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Is the Helix Syn P-Tab actually doing anything?
  • gregorgregor
    Posts: 33
    Though I've had it for more than a year, I still remember the disappointment I felt when I opened the box to my Helix Syn and noticed the springiness of the P-tab. Given how flexible it seems, I couldn't understand how it could provide the necessary pressure for good results. (B Mayfield has routinely expressed the fact that perineum pressure is quiet essential --  I guess except for in Peridise usage).

    And indeed, when I use it, I mostly can't feel the P-tab. The weird thing is that I think I'm having the best results with this model. There's just something about its texture that my body *likes*, and I get my best waves with it (No full O yet). Last time I used it, I was able to wiggle my hips slowly and get amazing prostate contact. I commented that it felt like I *was* a massage chair, with the slow rollers pushing my body around.

    But regarding the P-tab: anyone else feel this way. Any experts care to help put my doubts to rest?
    Posts: 21
    Yeah, I feel the same way. It's unnoticeable for sure, even though I've had all the hairs on the perineum removed.
  • rookrook
    Posts: 1,833
    Here's my list of sensations from the various p-tabs :

    -- Stand out quality for Helix-classic's p-tab is its role as a pivot point.  It allows the Helix (and to a lesser degree, the Eupho) to move through, in and out, through the anus and canal.   The p-tab on the Helix-classic seems to help keeping it aimed and preventing it from tilting or twisting.

    -- For the MGX, it applies pressure to the "sweet spot" in the Perineum.  In turn, that plays with the main body of the rool to provide that nice "cradling" sensation that contributes to MGX and Maximus pleasures.

    I'm still, "too new" to the Helix-syn to really understand it's action.  Gimme another six months of it's subtle joys !

  • chuckNchuckN
    Posts: 23
    I too used to think the P-tab on my Helix Syn was too flexible and springy to work right. Now it is one of my favorites, ditto for the Eupho Syn. While in position, try pushing the tab towards your anus slightly. That has the effect of "spring-loading" it and that feels quite nice to me.
  • I can understand the reservations some guys feel about the flexible P-tab on the Helix Syn.

    I began my Aneros journey a good eighteen months ago with Helix Syn. His silicone design was a good choice for my initial sessions. I didn't notice his flexible P-tab, not did it bother me in the least. Some after I added Maximus to my sessions and later both Program Classic and ICE. These three models provided all the stimulation of my perineum I needed. ;) Early last summer I added Eupho Syn. Again no annoyance whatsoever with his flexible P-tab. Wow! Eupho Syn and Progasm Junior became favorites in all my sessions! Since then I have discovered new, extremely nuances from Helix Syn, as I climb gradually and steadily my Gradus ad Parnassum to Aneros bliss! ;) :D :D