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Jizz in my pants - Exercise-induced ejaculation without orgasm
  • Hey guys,
    Had a weird experience today while working out and thought I'd see if anyone else has had this...this is not a Saturday Night Live spoof music video either but it sounds like one...

    I had a hour-long Aneros session yesterday morning accompanied by lots of continuous Super O's the entire time. I didn't finish off with an ejaculation so I could save up my juices for an awesome ejaculation during sex with my wife Friday evening. We had an incredible session of love making in the wee hours of this am and I came in buckets...well, not literally, but it was a significant wad. My jizz tank was empty (or so I thought) and I was completely satisfied. 

    This afternoon, I went out to my garage for a little kettle ball workout. My regimen follows the kettle ball swing exercises outlined in Tim Ferris' Four-hour Body fitness book (an excellent fitness read). It consists of about 150 repetitions of three different exercises. I crouch down and lift the kettle ball up, keeping my back as upright as possible then set the ball right between my feet. I do this 50 times then repeat, this time setting the ball down at my heels for 50 repetitions and then the last 50 I don't set the ball down but swing it forward to mid-torso height then back down again right behind my ass. Once I finish with 150 of these, I then clench my butt checks as hard as I can, one at a time, and hold for an eight-count. I do eight of these then return to a set of 60 kettle ball swings and another set of butt clenches. I then run wind sprints for 100 yards alternating walking for 100 yards and do a total of ten of these. I do this three times a week to keep the fat off and make progress toward my goal of having a six-pack. I lift man-sized weights five days a week to build muscle and strength. Ya, I'm a beast. Kind of. 

    Now to the subject of the title in my post...

    Today was a nice day in Houston after a couple weeks of cold, grey, cloudy, wet weather. It felt great to get outside and sweat. As I always do before working out, I emptied my bladder and headed to the garage to do my kettle ball swings and ass clenches. After this, I headed to the street in front of my house to finish with my sprints. 

    On the first 50 yards of my first sprint, I started to feel the very familiar sensation of cum making it's way through my urethra in the inside-my-body part of my penis, creeping into my external penis. "Hmmm, that's interesting", I said to myself. 

    I wasn't thinking about sex per se (well, I'm kind of always thinking about sex but in a good way, having sex with my wife) and I wasn't sexually aroused. That's kind of hard to do when you're exerting yourself physically anyway. 

    As I continued with the final 50 yards of this first sprint, the cum-leaking feeling continued unabated and as I stopped at the end of the sprint, I pulled the front of my gym shorts forward just enough to see what was going on in there (I wear Nike running shorts with a built-in brief so I'm not wearing any jock or underwear) but not enough to freak out the neighbors who might peek out the window and wonder what I was up to. As I did this, I was startled to see a huge emission of creamy, white semen gently flowing out of my penis. I estimate it was one-third of what I normal shoot. But, it was still so much that had I been at the gym instead of running outside my house, I would have had to come home immediately. It was obvious this wasn't a dribble after peeing. The wet spot spread to the size of my entire hand in no time!

    I've never had a spontaneous emission of semen like this. This wasn't painful and I've had no pain in my prostate or testicles beforehand either. In fact, it felt kind of good and I thought it was cool. I guess like every guy, I'm proud of what I can put out. What surprised me is that it has been less than 24-hours since I had intercourse and emptied the tank. So, I was astonished to have such a surplus of cum in a involuntary ooze like this.

    Any of you dudes, particularly those into fitness, ever have this happen? I'm wondering if my Aneros use and my wife's frequent prostate massages are ramping up my production of prostate fluid and semen so I've got a surplus and therefore, the exercises, which certainly stimulated and squeezed my prostate and seminal vesicles due to their close proximity to my thigh and gluteal muscles, ended up causing them to release their juices when I started to run. Kind of like shaking a Coke bottle then taking the top off. 

  • Hi @newguy8762,

    I am really intrigued by your experience. A question comes to mind as I read your hot account. I do not know how long you have been on your Aneros journey, but it is apparent that you are quite far along your journey to experience such "a spontaneous emission of semen as this."

    My question is this: Are you experiencing the joys of a "second" adolescence through the rediscovery of your sexual equipment by your working with the Aneros? There are many accounts of adolescent boys experiencing out of the blue their very first orgasm with ejaculation of semen by climbing rope in gym class.


    P.S. My older brother reported to me about fifty years ago that he experienced his very first orgasm with ejaculation out the blue in the principal's office where he had been sent for some infraction. He told me that he was about thirteen at the time. ;)
  • TreiTrei
    Posts: 246
    I don't exercise much nowadays but when i used to work out i used to orgasm unintentionally at the gym. The joke in my family is that I lost my virginity to a leg workout machine and boy did it feel good! ;))

    Anyways the excersises that made me orgasm and ejaculate where any exercise involving the legs i even ejaculated while I was running top speed on the treadmill, it only happens when i am pushing myself to the utmost limit but it feels so good. After a while I learned how to bring on the effect with focus.

    Many times when I felt it coming on I had to stop as I didn't want to ruin my clothes. I considered at one point wearing a cup or the like to the gym so that I could orgasm whenever I wanted as I lacked the ability to masturbate at that time due to mandatory birth circumcision.
  • Hey @BigGlansDC...I've been Anerocizing since 2007. And, yes, it has been like a second adolescence in many ways. I've become more uninhibited with my wife (I'm now much more vocal during sex, I'm open to trying different things that she's desired to do, I'm freer in telling her exactly what feels good and giving her praise for how she touches me, etc.).

    You would not believe how many times I've heard of boys having their first orgasm either climbing ropes or sitting on the monkey bars in school. Who knew ropes could be so fun? The story of your brother having his first orgasm in front of the principal is hilarious! He must have been terrified. I can just imagine what it went like..."Yes, Principal Jones, I was running down the hall and I shouldn't have been...uhhhh....ohhhh....ahhh, ahhhh, ahhh, YES! YES! YES!...kind of like a Wonder Years version of the famous scene from When Harry Met Sally. LOL. Did your brother know what it was? Most dads have a less than three-minute conversation with their sons about sex and it seems they alway forget to mention this orgasm thing.

    My first time orgasming was when I was 12, the first time I masturbated. This occurred right after my dad explained to me what masturbation was. I asked him because in 7th grade that morning, we'd watched a movie that used the term and all the guys laughed. I didn't know what it was. When he was tucking me in that night I asked him and he said it was playing with yourself. I was really shocked. But, he didn't explain what an orgasm was and neither did the film. I knew semen came out of your penis but I didn't know HOW. After he left my room, I decided to try playing with myself and was totally surprised when the increasing pleasure erupted in an explosion of incredible ecstasy and fluid from my penis, which splattered all over my face! If this would have happened at school, I don't know what I would have done.

    @Trei, your story is pretty funny too. If I would have experienced orgasms at the gym, you could have never gotten me out of there. Sounds like your family, like mine, is pretty open and has a good, fun attitude about sex and talking about it. Did you know what was cuming (pun intended) the first time it happened or did it totally catch you off guard. Don't know your age but you seem like a younger guy. Does this still happen if you workout or exert your legs? Pretty wild.

    Why did circumcision keep you from masturbating? I was circumcised at birth like most guys in the U.S. my age or younger and it never kept any of us from masturbating. Were you circumcised at birth or do you mean later? One time I met a Jewish guy who was originally from Russia and had emigrated to the U.S. as a teen. He wasn't allowed to be circumcised at birth in Russia or his parents just didn't get it done for whatever reason. He decided to get circumcised as a teen and said it was the most painful thing he's ever experienced. I'm glad I had mine done as a baby.
  • TreiTrei
    Posts: 246
    Well Newguy I’m glad you asked! : D Firstly I had had wet dreams before so i was familiar with the feeling but when it occurred on the leg machine I couldn't believe what was happening and brushed it off as my imagination so I kept going and before I knew it I exploded.

    I'd loved to keep having the orgasms that way but I wasn't able to push myself to the limit 100% of the time and I never got around to employing the use of a cup or other such object, though if i had kept seeking the orgasms I think I’d looked like Arnold Schwarzenegger in short order especially if I had gotten used to pushing myself, that or I’d wound up in the hospital from over (s)exertion (pun intended) or a viscous hernia ; (.

    My birth circumcision was likely botched as my penis is permanently twisted side-ways and has a long scar going down the phallus to the base. Because of that and my dried, numbed out glands my sensitivity has been so low that I cannot masturbate by hand no matter how hard I try though I’ve discovered masturbation sleeves last year which was a godsend though it took some time and dedication to get them to work..

    Also yes my family is semi-open about sex as well I am in my early 20's so it was a good guess ; )

    I've heard of babies developing brain damage from the sheer pain of circumcision or even death but I’m not sure if it's true or not its just info that I came across as I was researching the subject a couple years ago.

    P.S.: I've done some research into this workout orgasm phenomena in the past and it seems that many people report spontaneous orgasms while working out though it is uncommon. As well, I tried to focus the energy elsewhere and orgasm from working out my upper body but I was never able to pull it off though I got nice sensations in my arms.

    @};- Trei
  • I know what you mean about circumcision, I was circumcised when I was born...couldn't walk for a year!
  • ineverknewineverknew
    Posts: 1,209
    @trei,  that does sound botched!  A long scar going the length of your shaft seems very weird for a circumcision.  The circumcision scar should only be around the shaft just behind the glans.  Also hard to believe that your penis got twisted from such a procedure.  Have you ever talked to your parents about what might have happened?  I would think maybe something different happened perhaps.  I remember when I was 2 years old something tragic happened to my own twig and berries, I was riding around on a toy car with no diaper on and something happened, not sure exactly what but ended up going to the hospital.  I've asked my parents and they say they dont remember what happened but it wasnt that big of a deal.  I dont have any scars and everything is in good working order so who knows lol. Just wondering if maybe something like that might have happened.
  • TreiTrei
    Posts: 246
    Yes it is truly a horrible thing and should be considered a crime. All of the reasons for circumcision are bogus, they say "what if the foreskin gets too tight?" well how about we wait and see and if it gets too tight and if it does, have it slit, not removed. It annoys me, having tight foreskin is akin to having tight eyelids and how many people do you see with that problem?

    The foreskin has more nerve endings and fine-touch receptors than anywhere else on the human body combined is what I’ve gathered from research. (correct me if I’m wrong anyone.)

    Well I’m gonna cut my little rant short (pun not intended) before I create a giant wall of text, I mean it's just so idiotic, cut the babies skin and leave him exposed to all manner of infection for the sake of hygiene when it "literally" only takes half a second to pull the skin back and wipe during a shower/bath *facepalm*! As well I hear the medical industry makes a killing off of those skins.

    P.S.: @iknevernew no i have never asked my parents if anything happened when I was an infant but i highly doubt it. The scar looks like it was from stitches of some sort, also my penis untwists as it becomes erect forming into its proper orientation. Anyway we'd better stay on topic here.

    @};- Trei
  • ineverknewineverknew
    Posts: 1,209
    @Trei, I wholeheartedly agree with you, it is a madness that needs to stop.  I live in the US and hospitals are starting to educate new parents about their options and do explain that most of the information about hygiene and not circumsizing has been found to be wrong.  Though now they have to fight conformity as most children are circumsized parents don't want their children to be "different".  The whole thing is nonsensical.  I did stumble across a website once where this guy makes a device that you wear on your penis and it helps stretch your skin back over you penis head essentially making you uncut again.  His device restores your foreskin and the nerves in your glans.  It does take time though for this to work but seems to have good results.
  • TreiTrei
    Posts: 246
    @iknverknew No nothing can restore those nerves or the frenulum. Foreskin restorations sole purpose is for protection and re-sensitizing the glands by allowing them to remoisturize. The stretched skin is simply that, stretched skin. But we're kinda hijacking Newguys thread here about exercise orgasms so we should continue this in PM or create a separate thread. No offence intended ; )

    P.S.: Ooops i see that you meant the nerves in the glands, not the foreskin. In that case then yes they can be restored since they haven't been severed.

    @};- Trei
  • Trei,
    Thanks for keeping it on topic (sorta). I'm truly sorry for the botched circumcision job on you and glad when your manhood unfurls to it's full glory, it straightens out. Sounds like you're doing well with the cards God dealt you. For me and other circumcised guys, we've never known what we're missing so it has never entered my mind and I enjoy sex immensely cut as I am. My dad and friends are uncut and they seem to do well too.

    Anyway, back to the topic of this thread...any other guys have these spontaneous ejaculation or orgasm experiences in your life?
  • Trei said:

    Many times when I felt it coming on I had to stop as I didn't want to ruin my clothes. I considered at one point wearing a cup or the like to the gym so that I could orgasm whenever I wanted as I lacked the ability to masturbate at that time due to mandatory birth circumcision.

    @Trei hit upon a major fetish that I have had since puberty, and that is jockstraps and athletic cups. I hit upon that fetish when I discovered my dad's jockstrap when I was entering puberty. A year later when I entered 7th ed PE class, our coach told us that we had to get a jockstrap as part of our uniform. After purchasing mine, I brought it home and slipped it on for the first time in the privacy of my bedroom. I sprung a rockhard boner and oozed precum in the poroknit jock pouch. The feelings coursing throughout my body were electric, feelings I never felt before. I came very close to popping a load of cum then and there!

    Like most baby boomers, I was circumcised as a neonatal in late March 1949. So was my dad in early March 1914. He and I had identical penises, glans, and nice circumcisions. My dad certainly had a beautiful, meaty glans! My fascination with my glans and what it could do for me was accentuated when I got my jock and cup fetish. It continues to this day.

    Like @newguy8762, my Aneros sessions have unlocked the pleasures found in my body. In a way, I am experiencing the thrills of a second adolescence. I suspect someday soon I'll experience a Super-O out of the blue, and perhaps soon afterward a hands free spontaneous ejaculation of cum!

    Finally, I must say that routine infant circumcision [RIC] really took hold in the latter decades of the 19th century as a preventative against masturbation in boys. With me, circumcision was the exact opposite. It got me directly in touch with my penis as early as age five. ;)


  • check out the medical term raphe. I have a prominent one also, I found this info on the restoreingformen website
  • Hi @forgeman,

    Do you mean the raphe on your scrotum, or on the underside of your penis? I am curious.

  • ineverknewineverknew
    Posts: 1,209
    sorry guys, didnt mean to get things off topic.
  • MB5MB5
    Posts: 6
    I suspect you had stimulated your prostate to the point that it couldn't hold any more semen so it had to come out. Your exercising probably continued to stimulate your prostate causing the semen flow. During intercourse with my wife when I get really stimulated semen starts flowing from my penis prior to ejaculation. Often I drizzle as much or more semen before ejaculation as I do during ejaculation.

    I also had exercise induced orgasms. When I was younger regular physical activity would cause orgasm. Anything that caused my abdominals and mid section to tense tightly would trigger orgasm. Things like push ups, pull ups, rope climbing, pulling myself up onto a floating dock in a lake would easily trigger an orgasm/ejaculation. So basically I couldn't climb onto a dock without ejaculating. In school in gym class I would stuff toilet paper in my jockstrap to catch the semen if I had an orgasm while doing sit ups etc. If I was at home and felt the need for a release then getting onto the floor and doing a few push ups or sit ups would do the job. This exercise orgasm thing continued into my mid twenties.
  • slimjmslimjm
    Posts: 577
    Yes, newguy8762, I've drained semen unexpectedly as you seem to have described.  When I happens it comes without an orgasm but with a brief warm building up feeling inside like you're gonna pee on yourself and there's no erection, maybe just plumping up a little.  I notice it the most when I've taken a cold remedy that contains Sudafed and if it's been a while since my last ejaculation and I'm just finishing up urinating or defecating in the toilet but on occasion it has come under none of those circumstances like when you're doing something strenuous.

    The fluid that's drained is thick and milky just like semen though seems not to "clot" as quickly and firmly as normally ejaculated semen does so it must be missing a little bit of one or another proportions of components present in normally ejaculated semen.  When it happens it does seem the "relieve" the urge somewhat to have sex for a while but not as thoroughly nor as long as a usual ejaculation would.

    And to your later post here, newguy8762, my first orgasms came as a fifth grader sliding down the school playground ropes and monkey bars.  Wow, was that a new and exciting feeling!  Of course no semen came out until about age 13 when I discovered the usual masturbation techniques guys all learn about that age, but I clearly remember having the dry orgasms at that younger age.

    And yeah, there was something about living through that time for our generation when we "reached young manhood" in junior high school and had to buy and wear your first jock.  Somehow it made you feel aroused just putting the thing on your newly enlarging, hair growing, and darkening genitals.  Somehow you just don't get the same feeling with those soft inner liner things that the nice UnderArmor and other brands of gym shorts of today have.

    Oh, and your raphe is the darkly pigmented little "'seam" line that you easily see going from the underneath side of the end of your penis though the middle of your scrotum and back to your anus.  I guess the good Lord sewed up the bottom seam on us guys leaving that little darkened line where He did.  It's a fun place to have your wife play though.
  • it happened all the time when I did chin-ups as a teen. As I reached my chin I'd thrust my pelvis forward and up to exercise my abs. I had full ejaculations while doing this so I did a lot. My only exercise for a long time. Alas I can no longer do chin-ups so don't have 6-pack abs. Keep going, Newguy, and you'll have 6-pack abs in no time. ;)
  • Like I said, if I'd have discovered I could orgasm by working out you'd have never gotten me out of the gym!
  • Same as MB5 and euphemistic, I learned in my teens that I'd get this great feeling and spurt when I climbed the tree in my front yard.  I'd pull myself up and hold my legs out straight for as long has I could and shoot.  This was before I knew what an orgasm was or that you could use your hand.

    I climbed that tree a lot and set up a bar in my room where I spent many hours exercising.  I was the pull-up champ at my high school, and no one knew the real reason why.  I got off a lot this way into my 30's and then stopped doing it when I got a partner.

    I never knew other people could do this too till I saw someone ejaculating doing pull ups on Xtube.   Then I started research coregasms on the net, and it's fairly common with both men and women.  However, I've never found a real physical explanation for how this happens.  I'd love to find out.  Not everyone seems to be wired this way, but somehow it involves focusing upper body and ab tension and muscle strain into your core and groin area.  Flexing and tensing your abs, tensing your upper body, moving your legs has to involve tensing muscles in your groin area much the same as when you use your Aneros or do kegels.

    I'm pushing my 50's now and still in decent gym shape.  I tried doing
    this again recently, and though it's not quite as easy, I can still
    orgasm from hanging from a pull up bar and doing leg lifts.  It feels
    really good.  Even tried it with my Aneros for double the pleasure. 

  • I have had several orgasms like the original poster, while running and once while riding my bicycle, I almost crashed.! Lol! I have had then doing all sorts of warm up exercises, like jumping Jacks and stuff like that. Actually the last one was in my 30's. Sounds like a lot of people have had this happen. I guess just enjoy them and hope no one notices the wet spot.