full Set may be sold as Peridise Advanced Set. Please note that the "Advanced" set is actually the "Full" set of four Peridise.

    The Peridise sets offer different degrees of anal muscle and sphincter toning. 

    The there is the Tempo which is made of stainless steel. It is similar the Peridise but gives a bona fide anal tract massage and toning. It like the Progasm, I believe, is the Cadillac of the Aneros line and worth of every penny of your investment.

    Both the Peridise and Tempo help you develop and tone the muscles in your anal tract and your anal sphincters, all of which enable you to have better Aneros sessions. Plus the Peridise, and especially Tempo, help you develop what I call an Aneros "autof**k" rhythm which is irresistible!

    For more information, please see also the thread: 

    Hope all this helps you.


  • okey thanks, i think i will buy a peridise set (4) or the tempo. Which one do you recommend? (i am still a beginner)
  • Hi @Tarzanhenkie,

    If I were you and could afford it, I'd buy both the Peridise Full Set (4) and the Tempo. That is what I did last Mid November and never regretted it. But the Peridise is certainly good for Aneros beginner. You can get Tempo later on. BTW, you can purchase these items at a slight discount on Amazon.
  • Okay, i think i will first get the peridise and later the tempo. Unfortunately amazon doesn't work for me because i'm from holland. Here unfortunately the peridise set costs at least €60-70 and the tempo €85-100

    Unless someone knows a cheap site in europe (holland) but i gues not ;)

    Thanks for helping me!!!
  • Hi @Tarzanhenkie,

    I truly hope you can find a store or an Aneros distribution center in the Netherlands or elsewhere in Europe, OR, you could make a special trip the UK where there are adult sex stores that sell the Aneros line.

    Perhaps some of our Aneros friends in the UK or elsewhere can help @Tarzankenkie in his search for Peridise and Tempo.

    Take care,

  • FWIW sell the full Peridise set @ £50.00, and shipping to the Netherlands is free (but takes 5-7 days):

    The Tempo is £70.00

    Hope this helps.