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crazy muscles vs. manual?
  • VirgVirg
    Posts: 154
    I have been trying for the Big O, Little O, Minor O, and tiny, tiny O for quite awhile.

    I purchased the Classic 2-3 years ago. Nothing.

    I dove in again about 4-5 months ago and purchased the Helix and MGX. I little different but nothing to write home about. No fireworks.

    I agree that separating out the location, use, and function of the PC, sphincter, and rectal muscles is critical. I have gotten quite good that moving the Aneros around and knowing which muscle to use. I can not seem to find the sweet spot. I know I am doing something because if I have a long session, it will ache later and I am not talking about the muscles.

    Which leads to my title...

    If I manually manipulation the Aneros, tilting the "head" forward and keeping pressure on the perinum, shouldn't I be able to get a "little" lightning bolt...?

    I know this is "cheating" but I am currently guessing at the ability and use of the muscles to do what I want VERSUS knowing what I am doing with my hand and manually doing "research". Either way, I feel very little.

    If my doctor had not told me several times my prostrate is fine, "See you next year", I would suspect I do not even have one.

    By the way, I do not leak any precum. Never have. So, maybe I am small in the prostrate dept. but the doc has never said anything is abnormal.

    If the manual approach does not locate that "walnut", how can "the dance of the unknown muscles" find it.

    Does this make sense?
  • I had a problem with that also. If you lube your middle finger insert it and feel around, you should find it. Then go from there. Be gentle no long nails.
  • VirgVirg
    Posts: 154
    Now that makes perfect sense and I have tried that a couple times. Yes, it is difficult depending on one's height and arm length but do-able with varying degrees of success. I can get my middle finger in all the way but have a limited range of motion.

    I felt a slight sensation but nothing definite. I did NOT find a walnut shaped gland. No shazaam!

    What is confusing is that the bladder is right above the prostrate, could so too far inside and rub against the bladder and get a similiar sensation that is possible with the prostrate...the urge to urinate, which I have felt but only in a very slight way.

    And what about running into the Cowper gland? It is small and what does that feel like? I am worried about damaging it, as well as, the rectal wall by all the exploring, and rubbing, and shifting, and poking, and so on.

    I would like more info and diagrams from Aneros so this was not so much of a mystery.
  • Perhaps the problem is also that you haven't found your sweet spot? If your muscles are strong enough and you know how to address them then perhaps the problem is not the amount of pressure but the placement?

    For the finger search you could try to masturbate with your finger(s) inserted until you're very close to orgasm. Try to keep the level of arousal just there and finger around. As far as I've understood both prostate and Cowper gland "gain profile" when close to orgasm, and they lower towards the rectum. I'm sure the Cowper gland does: Insert your finger a little bit, bend it upwards and insert it further - the gland sits directly behind the perineum. When you're just about to come you should be able to feel it as a little bulb. Massage it lightly - feels great :)

    As for your fear of injury I think you shouldn't worry too much. As long as you're not inserting something really pointed or sharp you'd really have to poke very hard to hurt something.

    Not precumming is not, as you suspected in your first post, connected to prostate size. Precum is (says wikipedia) a secretion from the Cowpers gland and not from the prostate.

    Try Google mit "prostate diagram" and you'll get lots of hits. But they all differ in the relative sizes of the organs. I guess the pictures in the Aneros Online Instruction are pretty exact.
  • VirgVirg
    Posts: 154
    Thanks to 22fires and wiredelectican for your time and thoughts...

    I would agree on the lack of finding the sweet spot but I do not know how that is possible given all the time and effort spent. I feel I have carefully and patiently explored the area via thhose crazy muscles and manually manipulation. I have begun to believe I have a bizarre problem with my prostrate, whatever that may be. My girlfriend is not interested in this level of exploration and may look for a skilled medicial professional to have a "massage" done to determine where it is and what it feels like.

    I will try what you suggest, which I have done with no success...maybe, if I get monumentally worked up, it will be large enough to find.

    The fear of rectal wall is a real concern, given the possible consequences. I have careful worked at getting this to work, hence, a lot of time and "rubbing". Just trying to not ignore the obvious and possible problems.

    The precum comment on NEVER having any was simply as a possible clue to why this is not working, regardless of where it comes from. I have read that some guys have minor or no precum and others have so much that it is embassing. Thanks for the clarification.

    I have searched for diagrams and they do vary a lot in quality and information. I do feel that given the complex nature of this journey (taking months for some and years for others), the costs of the Aneros units, and possible joy and pleasure, Aneros should develop and provide diagrams and directions that have no rival. Imagine the benefit for the Aneros owners in profit, current and future customers, and to change the public's judgement of this type of sexual activity! The directions in the packaging and on this website seemed to be very lacking given what could be provided. The lack of clear, concise information and diagrams leaves me feeling there may be more "snake oil" here than they want to admit.

    Answers to an users' basic questions should not come from a public forum (though greatly appreciated) but from the provider of a device as new and potenially revolutionary is the Aneros.

    Sorry, I am just frustrated with this "journey" and the mystery surrounding it.

    Thanks for your help.
  • Try something new. Just let it alone. The first stages are a lot like fumbling in the dark for a light switch in someone elses house. You know it must be there, but where is the question. Manipulating it manually would be like finding the light switch only to flip it on and discover that there is no bulb. You have found it, but it has not helped you.

    Lay in whatever position you are comfortable with and relax as much as you can. Don't contract just lay there. You may find that it moves around without you trying. Conjure up your favorite fantasy and let your mind go wild on it. Be aware of any pleasure you feel. You will probably find it sneaks up on you.

  • I'm truly sorry to hear your experiences. They sound a bit like mine at first, although over the last year or so I've finally started to close in on the super-o. I ended up trying to manipulate the aneros itself, and found that the "out of the box" device does not hit either my prostate or the "sweet spot" on the perineum. I ended up getting a g-spot/p-spot vibrator and by using it I was able to narrow in on my prostate.

    I found that the aneros worked much better if, when compared to its "normal" placement, I pulled it out a bit and also up (so the tab hit closer to the scrotum). I ended up bending the tab a bit using a heat source and also attaching a nickel to the end of the tab to extend it, to help hold the aneros further out from my body. Search for "modify" or "modification" -- people have talked about using a heat gun to adjust the shape of the tab arm.

    So, my point is that the aneros may "fit" each person differently. Keep looking for your prostate and pleasurable sensations, but for now you might need to take matters into your own hands, so to speak. Do whatever you usually do to get aroused (videos, erotic stories, etc) while you've got the aneros in. Your prostate should swell with your erection and as you approach climax. As you masterbate also try moving the aneros, holding it in different positions, etc. This should be easier than sticking a finger inside.

    Once you've found the right sensations/location manually, you'll know what you're looking for in the future as you work on the relaxation/breathing/"crazy muscles."
  • VirgVirg
    Posts: 154
    (this post was edited 2006-09-24 23:48:27)

    Thanks to everyone for the ideas and suggestions! Really appreciate the time and effort.

    The responses of "agentgrey" and "Cagliostro" are a good example of how different the approaches can be. Cag's is much more passive while agentgrey's promotes manipulation to the point of physically changing the Aneros and using other sex toys to locate the prostrate! Yikes!

    I did the passive route for quite awhile when I first got the Classic and finally put it away for a over a year. Waste of money.

    Fortunately, I dove back into the process once the second generation came out and purchased the Helix and MGX...not that it has done much good.

    I think I am going to lighten up a bit as Cag suggests, as well as, try harder to locate my prostrate and "sweet spot".

    I am getting more and more to the point of believing that it is all about geometry...location of your prostrate, location of your "sweet spot", the shape of your Aneros, and the movement/position/pressure provided by the PC and sphinter muscles. What happens among all this elements is what determines Shazaam!, and when you think about what all has to be working right for the Super O...

    It almost makes my brain hurt!

    Good luck, everyone...

  • I am getting more and more to the point of believing that it is all about geometry...location of your prostrate, location of your "sweet spot", the shape of your Aneros, and the movement/position/pressure provided by the PC and sphinter muscles. What happens among all this elements is what determines Shazaam!, and when you think about what all has to be working right for the Super O...

    It almost makes my brain hurt!

    Good luck, everyone...

    All of that stuff is important, but I found that actively thinking about it held up progress. 2 steps forward, 3 steps back as they say. Every time I would find something new, I would over think it. I would then have to go back and reaffirm my previous discovery. It was really frustrating to say the least. At one point I actually went out and bought a vibrating prostate massager that is meant to be manually operated. It did absolutely nothing for me. No precum, no pleasurable sensations at all. I have seen an interesting video of someone manually operating the aneros and having a penile centered orgasm. Interesting, but not really what I was looking for so I went with the passive approach and now swear by it. The only thing I need to manually operate is between my ears :)

    Anyway, as you are well enough aware, everyone on this forum has a slightly different approach. It is all just guidelines, not instructions. Keep that in mind and have fun! I promise it is not a waste of money. When shazaam happens you will be on here jumping for joy just like the rest of us!

  • VirgVirg
    Posts: 154
    Thanks for the encouragement, Cag!

    I am looking forward to KSMO arriving and I am going the more passive is all just getting to be too much work and too much time.

    I look forward to the Big One and not willing to give up!

    Thanks again!