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what are these feelings?
  • i have been using the aneros for about year and a half. no luck on the elusive super-o. been reading forums alot and taking suggestions. tried some new positions that have yielded distinctly different feelings. i feel the aneros moving in and out on its own, after some manual contractions first of course. but i am feeling something new. the best way to describe it is the feeling you get if you are in a swimming pool and move an arm or leg really quickly. it feels like the water does moving past or around you, kinda ripple-ly, tingly or bubbly. thats how this new movement of the aneros makes my penis feel, like ripples moving up and down but from the inside. it feels like i am beginning to get a reverse hard-on from the inside out.

    i try to let these feelings go on but i have always gotten interrupted when they come on. i would be greatly appreciative if you experience users can tell me if this sounds like i am on the right track or not. thanks.
  • charliecharlie
    Posts: 124
    Hey aaron,
    I too have felt the sensations you described. I get them occassionally during sessions when my erection comes and goes. It feels like blood flowing back into the body from my penis. I can almost feel it "gurgle" out of my member like the tide recedes into the ocean. You are certainly on to something. Go with the flow. Hopefully you will break through soon. Good luck,

  • Originally Posted By: charlie
    Go with the flow.

    Go with the flow indeed!

    I think everyone has trouble holding onto the sensations at first. I get that feeling sometimes as well. It is one of the signs of incoming O's. One of them I say, because there are many, and they don't always come every time or in any specific order. Generally speaking if it feels good you are on the right track.