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my experiences so far
  • markdmarkd
    Posts: 1
    I am using Aneros for about 6 months so I thought I should write my experiences so far. In total I have had about 20 sessions. The first time I used it I got some very good contractions but the whole thing scared my and I stopped it. The last few sessions are very different from each other.

    When I first insert aneros I am getting some very strong feelings immediately. Then after about hald an hour (sometimes) I feel my legs thumbing and my heart beating extremely fast. My brain goes wild to but I can't keep these feelings more than a few seconds. Until I understand what it's going on they disappear. I can get these feelings only once per session and I have not figured yet the way to reach to them. So I do have a few questions...

    In some sessions I am trying to keep contracting my pc muscle all the time (I tried it for 4 hours). When I relax I am getting some feelings but nothing too much.

    The other thing that I tried is to contact my muscles about 40-50 times and then relax. This works better I think. My question is how much time do you think I should be contracting my muscles and then relax? Shall I ever relax or keep contracting the muscles?

    The moment just before getting the good feelings I feel like something is hitting my at the spot where aneros is pushing (externally). Then I know that the feelings are about to come (in 4-5 seconds). I really want to find the way to get those feelings but I can't figure it out.

    And a final question is if you have better success with anal contractions, or use pc muscle contractions (I find these better). Do you hold the contraction at a certain level?

    Sorry for all those questions but aneros really opened a new window to my life and I am trying to figure out how to get the most out of it.
  • charliecharlie
    Posts: 124
    Hello markd,

    Reading between the lines, you say that you have had only 20 sessions over a six month period. You also mention a 4 hour session. You also say that you were scared by your body's reaction at first.

    I think you may want to have more frequent, shorter sessions if at all possible. I suspect that when you get the chance to use your aneros, you focus upon technique and try to force something new to happen. Try to erase your expectations, relax and enjoy the sensations. When you experience something new, resist the urge to contract harder. The key to success is relaxation and tuning into the subtle sensations which are the precursors to the Super-O. Also, if you think that your session is a dud, quit and try another day. You will only be frustrated by trying to force yourself into a Super-O. It just will not happen. Good Luck to you. Enjoy your journey,