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All anal and no prostate......Need help
  • Hi all, I guess I'm still considered a "newbie" and I'm looking for some advise. I have regular sessions (about3 or 4 a week) with my progasm jr or MGX. I've had some great progress, but seem to be in a rut. With rhythmic breathing and contractions, I can easily induce involuntaries and as they grow, they seem to be only centered in the anal canal and nothing towards the prostate. The pleasure is great, but ultimately tires me out and they seem to go nowhere into the p-waves that I'm looking for. I don't get that tickle or butterfly feeling I hear so much about. As I progress in my journey, I'm starting to get frustrated, which I know is counter productive to say the least.

    As the involuntary contractions begin, what is the best advise to keep focused on the prostate without the anal contractions taking over ? Not sure if that even makes sense, just curious if anyone has experienced the same......

  • rookrook
    Posts: 1,834
    Yes.   Some men put their boat in the water and sail down the great Aneros River, brave the rapids and then bathe in the Orgasmic Lake.  My own journey took me through many small streams, rivulets, bayous, stagnant water and even some mud puddles.   For several months I was stalled on anal mini-Os.  Then I relaxed, breathed and detected something like nausea and stomach butterflies--signs of energy expansion into my Navel Chakra (aka Dan Tien).   The Male Deer Exercise along with nipple play helped grow that energy into abdominal involuntaries,  core p-waves and more energy growth in my core chakras.   Simultaneous with those, I developed strong wiring between my nipples and my prostate.  While all of this was the reverse of the more typical Anal-->Prostate-->p-wave path, it did work.

    I think it may be profitable at this point to expand the amount of real estate.   Some male deer practice may help expand your energy into your Navel Chakra (the Dan Tien).  There are many sites on the Internet that deal with Male Deer.   Here's one:  < >

    I think a full 81 circles isn't needed.and am usually good with as few as a dozen circles.  I combine gentle Testicle (not penis) massage and nipple play with male deer.

    Give it a try !
  • ineverknewineverknew
    Posts: 1,210
    its completely normal to get into ruts and dry spells, no worries.  Just keep practicing and eventually you will get out of it.  This also gives you a chance to try new things like @rook suggested.  Have fun with it, be adventerous and not afraid to deviate from your normal routine, mix it up!  If something doesnt work then try something else.
  • AneRicoAneRico
    Posts: 308
    Deleted by author
  • Thanks for the tips, and no I'm not surprised at my results, it's just difficult getting past that being the only sensations......any progress regardless is the point of the journey.