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i just saw flashes of color was that the super o?
  • just finished a session where i started to breathe real hard and then i saw flashes of white blue and yellow. i felt like i was about to cum but didnt.  did i just have a super o?
  • It sounds as though your body was on its way, but my experience has been that when I had to ask myself if "that was IT", it usually wasn't. You'll know it when you've had it.  But I am interested in your visual experience.  I have not had any visual component to my sessions, super O or not, though it seems to me that it would be part of the whole body energizing that accompanies the super O.  I'm interested to read if others do have visual effects during Aneros use and during super O's.   The Aneros experience is so varied, from session to session and even within a session.  Though there are many common denominators you can see in the descriptions of the early phases of re-wiring and the full blown experience that you'll read, it's also very clear to me that it is a very, very individual and personal experience, and that's what's so amazing about it.  Wishing you continued visual and other pleasureable phenomena!
  • I second the idea that "if you have to ask" then you probably haven't. I does seem like your body is moving in that direction pretty well. I've had only minor visual changes and they happened whether I've had a Super O or not. It's like a dim light flickering beyond my eye lids when I have them closed. Nothing real dramatic, but when I recognize it then I have some confirmation that things are getting charged "between my ears".

    Best of luck in your journey and don't worry if your experiences aren't quite the same as what other people have experienced. Take note of the interesting new experiences along the way and ask questions as the need arises.
  • XilehXileh
    Posts: 387
    It's not uncommon to get "white flashes". I had them pretty frequently when I first started out, not so much now. Like many things Aneros, some sensations and reactions you are having now may diminish later. Enjoy and explore everything that happens now to the max, Super O or not. It may gently slip away in the future, replaced by something new and even more interesting!

    Sounds like you are making good progress!

  • is there a feeling of release with the super o?

  • KatiesF25 said:

    is there a feeling of release with the super o?

    More often, it's been a sustained feeling of various levels of pleasure, often mild, but also very strong at times! A building up of pleasure is typical as with masturbation, yet no hands are necessary when allowing the Aneros to work! Plateaus are reached and then often extended to higher levels with practice! It's the sustained levels of pleasure, and full body orgasms, that bring a sense of release when they occur, which can also build again into second, third, fourth, and beyond orgasms which can continue for as long as you desire, and they can, and do, continue for hours if you let them! Now that's amazing!

  • XilehXileh
    Posts: 387
    You may not feel the sense of release as you do with a traditional orgasm. @theme_gasm described the process pretty well. Even though there is no release as such, the Super O does not stop with the end of your session. You are likely to feel the pleasant after-effects long after your session completes, perhaps for days!

  • pcraypcray
    Posts: 12
    I've seen the flashes of color several times, both from sessions that didn't lead to a Super O, but instead had me teetering on the verge for some time.  
  • artformartform
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    Great thread!! :D :D

    Agree, much better to forget about always looking for traditional sense of "release"!! The range of responses in p-waves, mini-Os, bigger dry-Os and Super-Os is so vast, you never want to limit your judgment of what wild, dead calm, deep and rising, huge, ever-so-light, feelings and/or visions may visit you while riding, or in LESS sessions.

    Great that several are experiencing light orgasms!! The first I recognized as such, because I was still thinking the surest orgasmic form is the penile/vaginal sex feelings, occurred when my wife and I were indeed having traditional sex in a session that had begun with Aneros/KSMO/Tao hands-free practices.

    I suddenly felt a tradition wet orgasm Ejac Response build occurringmmmmMMMM!!!! and then ")) .I. :D  ((" WWWHHHIIIITTTEEE WHITE LIGHT FLASH!!! like lightning from the base of my cock and balls shot down my shaft and into my wife's vagina!!!!!!! It was very bright and total surprise astounding. There was no direct physical feeling, no wet orgasm/release, yet great radiating energies powerfully flowering throughout us both, like time-lapse film/video. Huge deep heat and profound satisfaction contentment!!!!  up into BLISS EXTRAORDINAIRE aaahhhhhmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.........

    I checked in with two senior experts at KSMO and they have both experienced the same. These are a rare and may be once in a lifetime events, as are lots of others, and I have had less visually dramatic, butt nonetheless wonderful light effects in many rides with fave aneros models, as well as more commonly in the more widely integrated LESS sessions.

    The lights form that is very much the same format each time is what I call the "retinal fireworks" and I get those most often while doing energies exchanges with friends online, often in LESS mode, yet with strong energies bodies connections at-a-distance.

    At times my tongue gets erect, with my lips encirling but not touching it, and while I have gone into a deep long breaths mode. On the exhale, with strong sense of sending energies to my online friend through that action, I get the slightest sense of dizziness and my vision focus shifts to my retinas as eyes close, where great geometric patterns of light pixels radiate from a centre and like fireworks fill my visual field for a minute or two, even as I am experiencing a fabulous whole body/mind silent multicoloured fireworks "emptying out" to the other(s) and profound peace and interlinked joy mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

    all the very best finding and dancing the ecstatic light fantastic all


    as we rewire
    we are all reconnected

  • mdadmdad
    Posts: 139
    KatiesF25 said:

    is there a feeling of release with the super o?

    I agree with others here; when the Aneros is doing it's thing, I don't get the sense of release that I get from a traditional orgasm. I get immense waves of pleasure, but no ejaculation. The pleasure itself is as great or GREATER than the traditional orgasm. But still, no release. That has made me appreciate traditional orgasms even more. They are different entities altogether, and that's OK.

    When I get Dry Orgasms, for example, my penis stays at an intense level of pleasure for a long time. Sometimes it stays there for minutes on end until the intensity starts to HURT. Sometimes it lessens a little, but then a wave of new intensity brings it back up, or even higher. As soon as it goes away, I want it back because my body is never satisfied! But there never is the "release" that the traditional O has. If you search other forums online, you'll find plenty of examples of women who are still horny after their orgasms, which I am guessing comes from the lack of release that we get with ejaculation. It probably happens more with g-spot orgasms and vaginal orgasms than clitoral orgasms.

    just finished a session where i started to breathe real hard and then i saw flashes of white blue and yellow. i felt like i was about to cum but didn't.  did i just have a super o?

    I'd say NO, you did not. I often times get flashes of color when I'm having prostate sensations. When prostate starts to tingle or contract, I'll see colors spreading out in my field of vision (with my eyes closed).

    As for the Super-O, everyone is different. In the months before having my first Super-O (last Friday, BTW!!!!), I had dry orgasms, prostate orgasms, and some anal orgasms. But when I had what I believe to be my first Super-O, ALL OF THEM HAPPENED AT ONCE. It was amazing. And since it happened Friday night, my prostate has been on sensitivity-overload for three days now; it feels like it wants to do it again constantly, but I haven't been able to recreate it. So again, I don't think you had a Super-O.

    Also, you need to let go of your expectation of how it feels to cum. It won't feel like that. It's hard to understand until it starts to happen, but the orgasm feels different without the ejaculatory response. You'll be missing a certain set of muscles tightening and contracting, so the orgasm may not feel as "deep" or "full". But the pleasure sensation should be similar leading up to it. But this is more than made up for by the fact that a) the orgasms last longer (minutes), b) you can have multiples (I've had 40+ before), and c) you can have prostate orgasms. Prostate orgasms feel DEEPER and more satisfying than dry orgasms. They are amazing.