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urge to push
  • Taff1Taff1
    Posts: 10
    Hi guys. Im just wondering if anyone else gets this. I tend to find my sessions get to a point where the waves of pleasure are incredibly intense, and I feel an urge to bare down on the aneros. This seems to bring it into closer contact with the prostate and the feeling is immense. The other day I literally couldn't believe how much pre cum came out as i bore down. The urge to bare down was immense, just wondering is this a common experience?
  • Yes, this is a good sign that you're approaching orgasm territory. I now get a simultaneous urge to push down while also pulling the Aneros in. I've also had lots of pre-cum/seminal fluid/prostate fluid flow out at this point. It can be a lot, especially if you haven't cum in a few days and you regularly drink lots of water. You're on the right path.
  • @Taff1 - @newguy8762 - Word for word guys! I can relate I mean:}

    For me it's frustrating... I feel a swelling \ building embers \ area of pleasure around the perineum. This happens as I'm holding down on a contraction but yes, also feel the urge to push or bare down. It feels so nice BUT, I can't hang onto it for long at all. I'm sure it would lead to something greater but like I said, I guess the combo of the buildup \ contractions \ and pushing is too hard to make into something.
  • Taff1Taff1
    Posts: 10
    Thanks guys. Interesting what you say about hanging on to the contraction, mine feels completely involuntary and goes on for ever, I sometimes think my whole head is going to explode its that intense