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Cleaning Syn Models?
  • RogerTRogerT
    Posts: 79
    Hi Folks,

    I do apologize if this is covered somewhere else (I just couldn't find it). What's the best way to clean the Aneros Helix Syn and Euphos Syn models? I use boiling water for the Aneros MGX, Helix and Progasm along with antibacterial soap and or a mild bleach solution. However I wasn't sure of the best way to clean these silicone coated models though. Thanks in advance for any and all help provided.

  • rookrook
    Posts: 1,834
    I think this is dependent upon which lube(s) one uses.  Mine (Vice & H-s) are subject to the same lubes--Vaseline, Crisco, a SheaButter+CoconutOil blend, and Slippery Stuff (gel).  I hand scrub them with bath soap (Ivory or Zest) and a washcloth after each session.  Yet, over time, both accumulate a thin residue.  It's then time for a trip on the upper rack of the dishwasher (setting on 'China & Crystal') using either Finish Powder detergent or a Finish Powerball tablet.  I usually remove them before the final (high temp) rinse and hand rinse them under lukewarm tap water.

    That 'mild' dishwasher run leaves both Vice and Helix-syn looking and feeling like they were new. My white Acetal Aneros tools receive the same treatment with a noticeable 'whitening.'   The Vice has been undergoing this routine for about two years and the H-syn for about 15 months.

    @Twlltin reported the Silicone covering on his Helix-syn loosening from the red plastic stem.   I don't know what cleaning technique he was using.
  • RogerTRogerT
    Posts: 79
    Rook - Thanks so much for the reply. I only use the Slippery Stuff Gel for use with all of my Aneros products. I'll have to try the dishwasher idea. I have Cascade gel packs. Do you think these would safe using this detergent?
  • This may sound "unsanitary", but I wash my Helix Syn with mild hand soap in warm water and that's it.  After all, the "germs" it may or may not have on it (I doubt that the silicone really harbors important pathogens) are our own "germs".  Unless I was ill with diarrhea, I don't think I'd do it any differently.  It is true that there may be a residual odor on close "inspection", but I wrap the dried device in toilet tissue and store it in a zip bag.  You might use a perfumeless, paraben less lotion on it before storing it away, I suppose.  I would think that the dishwasher detergent would eventually affect the silicon--dishwasher soaps are very harsh and I would be more concerned of exposing my dishwasher to the various viruses and "germs" than of the very place that they originated.  But, as I have said before, WWFY (whatever works for you)
  • ineverknewineverknew
    Posts: 1,210
    ive always hand washed my devices with regular liquid soap(non bacterial) for years and never had any issues.  I've read studies that show that antibacterial soap isnt necessarily better then regular liquid soap so I dont bother with it.  If anything there are theories that antibacterial this and that are causing super bugs.  i will say though that shea butter seems to leave a residue on the syn models, I have to wipe it clean after washing.
  • RogerTRogerT
    Posts: 79
    Thanks so much for all of the great replies. I guess I'll just stick with antibacterial hand soap for now with the Syn models and occasionally using boiling water and a mild bleach solution when it's smelly for the hard plastic models. Most times is not a problem but occasionally things can get messy and you just need to do some extra cleaning. :-)
  • darwindarwin
    Posts: 1,357
    Dump the anti-bacterial hand soap. It causes resistant strains of bacteria.   It never necessary, just a marketing claim, and one that is bad for everybody.

    Regular soap and water is good enough.   If you want it extra clean use some alcohol hand santizer.