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How to keep it?
  • Today I had a great session. At one point, the vision in my mind an the feeling was one. I saw the spot and I felt a sublime feeling. I thoughthe mement was coming. It was incredible. I have no idea how long it lasted I was lost. Then, it slipped away. Once it did I was back to reality ang getting back to that spot was futile. It was incredible. It makes me want to go there again.

    When it was gone, I was so hot, I finished off. That was unfulfilling. Wish I had not and saved the energy.
  • Awesome xtimedt69! Sounds like it was fun!
  • @xtimedt69 Stop trying to get there because when you truly do stop trying it will happen when your not thinking about it. Sounds like you almost got to that mind set.
    Maybe make it extra slippery with your favourite, add some silicone lube with the ky.
    I reckon that helped the first time i fell over the edge.

  • @Theme_Gasm it was, but I should have used more willpower!  :bz

    @braveneworld you are right. As soon as I become aware of it and try, it vanishes. I need to just let it happen, easier said than done. Plus, as soon as I become aware, the trance is gone too.
  • @xtimedt69 - Yeah man, finishing off is nice and all but like you, it's not that fulfilling compared to a ride.. Worse yet, I fear that it'll hurt rewiring and the like!
  • @HopefulMMOer Good Dicispline something I lack sometimes!  [..]
  • HAHA! All wound up and no where to BLOW!
    I dont think it matters as long as that is the end of the session.
    It can sometime take energy away from your next session but I have also had it where it adds to the session. Go figure!

    @xtimedt69 yes easier said than done, but worse still. Even when you do get there even multiple times on multiple occasions it does not mean you will get there again! It just disappears out of reach!  
  • @xtimedt69 - Haha, no you misread me, I've very much lack discipline! :} But like you I'm trying!

    @bravenworld Yeah it's funny the things we latch onto... I'm sure I'm doing a half dozen things that could be hurting with rewiring or my sessions in general but I grab onto going wet at the end of a session like it's the worst thing ever! But you make good points either way!~
  • Pardon my frankness but the prostate is a cruel, selfish, tempremental bitch.
  • @xtimedt69 - Sadly, this is true:{