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How to make selfmade Lube with shea butter
  • I'm still on my way to find the superO. Lately I found out that I have much better sessions with the condom method. I think it's because the lube is not drying out inside the condom.

    A few years ago I've read something about selfmade lube with shea butter and some oils. There also seems to be a common method to put the lube in ice cube trays and put it in the freezer. I searched the forum but didn't find the right threat.
    I already bought shea butter and cocnut oil. I remember something about cooking it all together in a pot. But how long? And how big/small should the ice cubes be?

  • I melt the shea butter gently in a double-boiler (It could be done as well in a microwave oven). I mix it with the oil and pour the mixture in silicone molds with stick form. I put the mold in the freezer. I take it out and cut my sticks in small pieces to make suppository- like individual doses. I keep them in the fridge in a closed jar. I use one piece whenever I need.
    I pour the mixture in a small jar too and melt it in the miceowave when i need liquid or semi-liquid mixture to cover my toys or anything else.

  • I read the shea butter suppository idea in a thread as well. I have to thank whoever it was for this idea! It has really improved my sessions. I sleep with my Helix Syn quite often, and it comes out still lubricated in the morning.
    I make mine by scooping some shea onto a small piece of plastic wrap, roll it, and freeze it. I'm still experimenting on the perfect amount.
  • I read it too on this forum.
    I cut my stick to the equivalent of 5 ml suppository (0,17 US liquid once) and it works full night without any problem. I must keep it at fridge temperature as it is too soft for insertion at normal room temperature.
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    I use "bubble tea" straws that are rather wide to make long suppository sticks that I can cut up. I use both a mix of coconut oil/shea and pure Shea suppositories. The mixed oil has to be stored cold to retain firmness for insertion but the pure Shea will stay firm enough at room temp.
  • rookrook
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    Apologies to those who those who were unable to find the thread due to my incorrect spelling of @Xochipilli.

    I've varied the blend from pure Unrefined Shea Butter to a 50:50 mix of Unrefined Shea Butter and Unrefiined Coconut Oil.  I blend the two at 200 deg. F. (about the temperature of a double boiler) and store the completed suppositories in the refrigerator.

    There is a long thread on Shea Butter variants including Rumel's Natural Jelly formula.  @Love_is was an early champion of Shea Butter lubes.

    Re: Condom method...  Its advantage is that it works well with inexpensive glycerin based lubes without any of the disadvantages of glycerin sensitivity, rectal absorption or concerns about using parabens.  Disadvantage is that most condoms are lubed with silicone and over time that may seriously damage tools like Helix-syn, Eupho-syn or Vice.
  • PommiePommie
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    General comment to all contributors to this thread.

    I can't see any reason for going the complicated route of cooking up a brew which includes shea butter when shea butter on its own works perfectly well. What's more, it doesn't carry the disadvantages that I have experienced with oils generally, namely leakage and the added difficulty when cleaning up afterwards!

    Shea butter lasts all night without the need to re-lube during a session and, so long as it is certified "unrefined" carries no risk that I know of, to one's health.

    If there is a problem with shea butter, it is that it needs to be chilled or cooled to below about 10°C if it is to be inserted as a plug.

    I have been using it now for over four years and still find it beats everything else I have tried. I will admit I haven't used Rumel's Natural Jelly but that is probably because I would have some explaining to do to my wife when I got to work in the kitchen!
  • Thank you all for your replies. I imagined it would be more difficult to make the mixture and a "plug" that works for insertion. It all went pretty well, though.

    I melted the shea butter on low heat and mixed the coconut oil in with a 1:1 ratio (about 100g each). The fluid turned out to be pretty much. I filled the ice cube tray and filled the rest on aluminium foil in a plastic box. Later I rolled it up like 00Doublebagel said and cut it in smaller pieces for insertion.

    Pommie had a good point. I tried shea butter on one session and on the next session the mixture with oil. I think the session with shea was better, but I need to research this a little more before I can decide which works out better for me. I think everybody needs to find out for himself though. Also I read about difference in shea products which can also be a factor.

    There is one thing I want to ask you guys. If I am on my back and the mixture melts after insertion, it is fluid like oil. So it's on the underside of the aneros. I thought it has to keep the upperside slippery. Or is it a matter of how much of the mixture I use?

    PS:@rook: Thank you for the hint with the condom method. Fortunatly I have a Helix and MGX Classic. I definetly dont want to damage my syn models (I like them most) .
  • Good question but when I take my aneros out, it is always oiled and slippery all around, even after a full night insertion. I use double lubrification, rectal with shea butter suppository and "anerosal" with a thin layer of 1/2 melted shea butter.
  • PommiePommie
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    Re: lying on your back, and this would apply whatever position you adopt, movement of the tool inside you would tend to move the lubrication around. (Bit like lubricating an internal combustion engine)!

    If you use it overnight, there is much more likelihood that you will change positions anyway, so I see no problem. I don't think that the amount of lube you use is terribly important so long as you insert enough in the first place. I have found that a roundish ball formed in a 1/4 teaspoon (1.25ml) measuring spoon works fine. (That would make a total volume of a little under 3ml and is adequate for all-night. (BTW, I also cover the tool with a thin film of shea butter before insertion as well).

    The important thing about selecting the product is to ensure that your supplier provides you only with certified unrefined product. That should guarantee that it is pure.
  • geemangeeman
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    This may sound stupid, but when inserting the lube out of the freezer, doesn't it cause dixcomfort at the point of insertion?
  • I keep my shea butter supositories in the fridge not in the freezer. It's cold enough and you don't have to wait before inserting. They are perfectly ready for insertion and for melting  down in the rectum.