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Need advice on Progasm jr vs Progasm ice
  • So I think I'm ready to start experimenting with other models, in particular the Progasm Ice or the Progasm jr..  I'm currently using a Helix syn which has me progressing very well with rewiring and great orgasms. I feel like it doesnt quite reach as far as I'd like nor put much pressure on my prostate and that's the reason for trying one of the other models. I am not 100% sure whether I've had Super Os yet (and by saying that perhaps I'm answering my own question) but based on the intense contractions, shaking, feeling of surges going into my cock, and the euphoric feeling I have afterward, I know I'm getting closer.

    I'm not too concerned about inserting the Ice as long as I take my time and prepare thoroughly, but I've read the Progasm Jr is almost equal in terms of sensation but slightly smaller. So I guess my question is whether I'd be better off going with something smaller like the Progasm Jr.

    Anyway, I appreciate all the great information everyone has added to this forum, its helped me learn so much more about myself and my body in a relatively short time. And like they say, knowledge is power  :)
  • @AlteredState I dont have Jr but I do have Ice. At first ice was huge! On the point of tearing feeling and a bit of pain mostly while inserting But the ice is wonderful as long as you can drive it. By the sounds of it you might have the anal muscles to drive it ok.
    It is a very different feeling to Helix, it fills you to the hilt and yes its longer so everything is tight as you orgasm and deep at the same time.
    I always coat with Vaseline then my lube over the top of that plus pre inject lube too.

    Have you considered Maximus? It is honestly a under rated bit of kit. This thing will become your best friend!
    Its a bit like Helix but once your used to both you get a feeling of if you put the helix in it feels like it is only in 2 inches but then you put maximus in and it feel so long a gentle.
    Maximus feel filling but just right in size and it cradles you prostate and massages gently where as Progasm is a more sharper massage feeling, rougher feel over all.
    I mention  Maximus because it is inbetween helix and progasm and it maybe a good middle step to work up to the progasm.

    Even now after about 8 months use I will use the Maximus and the thing blows my mind and I get to a point where I then get a urge for progasm ice.

    Sadly helix is boring after you get used to max and ice and feels way too small, it is the only ok for a night where i need something small, like if you has a lot of gas.

    So there you go Ice is good and maximus complements it very well but be prepared to loose interest in your smaller toy for a while or maybe for ever =((
  • Thanks for the helpful tips Braveneworld, it sounds like that might be the best way to go for now - I had thought about the Maximus but I guess fell into the "newer model must be better" mode of thinking. 

    My helix syn is awesome and has really turned me on to what might be possible as I continue to learn, but when I read what others are experiencing with other models, I cant help but get excited about trying them. 
  • @Braveneworld   So I just received my new Progasm Jr yesterday. I didnt have time for a session but couldnt resist trying it for just a minute or so..   Ho Leeeee Crapp!!!   The sensations are amazing even for the very brief time it was in. Compared to the Helix Syn, it already seems magnitudes better. Anyway the wife is out of town for a couple days so I'll finally have some privacy tonight and will give it a proper try.  Also got the Maximus but haven't tried it yet.  :-c
  • Don't throw away your Helix Syn just yet. I have all of the models in this discussion and still love my Helix Syn. It is a great idea to change things up, so I agree with your purchases. However, I think you will find new sensations now when you go back to smaller models. With the "Do nothing approach" this is especially the case. After using progasm, vice, etc., my Helix Syn takes me on an entirely different ride while on the same blissful journey.
  • Thanks for the comments G-Force, much appreciated.  I'm definitely planning on keeping the Helix Syn around, its been a great experience for me so far. I'm very interested to see how different the ride will be with some other models now.  
  • Hi @G-Force, Welcome to Aneros Forum! I really enjoyed our conversation in Aneros Chat about a week ago.

    @AlteredState, I can totally relate to @G-Force's experience with Helix Syn. Helix Syn introduced me to Anerosing in early June 2012 in a rather gentle, kind way since I had no experience whatsoever with anal play previously in my life. Then I began working with Maximus and both Progasm Classic and Progasm Ice two or three months later, and my experience with Helix Syn became dull and rather routine.

    However when I began working with both Peridise, and especially Tempo late last November that is when my sessions began to take off. Just afternoon I discovered Anerosing while lying on my right side in the fetal position. That position, I discovered, is a passive position and  ideal for the "Do nothing approach." Both the smaller and larger Aneros models work very well in that position. Not only this, but I am getting such delicious, sweet textures of Aneros feeling when I do this. I am discovering now many new and subtle Anerosing from Helix Syn which is so delicious and sweet. Helix Syn now really powers and fuels my Aneros sessions!

    Also @AlteredState you will fall in love with Progasm Junior and Progasm Ice as you go along in your Aneros journey. And Maximus! Wow! You'll discover Maximus for it is, @AlteredState!

  • Thanks BigGlansDC, I use that position while going the "do nothing" route as well and find it works best for me so far. The Syn has been a great choice for getting started in this journey, and I feel like I'm learning so much more with each session. I've had a few Super-O's with it, truly mind-blowing experiences, so I can only imagine what the progasm might do for me!
    Thanks for the advice