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New Peridise Owner - having great results so far!
  • Really impressed so far. Having much more success than with my other Aneros devices!
  • TreiTrei
    Posts: 246
    That is very glad to hear! I may be joining you very soon as a peridise user. ;))
  • Hi @Trei, you are going to love Peridise, once you get it. I had instantaneous, even spectacular results from the get go with Peridise, although I think Tempo is more awesome! ;)

  • @musicmaker86 I bought the two that were on sale during the black Friday sale in November, I think the two smaller ones of the four pack, and was surprised but not seemingly having the luck you had or BGD had... What was your first model?
  • @HopefulMMOer - My first Aneros model was the Helix Classic, but I never really got all that far with it. It wasn't until I bought my Eupho Syn that I started making real strides. The Peridise complete set (of 4) is what I bought. I believe this is the beginner set and the 2 piece set is the advanced set because, strangely enough, you're supposed to start with the larger Peridise and work your way down to the smaller ones. 

    The largest of the four Peridise models is all i've worked with so far. No Super O's, MMO's, Dry O's or even Mini O's yet, but lots of involuntary's and enjoyable sessions. I haven't hit the climax but I know i'm getting there and each session is enjoyable in and of itself. 

    Good Luck!
  • @musicmaker86 - I go back and fourth thinking I'll be successful with the helix or just like you and really progress with another model. And wow, yeah, crazy that you start big and go small with the peredises!

    And I continually try to have your attitude that every session, no matter the model or success, is all enjoyable and can advance, if only through baby steps, you to your goal. Luck to you as well!
  • @HopefulMMOer - It took a while before I was having any kind of reaction to the first few aneros models I had (Helix, Eupho). I had some OK sessions with the Helix. When I got the Eupho I made some more strides and had some great sessions. I probably should have been more patient before picking up a new model, but when I started reading about the Peridise models for some reason I just felt like I would be able to click with them right away. And I did. 

    Right away I started having involuntaries with them, better than i'd had with any of my previous models. Every session builds upon the last and I break new ground and discover new little techniques. I've found that my progress with the Peridise models has helped with my previously difficult to use Aneros models like the Helix. It all comes together to be mutually beneficial. 

    If you have trouble with one model, try what I did; the "do-nothing" approach. Just have a session where you don't do anything. And by that I mean don't actively try to instigate anything. Just let your body naturally respond. Worked for me, it got me started. 

  • Love_isLove_is
    Posts: 1,782
    @musicmaker86 - This is great! Congratulations! Your experience is the opposite of mine though. My Peridise advanced set is the least used of my Aneros because they just have not done much for me over the years and the few times I've tried them. Where as my Progasm just continues to rock my world. :)
  • @musicmaker86 - Yeah, I'm hardly a betting man but I'm leaning toward my journey being similar to yours... I figure on say what, end of February, 4+ months of regular sessions, where I'll consider getting another model. For now though yes, patience is a constant key in all this, and it's not as if I haven't had any luck with the helix or two peredise's I have.

    As far as the peredise's go, it's crazy to me that they have so much potential, as they're specifically designed for something different correct? And I've had some luck as well, and yes, the do nothing approach has been the best for me so far...

    I should also add that last night in a what the hell, you never know, type attitude, I actually put both in. I don't believe I've read anyone else doing that but the two peredise's I have were small enough to both fit. Now it's not as if both bulbs were next to each other when they were both in, I took my time and put one in at a time, however I did notice a positive affect.. Though it was blunted by the fact that I had ridden for the past four days and JOed after my fourth one last night, and then again after my two predise session.

    I'm wondering if this is something I should explore further, and or try to combine one of them with my helix as well.