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Need assistance with Progasm Jr. Back tab is hurting.
  • So I purchased a Progasm Jr and tried it for the first time. I wanted to try something a bit fuller than the Helix Syn which I had been using for a few weeks already.
    Unfortunately, my first experience with it was a disaster. I admit the environment wasn't the greatest but it really didn't matter too much. The back tab was digging into my tail bone. It was so distracting that I couldn't even feel any prostate pressure.
    I tried to place a towel and even toilet paper between the tab and my body but it was still distracting. I even tried to heat it up by hair drying the plastic to see if it can move a bit but its not that kind of plastic.
    I thought about removing the back tab altogether but that sounds dangerous. I've read about some people making modifications.
    Any suggestion or do I need to look for something else already?
  • ineverknewineverknew
    Posts: 1,209
    @avatar72, a hair dryer is not going to heat the plastic up hot enough to bend it.  You need a heat gun which you can buy at a tool store, like maybe harbor freight for a cheap one.  Though you need to be careful when doing this as it could ruin the device, so keep that in mind.  Here is an example of a heat gun  Another option might be to put a rubber eye dropper on the tab to help cushion it.
  • rookrook
    Posts: 1,833
    agree with @ineverknew regarding the temporary fix using the eye-dropper bulb.

    When my ProJr. arrived I was surprised at how perfect a fit it was both internally and externally (how the front and back tabs mated with my bod).  That made me wonder if, one-size fits everyone.

    I gather that this may be your first "Progasm Series" Aneros tool.  Like it's big brother, It does insert in two discrete steps using what we used to refer to as a "scoop" maneuver.  I'm wondering if the main body may not be fully seated and that's causing it to assume a tilt, putting additional load on the k-tab.

    Make sure you are clear of any significant waste and lube your canal and both outer and inner sphincters with a stiff lube like Vaseline or Crisco and apply a thin coat of that lube to the body of ProJr.  Then insert or inject your favorite rectal lube.   I find that three or four ml. of liquid or gel works well with ProJr.   Or, I shove in three of Xochipelli's Shea pellets (each is about 1 ml.)

    Scoop insertion:  Slide the upper body (nose) of ProJr. into your canal until you feel resistance as it reaches your inner sphincter.   Gently rock the base of Pro Jr. fore and aft to massage your inner sphincter and persuade it to open, allowing the "nose" to enter your rectum.  Next, gently rock ProJr. fore and aft a bit and apply hand pressure, causing more of the main body to slide through your inner sphincter.   Hopefully you'll feel, "uniformly filled and quite comfortable."

    ProJr. is a nice experience and I think is a good introduction to a Kundalini practice so it would be regretable if it doesn't work out for you.  If it proves incompatible Aneros-support might be very interested in this issue.  If it was purchased from the Aneros store you might do well to contact them and ask for a return and store credit for something else of similar value.

  • I'd like to add that -- perhaps if you're more experienced like I am, but you an always experiment -- nowadays I just do the thin coat of vaseline. It turns out that slides just wonderfully :) Adding any lube (not just glycerin-based) can irritate my rectum in my experience.

    Forward, fellow traveler!
  • AneRicoAneRico
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    Deleted by author
  • TeederTeeder
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    Had this same problem when I first got mine.  After 2 months of trying to get used to it I put it aside.  I read the thread about going tailess, thought why not.  I have to say that the P JR is now my most enjoyable massager!!!  The crook between the head and body hugs my prostate like no other.  The tip of the head feels like it goes up over the top of the prostate, and when it does, it starts a rolling motion that is out of this world.  Mobility for the PJ is very high as well.  My 2 cents.



  • At the risk of being silly, I'll say make sure you don't have it in backwards.  :-)