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Need Help Deciding On New Model
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    Helix Syn 1 20.00%

    Eupho Syn 1 20.00%

    Vice 0 0%

    Peridise 0 0%

    Other( please mention ) 3 60.00%

  • I'm currently in the market for a second aneros. I've had my MGX Classic for a few years now and it's pretty much been the best toy I've ever bought. I'm at the point where I can get into a uniquely orgasmic state with Os of all types bombarding my body for hours pretty much every time I have a session. I've modified the handle by snipping off the little curly bit because it seemed to be dragging on the bed ( I prefer to lie on my back during sessions ) but I never went so far as softening the P-tab for fear of messing with the mechanics of the device.

    That being said, it's starting to get a little samey, feels good, but I'm looking for something with a bit more to it. Since I got some spare cash to spend soon, I've decided that it's time to "upgrade".

    So far I've pretty much whittled my choices down to one of the Syn line, Helix or Eupho, a Vice, or possibly a set of Peridise. Problem is that I can't decide which one to actually buy.

    It looks like the Helix is the new standard, most new users seem to be buying one. I do like the shape, the smooth stem near the base looks like it would move better than the ridged MGX. It also looks longer and a bit more aggressive, as well as being marketed as being "beginner to advanced". My one worry is that it may be a bit too similar to the MGX

    I've heard lots of good things about the Eupho, it's the thinnest, most mobile, and apparently gives the greatest range of sensations. It requires more control over your muscles though, which I'm pretty sure I've got some good control by now, but I don't like the idea of having to concentrate on my motions more to make it work, since with the MGX I barely have to do anything to get it to work.

    The Vice has looked interesting ever since it came out. Not only does it have vibration, which I've wanted to try for ages, but its the only model that looks soft enough to be able to sit down with, which is a big plus. The main problems are the price, which is almost just at the outer edge of what I'm willing to pay, and the shape being kinda flat and bland, I can't see it being all that impressive without the vibration.

    Peridise is another one that seems like it could be pretty great to have. During my sessions it seems like a lot of the pleasure comes from the anal canal, which seems to me like a decent reason to try one out. They're also the cheapest option, since I doubt I'll need more than the advanced set. My gripe is that it's not a prostate toy, it's an anal toy, and I already have a few of those. Plus, it's the only one on this list that isn't soft, which is one of the things that makes me want a Syn or Vice, to have something with more give on the surface, to make long sessions more comfortable.

    So yeah, those are pretty much my thoughts so far. I would like to know the rest of the community's opinion on the subject, preferably those who have multiple models, although anyone's ideas would be greatly appreciated. So any thoughts, tips, or opinions anyone can offer would be awesome. If anyone has a suggestion on a different model they believe will be great to have instead, mention that too.
  • I have most models and my favs are the Helix, Helix Syn (for sleepovers) and the Maximus. The Eupho worked wonders for a while but I haven't used it in over a year or two. For me, I get consistent results with the Maximus and Helix.
  • ClenchyClenchy
    Posts: 223
    If you want to spend your money on something different, then I'd say go with a Maximus, Eupho or Progasm. All three have a little extra length/depth. Which is what I miss the most when I'm using an MGX or Helix.

  • braveneworldbraveneworld
    Posts: 1,099
    I have progasm ice, helix,eupho, maximus, full peridise set, tempo oh and vice.
    Helix classic was my starter the eupho, then progasm Ice. The others i got all at once.
    I have never used a mgx but i dought it is much different to a helix.

    Helix trained me the eupho gave me my first super O, the progasm ice blow my socks off.
    Each one is very different.

    My thoughts was when Buying my second was. I have mid size now I should get the smallest and the biggest and see which way I would like to go.
    Eupho was great for a while but progasm Ice satisfies me every time. It the way it fills you up. You  have to try it to understand.

    Vice well I didnt like it, the vibrations killed the aneros movement for a long time but lately the when I am real horny the vibe is good but gets me so worked up I have to super T.
    Helix classic will always be a stayer I cut the handle right off.
    Peridise is great too but I like using the largest one as it works as a prostate massager too!

    Why did I get progasm Ice instead of vice or standard progasm first? Because it moves more so is easier for a beginner.

    Now my favourite is Maximus (Its just perfect) then progasm Ice then largeast peridise then helix.

    Now I dont know what you will get out of my post but you and I know no matter what you choose you will not have wasted your money.
  • TreiTrei
    Posts: 246
    Disclaimer: I do not own Eupho, Peridise/TempO, and Helix.

    Eupho: Supposedly the thinnest prostate massager & gives the widest range of sensations due to it's very high mobility and precision afforded to it by its smaller head. Has a Syn version.

    Progasm Ice: Fills you up like a stuffed turkey at thanksgiving dinner :). The ice version sports increased mobility due to its texture. Many claim that it gives extreme orgasms. (Which i can personally attest to.)

    Helix: I don't know very much about this model but it seems to be the middle-ground well rounded model of the aneros line and is the most recommended as it is good for both begginers and veterans. Has a Synv

    Tempo: Helps to attune you with your body's own peristalsis mechanism, as well it is good for kegels and muscle control. Has very high mobility due it's thinness as well it is 100% stainless steel which is smooth.

    Peridise: Same as Tempo with the exclusion of the heavy weightiness, as well it sports a different material and is far cheaper, last i checked amazon had a set for 21$. (Comes with two in a set).

    I am looking to get a new model as well and the Eupho Syn (& Tempo) look very enticing. @};-

  • Thanks for the input so far, you guys are helpful :)

    I haven't really considered buying a Progasm or Maximus, I've heard that they are very pleasurable due to their size, but I'm not sure exactly how I'd like them, since I'm still pretty tight down there and I don't know if I could handle something that large. Pretty much all of the posts I've seen say that they are some of the best models though, and the K-tab seems pretty interesting.

    I'm starting to lean more towards the Eupho Syn though. It seems to be the most different compared to the MGX and I really want something that's not solid plastic/metal this time around.

    I still have a few days to decide, so keep up with the suggestions, please! I will let you all know when I've made my decision ( as well as the result once it gets here >:3 )
  • TreiTrei
    Posts: 246
    Thank you! I'd love to hear what you decided on. After using a big model for so long i decided that i want a thinner one to experience the benefits of higher moblity. The big models may leave you sphincter sore after the first few uses but i reckon you'll get adapted to it fast and the sorness will become non-existant.
  • ClenchyClenchy
    Posts: 223
    I think the size of the progasm is a bit overstated. Yes, it's intimidating when you first look at it, but it isn't going to give you a wizzard's sleeve. You've likely taken thicker dumps without batting an eyelid.

    I think it also worth pointing out that the Maximus is quite a bit thinner than the Progasm. They are both larger models, but the Maximus is more like a longer version of the Helix and not in the same league as the Progasm at all.

    How they handle and feel is completely different too, so there's nothing that justifies lumping them into the same category. At one time, they were known as the large models, but there are other newer models that are roughly as large as the progasm.
  • braveneworldbraveneworld
    Posts: 1,099
    Agree with @Clenchy I do! sort of. If your a tight ass still then you will find progasm a huge butt full the first few times, I did. I felt like i was about to tare something. 
    Maximus is like Clenchy said a bigger helix. It is just right fit and gives wonderful feelings because it is just the right size to massage all of the side walls of your universal aneros port!.
    Not too small not to big, just right and it reaches in deep too, if you swap out to a helix it feels like the hilix is only just half been put in.
    Personally I dont put much stock in the syn units though thats not to say they dont work, they just arent much softer.
    If you do decide to go bigger maximus sounds like a good step.
    However I went straight to progasm ice before even geting the max. I think the shock factor was a real turn on and it was a almost instant hit!
  • I began my Aneros journey with Helix Syn. Two months later I added Maximus to my lineup and soon after both Progasm ICE and Progasm Classic. However, it took about a good five to six months before I became adroit with the Maximus and both Progasm models.

    What I like the best about Maximus is its bold curvature(s) which gives me a rugged ride. I discovered that both Maximus and Progasm are great models for Anerosing while lying on your right side. I also found that you are quite passive when you lie on your right or left side. My preferred pose is for me to lie on my back which enables me to control my Aneros models actively. Sitting with Aneros models is quite awesome, as I discovered with Peridise, Tempo, and even Progasm Junior.
  • AneRicoAneRico
    Posts: 308
    Deleted by author
  • Thanks for the continued commentary everyone! I've been lurking around on this site for a while, but I never really realized just how active it is.

    Bit of an update: I had a session last night with my trusty MGX, experimenting a bit with contractions and feeling around in a more thoughtful manner than I usually do with my own variation of the "do nothing" approach.

    I've been realizing that there are two things I wish were different about my MGX:
    A) The ridges on the neck
    B) The solidity/texture of the material

    In my opinion, the main thing I love about the the Aneros is that once it's inserted, it feels almost the same as if there's nothing there until the contractions start up. Once they do, however, the main thing that bugs me is how the ridges seem to catch in my anus, which I guess is the purpose? But I somehow feel that they should be shifting  more based on the squeezing motion of the sphincter, more like slurping a noodle than gripping a baseball bat.
    I understand that the gripping is part of what causes the pivoting action that provides the massaging motion, but it almost feel like it's gripping too securely. This may only be my own experience/feeling, but  it's one of the main driving factors in wanting something like the Helix or Eupho.

    As far as the texture, my complaint is more geared towards how the texture works with the rigidity of the plastic. I understand that the Syn aren't necessarily made of jelly, but I feel that even any give in the material at all would give more comfort than what I have now. Not to mention the idea of a softer P-Tab is something I've dreamed of for a long time.

    I can't say I'm surprised at how many people have recommended the Maximus and Progasm so far, I must see it mentioned on every other topic in this forum. It's certainly made me consider getting one. However, I'm thinking I'm going to save it for my next purchase. Not that you all haven't made a very good case for them, far from it, you've actually intrigued me into actually thinking about trying one, where before the thought hadn't really crossed my mind. At the moment though, I think the Eupho Syn is what interests me the most.

    I thank you all again for all your inputs! Tomorrow I will order my new toy and in a week I will have an epilogue of sorts to post, describing my thoughts on it. Again, thanks to newguy8762, Clenchy, braveneworld, Trei, BigGlansDC, and AneRico for their thoughts.

    Good health to all and great times for everyone!
  • ineverknewineverknew
    Posts: 1,181
    @dantoma, i have the MGX as well.  Are you sure your using enough lube?  I actually cant even feel the ridges and love how the MGX easily slides up and down during contractions.  Also you may try lubing your perinium next time to help ease irritation where the p tab sets.  I use Extra Virgin Olive Oil or Shea Butter most of the time, very slippery and long lasting.
  • Eupho Classic is my favorite at the moment! My next purchase will be the Maximus, without a doubt! I also have a Helix Syn, and a Progasm Sr & Jr!
  • @ineverknew I usually use a lot of lube, to varying degrees. I've also run the gambit of all different types of lube: Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Shea Butter, KY Jelly, Petroleum Jelly, Marksman, ID Glide, Astroglide, dozens of different kinds/types. The amount I use varies depending on the type of lube, I find KY Jelly doesn't need much since it tends to thin out and spread a lot more than, say, Marksman. I always reapply some more if I feel I need it though.

    The thing I'm talking about, is when I'm really getting into it, my anus tends to grab onto the aneros really tight and doesn't like to let go, even with the involuntary contractions pulsing away it feels like the ridges keep it from pushing out very easily. It's not that it stops moving, I just feel like it could move easier without the ridges.

    As for the P-Tab, it's not so much that it's rubbing against the perineum and irritating it, it's more that it's like a plastic butter knife being pushed into it repeatedly. It usually tends to get lubed up pretty well on it's own when I'm using it anyways and when it does it starts slipping to the side when my prostate expands and twitches.

    Either way, I still love my MGX, and I'm eager to get my newly ordered Eupho Syn!
  • ineverknewineverknew
    Posts: 1,181
    @dantoma, i see what your saying now.  I think thats normal for your anus to grab the device and suck into really hard, that usually leads to good things.  I guess as far as the ridges on the MGX, they dont really bother me and not really sure what you could do other then to sand them off using varying sandpaper grits until smooth if that is worth it too you.  With the p tab i completely understand.  Sometimes it does get very uncomfortable when its pressing really hard on your perenium.  Again there are ways to minimize this painful feeling, ive read a cotton swab can work, some people sand that smooth too.  I have the eupho syn too and you will not notice those problems with that device, very comfy and smooth feeling.  Hope that helps.